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  1. Well It still has no Native Klingon languge support..Oh well there is always hope with next vLite release.. Seriously great job!
  2. I've never found bugs in nLite..I have a big bowl of nLite every morning and have never seen anything crawling in it..nLite is great and fits easily into any over head storage compartment!
  3. Correction my friend they do It works for the bags under your eyes also They just dont make a comercial for FREEdHEM ROFLMAO..Jock Itch too? LOL Cracks me up
  4. Thank good they don't make stuff for hemroids Apply Directly to Your..you get the idea LOL
  5. edddflint

    Code 4

    You can try this link looks like it may be a driver issue but I'm no expert. Just trying to help. Error Etho are they like a reseller? I wouldn't trust a slipstreamed disk that someone else did

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