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  1. This script is working fine with Alcohol 120% trial Change version inside script to .... that should work.
  2. Install is MSI based (once MSI uncompressed in %temp%), so : msiexec.exe /i "VMware Workstation.msi" /qn /quiet
  3. [b]Alcohol 120% trial[/b] Attached script should work fine with trial version (based from Daemon Tools script).
  4. Includes 10/10 updates. windows_xp_x86_fra.zip
  5. [b]Daemon Tools 4.06 HE[/b] Updated script from 4.00 script. [codebox]#region - Daemon Tools v4.06HE install script - (Automated with WinExists functions) Opt('TrayIconDebug', 1) ; Installer. $executable = 'daemon406-x86.exe' ; Show progess. $splash = 0 ; Default catagory folder in startmenu. $group = 'Burning software' ; New catagory to move the default folder into. $catagory = '' ; Installation folder in Program Files. ; $directory = 'DAEMON Tools' $directory = 'Daemon Tools' ; Allowed time for installation. $allowed = 300 * 1000 ; The next setting should be 0 unless you want to reboot imediately. ; Auto or manual reboot. (either choice will runonce the installer at next reboot). $auto_reboot = 0 ; The next setting is not used if $auto_reboot = 1. ; Desktop Reboot. (Set to 1 if you want the script to handle the reboot into the 2nd part of install) $desktop_reboot = 0 ; ** README "" ; Check values above and "Remove shortcuts" section below are correct. ; This is a 2 part install. The 2nd part automatically happens on reboot at HKCU\RunOnce ; which is when the Startup folder is processed and the Desktop is active. This script ; is set to manage both parts of installation automagically. ; Spyware is unchecked for installation. ; Main Window Titles. $title_dtools = 'DAEMON Tools 4.06HE' $title_sptd = 'SPTD setup V1.29' ; Run the installer. If $auto_reboot And StringInStr($cmdlineraw, '/postrun') Then If WinWait($title_dtools, 'Welcome to the DAEMON Tools', 30) Then $pid = $executable Else $pid = _Install() EndIf Else $pid = _Install() EndIf $time = TimerInit() Do Select; 1st 3 windows are messageboxes. Case WinExists($title_sptd, 'This program will install SCSI Pass Through Direct') Sleep(1000) ControlClick($title_sptd, 'This program will install SCSI Pass Through Direct', 'Button1') WinWaitClose($title_sptd, 'This program will install SCSI Pass Through Direct', 10) WinWait($title_dtools, 'Setup must restart Windows', 5) Case WinExists($title_dtools, 'Setup must restart Windows') _RunOnce() If $auto_reboot Then $choice = 'Button1' Else $choice = 'Button2' EndIf ControlClick($title_dtools, 'Setup must restart Windows', $choice) WinWaitClose($title_dtools, 'Setup must restart Windows', 5) Exit Case WinExists($title_dtools, 'You must reboot after previous operation') _RunOnce() ControlClick($title_dtools, 'You must reboot after previous operation', 'Button1') ; Desktop Reboot after 20 seconds if set above. If $desktop_reboot Then Sleep(15*1000) MsgBox(262144, $title_dtools, 'System restart commencing now', 5) Shutdown(2) EndIf Exit Case WinExists($title_dtools, 'Welcome to the DAEMON Tools') ControlClick($title_dtools, 'Welcome to the DAEMON Tools', 'Button2') Case WinExists($title_dtools, 'License Agreement') If WinWait($title_sptd, 'This program will install SCSI Pass Through Direct', 2) Then ContinueLoop EndIf ControlClick($title_dtools, 'License Agreement', 'Button2') Case WinExists($title_dtools, 'Already Installed') $text = 'Update the automated installation script for uninstall or upgrade support' MsgBox(262144, $title_dtools, $text, 5) _Abort() Case WinExists($title_dtools, 'Choose Components') ControlFocus($title_dtools, 'Choose Components', 'SysTreeView321') ControlSend($title_dtools, 'Choose Components', 'SysTreeView321', '{DOWN}{SPACE}') ControlClick($title_dtools, 'Choose Components', 'Button2') Case WinExists($title_dtools, 'Choose Install Location') ControlSend($title_dtools, 'Choose Install Location', 'Edit1', @ProgramFilesDir & '\' & $directory) ControlClick($title_dtools, 'Choose Install Location', 'Button2') Case WinExists($title_dtools, 'Completing the DAEMON Tools') ControlCommand($title_dtools, 'Completing the DAEMON Tools', 'Button4', 'UnCheck', '') ControlClick($title_dtools, 'Completing the DAEMON Tools', 'Button2') ExitLoop EndSelect Sleep(1000) If TimerDiff($time) > $allowed Then _Abort() Until Not ProcessExists($pid) ; Remove shortcuts. If _MainShortcut('DAEMON Tools.lnk') Then FileDelete('Uninstall.lnk') _Desktop('DAEMON Tools.lnk') EndIf ; Delete spyware installer. If FileExists(@ProgramFilesDir & '\' & $directory & '\SetupDTSB.exe') Then FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & '\' & $directory & '\SetupDTSB.exe') EndIf ; Remove Autorun entry. RegDelete('HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run', 'DAEMON Tools') #endregion Exit Func _Install($path = 'Default') ; Run the installer in Default Script directory. Dim $splash, $processblock If $path = 'Default' Then $path = @ScriptDir If StringRight($path, 1) <> '\' Then $path = $path & '\' If StringInStr($executable, '\') Then $path = '' If Not FileExists($path & $executable) Then Exit(1) If $processblock <> '' Then Call('_' & 'ProcessBlock') If $splash Then _Splash('Installing:' & StringTrimRight(StringReplace(@ScriptName, '_', ' '), 4)) If StringRight($executable, 3) = 'msi' Then Return Run(@SystemDir & '\msiexec /i "' & $path & $executable & '"') Else Return Run($path & $executable) EndIf EndFunc Func _Abort() ; close process if exists then exit. Dim $pid If ProcessExists($pid) Then ProcessClose($pid) Exit(2) Else Exit(3) EndIf EndFunc Func _Desktop($shortcut) ; Delete a Desktop shortcut. If FileExists(@DesktopDir & '\' & $shortcut) Then Return FileChangeDir(@DesktopDir) And FileDelete($shortcut) ElseIf FileExists(@DesktopCommonDir & '\' & $shortcut) Then Return FileChangeDir(@DesktopCommonDir) And FileDelete($shortcut) EndIf EndFunc Func _MainShortcut($shortcut, $rename = '') ; Change working directory to correct StartMenu\Group directory. Dim $group, $catagory, $splash If $group = '' Then Return 0 If FileExists(@ProgramsDir & '\' & $group) Then FileChangeDir(@ProgramsDir & '\' & $group) ElseIf FileExists(@ProgramsCommonDir & '\' & $group) Then FileChangeDir(@ProgramsCommonDir & '\' & $group) Else Return 0 EndIf ; Wait for main shortcut. If $splash Then _Splash('Waiting for shortcuts') For $i = 1 To 20 If FileExists($shortcut) Then ExitLoop Sleep(500) Next If $splash Then _Splash('Cleaning up:' & StringTrimRight(StringReplace(@ScriptName, '_', ' '), 4)) ; If catagory not assigned anything, then return. If $catagory = '' Then Return 1 ; Move the group folder into the catagory folder. If FileChangeDir('..') And DirCopy($group, $catagory & '\' & $group, 1) Then If DirRemove($group, 1) Then ; If optional rename parameter is used, then rename the group folder. If $rename <> '' And FileChangeDir($catagory) Then If DirCopy($group, $rename, 1) And DirRemove($group, 1) Then Return FileChangeDir($rename) EndIf Else Return FileChangeDir($catagory & '\' & $group) EndIf EndIf EndIf EndFunc Func _QuickLaunch($shortcut) ; Delete a Quicklaunch shortcut. Local $subdirs = '\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch' If FileExists(@AppDataDir & $subdirs & '\' & $shortcut) Then Return FileChangeDir(@AppDataDir & $subdirs) And FileDelete($shortcut) ElseIf FileExists(@AppDataCommonDir & $subdirs & '\' & $shortcut) Then Return FileChangeDir(@AppDataCommonDir & $subdirs) And FileDelete($shortcut) EndIf EndFunc Func _Splash($text = '') ; Shows a small borderless splash message. Dim $splash If $splash Then If $text Then SplashTextOn('', $text, 500, 25, -1, 5, 1, '', 14) Else SplashOff() EndIf EndIf EndFunc Func _WinClose($title, $text = '') ; Close a window with further attempts. For $i = 1 To 10 WinClose($title, $text) If Not WinExists($title) Then Return 1 Sleep(500) Next EndFunc Func OnAutoItStart() ; A 2nd script instance will exit. Local $interpreter If StringInStr($cmdlineraw, '/dummy') Then Exit $interpreter = StringTrimRight(@ScriptName, 4) & ' Script Interpreter' If WinExists($interpreter) Then Exit AutoItWinSetTitle($interpreter) EndFunc Func _RunOnce() ; Add 2nd part to installation. Local $key = 'HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce' If @Compiled Then RegWrite($key, '_DTools', 'Reg_sz', '"' & @ScriptFullPath & '" /postrun') Else RegWrite($key, '_DTools', 'Reg_sz', '"' & @AutoItExe & '" "' & @ScriptFullPath & '" /postrun') EndIf EndFunc [/codebox]
  6. All office updates can be applied without slipstreaming. - uncompress update - edit "ohotfix.ini" to change settings for UA install - apply update by running "ohotfix.exe" Tested & validated with following KBs : KB887616, KB907417, KB913807, KB914455, KB916518, KB917151, KB917334, KB918419, KB920907, KB921566.
  7. Uncompress setup; then with msi file : msiexec.exe /i vegas6_enu.msi /qb- install also media manager (in subdir "mediamgr") : msiexec.exe /i mediamgr_enu.msi /qb-
  8. Files updated for WUD 2.23 Beta Build 649 : - exchange-2003-x86-fra.ul - office-2003-x86-fra.ul - windows-2000-professional-x86-fra.ul - windows-2003-server-x86-fra.ul - windows-xp-x86-fra.ul WUD_FRA.zip
  9. Can you add : - Show date of KB - Search by KB's date - Link to go directly to KB page on MS website. Thanks !
  10. I've updated "windows-2003-server-x86-enu.ul" with three KBs missing : KB890830, KB916281, KB913446 windows_2003_server_x86_enu.zip
  11. Some news : - Updated french language for Windows XP French, - New : french language for Windows 2000 Pro French, - New : french language for Windows 2003 Serveur French. Some KBs are maybe missing in 2000 & 2003 .ul file ... I will check that later. Windows XP .ul file should be complete. windows_2000_pro_x86_fre.zip windows_2003_serveur_x86_fre.zip windows_xp_x86_fre.zip
  12. Here is french ul for Windows XP FRE. windows_xp_x86_fre.zip
  13. I can make French .ul file ... for Windows XP x86 and Windows 2000 Pro x86.
  14. RogueSpear has his own forum to support ScriptPack. Check here !
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