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  1. Ther's none. But for that money it has to work properly in any simple configuration like mine. I had a GA-P35-DS3P rev1.0 before and everything was perfect. This board is more expensive, more competitive and don't have to have this problem. That's all.
  2. Thank you guys. Now I'm sure that I have a problem with my mobo. I've changed the optical drive and problem persists. On the purple conectors (JMicron) optical drive works fine. The problem is on ICH9R controller. I needed a second opinion to be sure BTW don't use F9 BIOS on this board. It causes problems on RAM testing (a false positive error).
  3. I have a mobo issue (or not). 1. My optical drive (ASUS DRW-1814BLT) won't boot any disk but Windows XP when it's connected on ICH9R sata port and raid function is enabled. If raid function is disabled everything is ok. I have to mention that even the optical drive name is not correct displayed whet raid function is enabled. And again, all it's ok with raid function disabled. Why all that? Is this all right? 2. In boot sequence when recognize raid disks (connected on ICH9R), at the end of detection it says that AHCI BIOS IS NOT INSTALLED. Is this a problem?
  4. Is there any method to slipstream SP2 on a trial version of Windows XP Professional? I've got this error.
  5. @all If you had slipstreamed sp1a before sp2, you can delete win51ip(ic).sp1, spnotes.htm, sp1.cab, sp1.cat. That's all.
  6. I slipstreamed sp2 in the classic way bat it keep sp1a files too (win51ip.sp1, sp1.cab, sp1.cat) Is this right?
  7. @bobby100 & @Tribble You guys are wise asses. Translation is 90% good. If you want to try something more let me know.
  8. In sfarsit un conational pe forum. Bine ai venit. Si acum sa trecem la problema. Ce dimensiune are imaginea creata? Am citit de cand sunt membru pe aici ca s-ar putea sa fie de la dimeniune (peste 2GB). Cica sunt probleme cu dvd-urile create care au peste 2GB. Oricum este o chestie ciudata. Ai facut cumva un AIO-DVD?
  9. @spachtler where can I find your thread about creating msi install menu?
  10. alanoll said something about a thread where you explained in detail how to do that. where can I find it?
  11. The last version of Adobe Audition is 1.0. I figure it out that this app is a payne in the a**.
  12. Thank a lot for the info. About that link for adobe audition, I do not have a site or ftp server to put that aplication. Maybe it's the time to do but I do not know when. Maybe you have a ftp server to upload these apps so you can look over them.
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