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  1. download POWER IE6. it's great and easy.
  2. on linux, read documents about grub, it's very easy to changes menus and properties. for information, after fixmbr , your linux partitions will be inaccessible without a boot floppy. you should reinstall grub.
  3. it is very clear now read you soon i hope.
  4. "be water" is a expression of bruce lee. water can take any form , in a bottle, water becomes bottle. in french : "ne copie pas quelque chose mais deviens cette chose".
  5. make a nlited cd from an upgrading cd seems to be a wrong way because you'll need the older cd. in this way, i can't help you anymore. good luck.
  6. be water, my friend. you tried to install with a nlmited cd? you made your nlited cd with your upgrating cd? or with another cd? could you be more light, please? thanks. tu peux me pm si tu veux, ca te sera peux etre plus facile en fracais (i can pm me if it is more easy for you in french). one mote thing if your nlited cd was made from upgradind cd: how can you install a turbo compressor in a car if you haven't a car. be logical my friend, be water.
  7. look'n'stop is a pretty good firewall, i think.
  8. try to work your document with shapes and scan them. long but efficient.
  9. blank screen?? maybe the option /noguiboot in boot.ini ... or a picture mentionned in registry is missing ??? there are no blank image in ntoskernel.exe!
  10. JAR archiver is really curious and efficient for my works. but, not very nice
  11. use a partition manager like 'partition magic' for example in order to reduce your partition (C:) and increase avaible space. in these posts, it should be have confusion between 8Mo and 8 Go. Your 8Go disappeared is normal (1000 against 1024). Your 8Mo avaible partition is due to windows partition manager and can be modified but with another partition manager.
  12. hello, don't forget this, HDD manufacters use 1000 bts for 1Mbts and 1000 Mbts for 1Gbts(it better for Merchandising ). in fact, 1Mbts is 1024 bts and not 1000. so, it exists a difference which is 7% . calculate yourself difference from bts to Gbts. you shall be horrified but it is the reality. Have goods dreams. I'm very sorry for you but it's life.
  13. Silly but funny this poll. I vote for linux : I use a dual boot : Windows in order to work for the office and Linux for home. Differents steps of knowledge between Win and Lin . Win is more easier to use and parameting. Lin is more efficient but hard to learn (in first approach).
  14. Who want to live In Europe??

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