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  1. Office 2003 + SP1 + hotfixes inc. FrontPage, Visio, Project, OneNote installed w/ 'typical' except Outlook and Office Assistant untouched totals 1.69 GB (1,819,569,631 bytes) ISO reduction via removal of redundancy 927 MB (972,058,624 bytes) officeshrink 866 MB (908,480,291 bytes) officeshrink w/ ISO reduction via removal of redundancy 625 MB (656,277,504 bytes) using WinRAR for each of the 5 individual install routines, for unattended CD/DVD 342 MB (359,617,479 bytes) and I'm sure if I didn't make 5 individual WinRAR SFX packages it would be even smaller, but this way I can have seperate installers for different situations. 30/03/2005 05:47 AM 68,239,465 FrontPage2003shrunk.exe 30/03/2005 05:47 AM 134,647,968 Office2003shrunk.exe 30/03/2005 05:48 AM 30,956,536 OneNote2003shrunk.exe 30/03/2005 05:48 AM 42,848,576 Project2003shrunk.exe 30/03/2005 05:48 AM 82,924,934 Visio2003shrunk.exe Thanks a ton for your time and effort with OfficeShrink! Only problems I encountered were with FrontPage/OneNote/Project/Visio and an xml file that made the installer think it was corrupted. Copied the xml files over to the proper directory in the target and tried it again, and it worked just fine. Woot!
  2. well, the only solution I can figure out is simply not using that tweak to remove those items. Perhaps it will work if you use this tweak manually after everything's installed and you're up and running, but it doesn't appear to be happy with it if you do it during an unattended install. I still have no idea how to fix my mpeg1 codec problem, I wonder if there's something wrong with unattended setups for media player altogether.
  3. I noted this same problem and solution in a recent post involving mpeg video files. Although I was having two problems, the open with, and the fact that it attempts to download an audio codec for plain mpeg 1 files for some reason. I still haven't figured out a solution for the latter. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=25998
  4. you can probably use a question mark for that character too. That's a wildcard for just a single character. Menu D?marrer
  5. yeah, I think google will suffice. I wasn't aware that it was a hardcoded limit, but google will do.
  6. well, after who knows how many install runs, ghost restorations, registry imports and reboots I think I'm finally gaining ground on what the problems are. This morning I've been importing all my usual registry tweaks one by one, rebooting after each single import, and then trying to play an mpeg1 video file again. After importing this one I get the problem where it asks which program to open the file with every time. I'm still trying to figure out why I'm getting codec issues with mpeg files though. ;Remove WMP Right Click Options (Queue-it-up, etc.) [-HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{CE3FB1D1-02AE-4a5f-A6E9-D9F1B4073E6C}] [-HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{F1B9284F-E9DC-4e68-9D7E-42362A59F0FD}] [-HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{8DD448E6-C188-4aed-AF92-44956194EB1F}]
  7. would it really create that much more load if you reduced the search limit on words from four characters to three characters? It's kind of hard to find information on things like AVG or SP2 or many other things because the search pukes on you for not using four or more characters.
  8. isn't this one of the things nLite can get rid of?
  9. making an unattended SP2 install CD results in some odd behaviour from Media Player. The first one is kind of solved already with help from another thread http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=24562&hl= but there is another issue that I am not sure of how to solve. It seems codecs are all screwed up somehow, because even with a plain mpeg1 file it tries to download codecs. It fails, and there's no sound. For whatever reason it seems that at the very least the mpeg 1 layer 2 audio codec either isn't registered or is screwed up in some other way. I've just spent a day and a half trying all sorts of different things to get my previously working unattended CD to work with SP2 and I'm pretty fed up with it by now. Even doing one with nLite and not even adding any apps or tweaks or anything I end up with the exact same problem. I'm stumped.
  10. thanks, this does get rid of the repeating open-with problem. Now I just need to figure out why it thinks it doesn't have codecs to play plain old mpg 1 files, no sound.
  11. re: Spoon's apps Spoon's always around, go ask him personally either on his forums or at the Hydrogen Audio forums in the OT section. He's a pretty easy guy to get a hold of. If it's not currently possible to do, just ask if he can alter the installers to make it possible, I'm sure he'll accomodate.
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