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  1. Final link Download MD5: FA715AD2EB1D9952F092C4BBB747B0AF
  2. English screenshots for the English helplink thankyou very much
  3. Again many string fixed Download Link MD5: E120BCA672BAB60C2F683C8CFB70E69B
  4. That Is Another Update Download Link MD5: 9D31C9A6B414BC7B2649814B8D4C781B
  5. Again Update many string fixed DownloadLink MD5: 12F3EC1956D2C1FD72368997F963EE92
  6. Here Updated En Help Download Link MD5: FA15413127430052C2E2C4CCBF17DBB9
  7. Hi gora and other member please test and improve help file this a googled help file and included 2help file 1.7zSD_en.chm 2.7zSD_en.chm i vote to use 1.7zSD_en.chm http://rapidshare.com/files/286711828/en.cab.html MD5: 6E55406C85B7C8771E1EBE75CF8ACC5A
  8. hi publisher this software UltraISO,PowerISO,MagicISO is a one company ? UltraISO Poweriso MagicIso
  9. here fa-arTranslations20090822.7z
  10. hessam

    xpize 5 Release 5

    its mean i see text half some word see half dosent see full word
  11. hessam

    xpize 5 Release 5

    dont see good translated text in the page of installaton options and dosent see translated text in a advansed options
  12. hessam

    xpize 5 Release 5

    thankyou W3bbo for moving top of logo for right to left this dont see to translate about tools of xpize its working with different languge? i want changing some line and see preview in wizard
  13. i dont know how but i make with notepad thankyou for your helpTranslations_2009_08_13.7z
  14. hi W3bbo see this video this is my problem its for tooltip or no how to fix
  15. idont know use word for this translocation but no beter q? its mean transleted text of this(F-uninstallation complete) put in (F-uninstallation completerestart)
  16. in the translation F-uninstallation complete F-uninstallation completerestart translated text of translocation text Lang-RTL MUST 0 OR 1 IN AR FA
  17. hi W3bbo why in arabic and farsi i see word with space ف ا فا and some line empty
  18. you can use this way before making iso of grab shell32.dl_ use makecab to uncompress that and then replace modified icon bitmap string and other thing with restorator or Resource Hacker on the orginall shell32 and then comperss with make cab then replace in the folder i386
  19. why you want replace during windows installation? سلام چرا میخواهی در زمان نصب ویندوز جایگزین بشود؟
  20. CHM Editor is not free allow to translate via google edit.. http://www.chmeditor.com/?1332
  21. hi W3bbo update morethan line in farsi and about logo xpize on top of page its possibility in fa ar see left top of page and text see right and in the age of xpize packege release note dosnt see full text and the in the modify page dosent translate Make your

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