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  1. Many thanks Kelsenellenelvian the reg file works fine.Thanks for this good job
  2. Hello, i use in my school wpi to install temporaly some softs on our PC's.This works perfecly,but on 2 PC's i must to confirm everytime if i want start wpi.hta.Can you tell me how i can change this? many thanks for your good job
  3. why my nlited media center cd dont works (reboot)

    i have all this files in my folder, but after burning or test with vmware i can see on my screen "NTDETECT FAILED" or "NTDETECT echoué " in french. What is this probleme?
  4. Hello, i would like to create a backup(install) cd from my new pc.So i have tryed to create one with nlite,i have created(copied) all thinks how i think and now to create a new cd for mediacenter.But when i test the cd with vmware it always reboot,but he dont starts. I have maked the same with my XP-pro version and the cd works perfectly,but why the medi center don't works? Somebody can help me? Many thanks
  5. how to start wpi after install

    juste a little up
  6. how to start wpi after install

    Hello, i'm noob with nlite,so i want to ask you how i can lunch wpi(windows post intaller) directly after a installation XP to installe directly my favorite programmes?
  7. This afternoon i have tested Swift 3D and i verry like it.So i have make 3 wallpapers at the first time.After i will try to create animations.Because its a verry powerfull tool If somebody want this wallpapers it free :
  8. Hello, for my project in my scool i would like to ad a button on the left side frome each categorie.So i think its more eseayer to find some programmes.Can you tell me how can i ad this Example: My other probleme ist to create only a small window with my programmes but if the list is longer than the window the vertical scroll is not vissible but if its on fullscreen the scoll works perfectly.I don't understand this.Can you tell me why? thx
  9. Hello, it is possible tu lunch wpi in a window and not at fullscreen?because i wont to try to excute this script for my scool and the childrens be sometimes to confused with the fullscreen.Where il can change this? many thanks
  10. I have searched this night to find a other solution,and i have find a little javascript.But i have problemes to insert this script into my wpi.htm file.So i need some help from you. Normaly il this script will changes the background image if the screen resolution changes. <script type="text/javascript"> if (screen.width==1024||screen.height==768) document.write('<img id='bgpic' src='./Themes/Ultimate/BGMain.gif' width="100%" height="100%">'); else if (screen.width==1280||screen.height==1024) document.write('<img id='bgpic' src='./Themes/Ultimate/BGMain2.gif' width="100%" height="100%">'); </script> But something goes wrong when i try to take into my wpi.htm file. here the original source code: <script type="text/javascript"> sizer(); if (top.status != "") winheight = top.status; cols = Math.round((winheight/3*4)/320,0); if (!maxentries) { switch (winheight) { case '600': maxentries=19; break; case '768': maxentries=26; break; case '1024': maxentries=38; break; case '1200': maxentries=44; break; default: maxentries=31; break; } } </script> <div id='bgpiclayer' style="z-index:-1; position:absolute; top:0; left:0; width:100%; height:100%; display:block; overflow:hidden;"> <img id='bgpic' src='./Themes/Ultimate/BGMain.gif' width="100%" height="100%"> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> if (BgPicture != '') document.all.bgpic.src = "./Graphics/" + BgPicture; </script> <table border="0" width="100%" height="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> Somebody can tell me how i cans itegrates the script to my htm file?
  11. hello, at this moment i use the ultimate theme for one of my wpi's,and it works fine.But i have a little probleme with the the screen size.When i work on 1280 the list of programmes go inside into config menu. screen 1280: screen 1024: Can everyone telle me how to resize automaticly the them for differente screens?
  12. 5.4 Bugs

    I think i have find a bug I want to try to use the transitions option,but if you use this on your wpi the liste of programmes in your database will not show.Its not realy a big bug,but some people can be affraid to think to loose all here work. Look: Before my window seems like this if you takes the options transitions to on After my window seems like this Can you tell me what is the probleme?
  13. Cool man,i think(hope) i become my xmas gift before 24th december I'm verry impatiently to test this,many thanks your team makes a verry good job.
  14. Hello, try to look into your theme and find the "wpi.htm" file and edit him.Delete only the things ou wont realy delete and make a backup before to save the modifications.