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  1. well, the installation grew because you integrated all these drivers and stuff and did not remove anything. eddie11013 is right: nLite does not remove any drivers (or other components) by default. Under components removal, you have to select the ones you want removed. As eddie said, you can use Driver Magician to back-up the 3rd party drivers you installed from other CDs (these will show up in red), that are not included in MS Windows XP (all these will show up in black). Then, you can integrate them with nLite.
  2. yes, that would be it. The PicFaxViewer. I had this problem myself once!
  3. faimag

    Nlite Help!

    yes, you can integrate drivers for more than one machines.
  4. Could it be the IEEE 1284.4 devices (hardware support) or the USB Port patch (tweaks), that would be my guess.
  5. What do you mean pkoppelaar? The "last session" captures everything, both components and tweaks (and drivers, hotfixes etc)... everything.
  6. nLite automatically captures your every session, including the components and all other settings you choose and, by default (unless you disable this option at the end), also drops this information in a file named LAST SESSION.INI in the ISO (not the one named LAST SESSION_U.INI). When you open nLite for the second, third, fourth, etc. time, you will see in the presets page a list of all your previous sessions: all are called Last Session and are dated & timed, except your very last session which is shown without a date+time. These files are all located in [C:\Program Files\nLite\Presets]. You can then choose to load one of these sessions or not (i.e. start from scratch). Now, if you have already made an ISO and you want the presets of that session but cannot find which one it is from nLite’s list, you can simply insert your nLited CD and click to import the last session.ini from that CD. Note that, here, you only load the settings, not the source files. You will need the original installation source if you want to add a component you have removed in that session but later found out that you need it. If you just want to remove additional components, though, you can use your nLited CD’s installation source.
  7. Great, you got the theme working! kth6 is right, all the wallpapers are in [C:\WINDOWS\Web\Wallpaper] so you can navigate there and take a look (assuming you didn't remove all wallpapers with nLite!). If you use a photo, any photo, can you right-click it and set it as desktop background?
  8. you guys, you guys... seriously... Here is the verdict: I used the custom XP Tablet CD I've made out of my Tablet PC using its own "extracted" windows OEM key (not the one on the sticker), and I successfully managed to install XP Tablet on another notebook (different make) with no problems, using the same CD and the same OEM key as above. But Ponch is right! You need to activate Windows in this case - I didn't exactly knock on M$'s door, I just ran the command [%SYSTEMROOT%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /A] to check the activation status. Now, please don't get any ideas on how to go around that This little experiment was just to satisfy my curiosity and all these are FYI only. So, to wrap it up, following the instructions above you can make your own XP CD without all the OEM bloatware, and you can legally use it only with your notebook, in case you ever need/want to reinstall your OS clean and tight. I guess I learned something today! (my major problem now is that I have XP Tablet OS on a laptop that's not even a tablet pc! ...did not virtualize...) Anyway, I will deal with that 2morrow, cause it's super late and I am very sleepy... and I just found out that there is no sleeping emoticon with zzzz...
  9. @ 70runner: it is weird if you indeed removed all drivers, yet setup asked you for netmap.inf. I didn’t expect that… I always remove all drivers, and I've never seen a netmap.inf in my nLite ISOs (despite having many such files in the original installation source, where the generic drivers reside). As for option -b-, sorry if I wasn't clear, this would be an alternative if you had a CD, that's what I meant. In that case, you could just overwrite (not delete) the I386 present in the CD with your I386 (the "if the files have the same name… they will be replaced…click yes to proceed" thing), and keep all extra files (i.e. the ones “missing” from your I386; this would include the generic drivers) from the CD's I386. I mean, you would paste your I386 on top the CD's I386 (as opposed to deleting the CD’s I386 first, and then pasting your own, which is equivalent to what you did). @ sanusart: I would go for that, too. @ Ponch: I really do not know what exactly is going on with each OEM and version of XP, but I am pretty sure about the following (don't take these as an offense ): -The key on the sticker does not work for reinstalling a “clean” copy (with one's own I386). Hasn't worked for me and for many others. I haven't been able to get to the activation stage yet. -If you use the Recovery DVD to reinstall, you do not need to activate (+pass WGA). -If you use a “clean” copy and the extracted windows key (different than the sticker), you do not need to activate either (+pass WGA). -The key on the sticker corresponds to each license that each OEM gets from MS, yes, and it is 1 license per mobo, yes, but OEMs (maybe not all based on what you say) use a volume license program to distribute the OS in their NBs. I did not mean they use a VLK as the “corporate” key. Sorry about that. However, now you set me up doing another experiment: I’ve made a custom XP Tablet CD (as described above) and used it successfully to reinstall OS on my tablet (so many times I can’t even remember). I am so very curious now to see what will happen if I try to install that same OS onto a different lappy, not a tablet, and of a different OEM. Anybody care to offer their laptop for science??? no?? ok, then. I will let you know what happens...just for the sake of experimentation...
  10. It shows you the name of the PC, etc., because you have set Unattended Mode to "provide defaults" which means: "show me what information I entered and wait for me to press enter"! Go with Hide Pages. As for the Language, I wouldn't know. I always have English (and my country's as second).
  11. The KB890830 is the latest MS malicious software removal tool, and the KB941569 is a hotfix for windows media files. Why are you concerned? If your IE7 and WMP11 work ok, then I would say it is perfect, not just normal.
  12. Did you remember to UxTheme-patch your nLite installation (under Patches, towards the end of the process, enable unsigned theme support) ???
  13. I will not ask how you got hold of the "modified XP" you mention. But, yes, this is what you should do. First open nLite, target the modified XP, do not change anything and finish up the process so that you get nLite to create a LAST SESSION.INI file. Then, open nLite again, target the complete XP, load the Last Session preset, and modify it according to your needs.
  14. encrypted… like in a ghost image (.gho) or something? anyway, let that be… @ 70runner: The netmap.inf is a file containing information on the generic drivers that windows comes preloaded with. A windows CD has MANY such netmap.inf files, each corresponding to a certain group of generic drivers. Most (if not all) OEMs DO NOT include the generic drivers in their notebooks, simply because they integrate their own. So, yes, there is usually no netmap.inf files in your notebook’s I386 (not in the one located in your C drive, nor in the one in your restore DVD, even if you were able to access it; as I said, this folder is copied "en block" from the installation CD to your C drive). Now, if you use your NB’s I386 in a “typical” windows install and go like that, setup WILL FAIL because when it reaches the point where it needs to load the drivers, it cannot find the files needed! You can circumvent this problem by doing one of the following: -a- with nLite, REMOVE ALL DRIVERS under components removal. This will let setup “know” that there will be no generic drivers to load (hence no need for netmap.inf files in your ISO). Do not feel uncomfortable with that, because you don’t need any generic drivers (almost no notebook does) since you have everything in the restore DVD. -b- go with option (a) because as I understood it, you didn’t use a windows CD; you just pulled files and folders from here and there. If you were to use a CD, you could just copy your I386 and paste it on top the CD’s I386, clicking yes to replace all common files, and hence leave all other files (including the generic drivers and their netmap.inf files) untouched (i.e., you would not delete the CD’s I386 and paste your own afterwards; you would just paste yours on top of the one already there). Then you would be able to setup windows with generic drivers as well. I hope (a) works for you! @ sanusart: Regarding your graphics card driver, I think nLite only integrates the .inf files, but some components are kinda more complicated than that. What can you do… it doesn’t always work for me either… You can, however, drag ‘n’ drop the whole ATI folder (with its setup.exe) right before you make your ISO with nLite, so at least you have everything in one CD. And, why are the keys different…? I wouldn't know that!!! But, here is a million $ question: let's pretend YOU were HP and you had to produce, let’s say, 2000 laptops of a particular model... Would you: -a- perform 2000 individual windows installations, each one with its own key -b- make one windows image using a single VLK (= volume license key), then set it to automatically copy in all? PS: if you go with option (a), I have to say, I will play SONY in this game!
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