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  1. Friends, the creation of a .wim file to install windows xp is possible, but is not compatible with the setup of seven, or Vista. The .wim file made of Xp installation is compatible with Longhorn Setup, check out here in the search box for topic called Nlite the art of OEM, in this tread Dexter.inside explain the metod used and me try it and make the .wim file succefull. Or sear for Panther Xp both metods are possible the .wim file creation, the result is amazing, try it. Greettings from Mexico. Pd. Sorry for my bad english but i dont have the time for learn it.
  2. maybe you can visit the dexter.inside thread http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=95271 Art of oem xp nlite preinstallation, check it, and if you can search it of unnatended mode only ask.
  3. animated msgina.dll

    thanks chicho1970 am using vista dreamscene.
  4. Windows Designer Studio - pre-alpha

    hi dexter, you dont have time for finish it, if you finish invite e to try it, you work is great...
  5. Boot.wim

    sorry for my desapear, but am busy whit personal problems. And yes you alrigth with taht you need is modify bitmap 517 and some other for background and setup windows. Am back if you have more questions just ask... i will response to help, in the minor time. bye
  6. oks tanks i will try it in few days... and in Vmware and real pc`s i`ll try to add sata massStorage drivers in new try. i dont stop of try.
  7. maybe, guys shoulde to try "Setup Xp launcher v1.8"its work whit the correct version of the diskpartitione in bartpe. i dont tested the install process fully , but with its you will be format disk, and launch the setup for unnatended install.
  8. well its fine... im testing the burned cd rom in diferents pcs, and its work great, only i had problems in to virtual machine,but its fine for the moment, Tanks for all your help and time to deply tis guide, so i hope that you will teach us, in this proyect or others i very happy if exist more proyects that try, well tanks. and see you later. And it isnt a bye, is only see you later,i will try a post in msfn.and hope that you =.
  9. dexter guruuu where are you....?
  10. wow your work is awesoming, now,it is that i understand. If i had mountains of drivers that Driverspacks, i can use it, to search for the correct driver for the machine? let me know if its rigth ... lol its great. thanks.
  11. well i try all. and already is finish it, in the virtual machine i had a BSOD an reboot inmediatly, but, in a normal machine all is work. and i finish the instalñation proces, Driver detection and i had my desktop of the same form when i capture it, tanks for the help, Now i whis add more More MassStorage drivers and other driver to my instalation, so i tri it and post. See you later dexter.inside
  12. I list segui trying i finally it, copies the files, for some reason though it patches the install.wim with the mirkes hexer, and the/info shpwme the correct Image Index, it was not loading it, because the image inndex is not recognizes by the setup, when i try to apply the install.wim directly whit ximage /apply path\install.wim z: 3 it sayd that the image not exist in the install.wim But now that I have added 2 images mas in the same install.wim, it copies the files and finishes the installation, and makes me the first boot, and after the Bootscreen, now it throws a BSOD,. i will trying, and post later...
  13. Windows Designer Studio - pre-alpha

    Hi again dexter.inside i try your app, but as the same form, i cant pass of the browse sorce files... am very interesing on this,,i hope, that you give us a new release of this... tanks...
  14. Hi dexter. I am very happy for you help. I try its that you sayd, and i will post when i do it. tanks. ooo And dexter, do you have boths images or iso`s that you use in this guide, and if its not problem, its are downloable? If its yes, where i download i search for months but i dont found, i found it in the warez web`s but someones links are dead, they are in rapidshare, megaupload, Torrents, and others but all theys are deads, not working. Do you giveme this iso`s? i hope that its not offend you. oks tanks. I hope have much more conversations whit you, maybe in msn.
  15. A small discovery

    Hi guys. someone can helpme to add or remove files in Documents and Settings of install.wim that is mountrw, its appear when i try to acces to this folder...access denied. i use to mount it, imagex of waik, i can modify other folders but this not... Docunents and settings, any idea why? thanks for advance...