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  1. http://www.win2008workstation.com/wordpres...n-background-2/
  2. Vista, WiFi and PPPoE

    Try updating its drivers.
  3. Can you name all the Video Game Systems?

    15 without and 48 with wikipedia's help.
  4. i want a virus !

    you could also install XP antivirus
  5. Winsxs folder is HUGE!?

    mines around the 12GB mark on vista x64
  6. DirectX DirectDraw

    nvm... I fixed it. I uninstalled the "WinVNC Video Hook Driver".
  7. Windows "Vienna"

    I heard that Vienna was renamed to "Windows 7" and then to "Translucency". Centro has been officially renamed to "Windows Essential Business Server"
  8. Very strange internet problem with XP Home.

    does the problem PC work if you remove the router and the OK PC?
  9. DirectX DirectDraw

    This is XP SP2. and I said it was slooow. installing the latest drivers is not the problem. installing the older ones so I can get the computer back to normal speed while it's in 'SLOW mode' - CPU at 100% and kernel times above 90%
  10. DirectX DirectDraw

    can someone please help me?
  11. DirectX DirectDraw

    but it's only the MSI drivers which DONT tax my cpu - even the VGA drivers tax the system. ATI Catalyst 7.11 drivers showed the same problem. I would post a screeny but the system takes over 1/2 hr to install the non-taxing drivers to get back to 'normal' and I don't have enough time.
  12. DirectX DirectDraw

    When Playing Halo I recieved the error message that DirectDraw accelleration is not available so I went to DxDiag and it says "Not available". The Approx Total Memory shows as "n/a" and the first DirectX Test (Hardware accelerated DX7) fails with an "out of memory" error message. I have a ATI Radeon HD2400Pro made by MSI. When I use any drivers other than the ones from the cd (I think it's 8.33) the system goesd slow, with CPU Kernel times above 90%. Please Help! _____ ATI Radeon HD2400Pro AMD Sempron 3200+ 1.5GB RAM MSI AMETHYST-M Motherboard 3 HDDs on IDE (80GB, 40GB and 20GB) _____ I have tried a clean boot, disabling remote desktop, disabling remote assistance, disabling remote desktop sharing in netmeeting, and disabling write combining. The hardware accelleration slider is on full. my DX runtimes are the latest. I don't want to format. DXDiag log attatched. DxDiag.txt