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  1. Just wanted to say, thank you W3bbo
  2. Handy Recovery 4.0 Features http://www.handyrecovery.com/features.shtml
  3. Farsi # A_DisableAV .قبل از ادامه دادن لطفا ویندوز دفندر و انتی ویروستان را غیر فعال کنید زیرا ان سرعت نصب را کاهش میدهد # C_A_notFileExists فایل "{0}" وجود ندارد # C_A_selectEmbeddedPackageFirst انتخاب کنید بسته جاسازی شده را قبل از ادامه # C_B_conditionError .در اینجا در خلال ارزیابی و سازوگاری رایانه شما خطا روی داد لطفا با سازنده بسته ارتباط برقرار کنید # E_A_notValidDirectory دایرکتوری تعیین شده در بر نداردانیستالر معتبر بسته # G_Title ...منتظر بمانید # G_WaitMessage در حال راه اندازی مجدد رایانه # Wiz_CancelConfirm ایا مطمن هستید لغو کنید نصب برنامه را؟ Arabic # A_DisableAV قبل المتابعة ، الرجاء تعطيل ويندوز المدافع ، وأية برامج مكافحة الفيروسات لأنها تبطئ عملية التثبيت # C_A_notFileExists الملف "{0}" لا وجود له # C_A_selectEmbeddedPackageFirst اختيار جزءا لا يتجزأ من حزمة قبل الشروع في الاستمرار # C_B_conditionError كان هناك خطأ في الوقت الذي تحاول مجموعة لتقييم مدى ملاءمة لجهاز الكمبيوتر. مجموعة الاتصال مؤلف # E_A_notValidDirectory المحدد لا يحتوي على دليل صحيح صفقة إلغاء التثبيت # G_Title ...انتظر من فضلك # G_WaitMessage الآن إعادة تشغيل الكمبيوتر # Wiz_CancelConfirm هل تريد بالتأكيد إلغاء تثبيت؟
  4. this an Arabic Version tomorrow or two day make persian
  5. ok thankyou now translate
  6. hi vasan this video tut for you hope you enjoy you can only grab modified section as anything.res http://rapidshare.com/files/254332129/tut.7z.html MD5: 2EDEAC6A1178319BE4256CA423D4A50E
  7. I Can translate To Farsi (From Iran)
  8. hi vasan using this script ResHacker.exe -addoverwrite explorer.exe, explorermodified.exe, string.res, STRING TABLE,, you must export each section of modified explorer like bitmap.res string.res icons.res bitmap.res>only bitmap Resource file in explorer or only grab Resource modified as *.res its really working edit:for grab Resource String.res as singel Resource must using Restorator 2007
  9. Geej can you make mirror thankyou very much
  10. go to this page http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/6/
  11. how to install with printer device i created manully this and allways get this this a switch Snagit.exe /qn /norestart
  12. hi all i created with Office 2003 Slipstreamer - version 1.7.4, Direct Slipstream and created source Office 2003 on desktop no i want slipterms hotfix to this source it possibility? 1.this a Microsoft Office 2003 Edition Persian Interface Pack(change all menu to persian Interface) Microsoft Office 2003 Edition Persian Interface Pack 2.and then need this patch when use office 2003sp3 (patch forMicrosoft Office 2003 Edition Persian Interface Pack) Patch for sp3 thakns
  13. i like use vbs script but i can use del & rd for empty location manullaly so if you can make vbs or batch file for restart and turn off thanks
  14. hi anyone help me req vbs to empty difrrent location C:\Documents and Settings\x\Local Settings\Temp C:\WINDOWS\temp C:\Documents and Settings\x\Recent and then req vbs to restart pc and then req vbs to turnoff pc in diffrent vbs file thanks
  15. hi mara or anyone req help me i want installing office 2003 with all tool languge wizard and other tools please see this and help me and i want slipterms to hotfix for changing all menu and other to persian menu frist Microsoft Office 2003 Edition Persian Interface Pack and then this for sp3update for sp3
  16. i dont tested on win 98 but you can using this softwarerKZTechs.COM Suitein section System Repair Engineer or may stoped service and dont work
  17. hi now get with no error

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