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  1. Add this to your sif/unattended file [systemRestore] DisableSR=1 CreateFirstRunRp=0
  2. Try using a program called Auto Streamer That should do it for you ! Zarts
  3. Here is a list of the hotfixs for you guys to get. I hope this helps make it a bit easier to get. Unzip attachment to hfslip folder then run the download.cmd
  4. Simple turn off system restore then try again. That easy !
  5. Any chance of getting the new XPCREATE and send it to my email address Regards Zarts
  6. Hya Guys made up this getfiles.cmd to d/load the the latest hotfixs and stream them to your Windows XP cd. You will need wget to d/load the files. Just run the getfiles.cmd and it will d/load the file to right folders on your pc then run Hfslip to merge the files. Enoy & Hope this helps you all ! BTW got Windows IE7 in this list and Windows Media Player 11 Regards Zarts Getfiles.zip
  7. Zarts


    I made this getfiles.cmd hope it helps you all get the hotfixs for your Windows XP CD's. You will need to get the wget file from http://www.smithii.com and place that in the same folder also ie (c:\xpcreate ) The run the getfiles.cmd, after that use the xpcreate to merge the files to Windows Xp cd. BTW should stream IE7 and Media player 11 also to it for you Regards Zarts Getfiles.zip

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