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  1. I did all of the above instructed by you, X. I did the regedit and modified the NTUSER.DAT to say %WINDIR%\Wallpaper.bmp instead of C:\Windows\Wallpaper.bmp Now when i install Windows, everything gets copied from my OEM folders (the wallpaper to the windows directory, various other stuff to program files, all users desktops etc... but NTUSER.DAT isn't being copied into the Default User folder? Is it something to do with the Default User folder and NTUSER.DAT being hidden? Thanks for your help. I'll worry about the HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\ registry stuff for when no user is logged on after i get this first bit sorted. Regards, Ben
  2. I had a read about NTUSER.DAT and unattended installations including a couple of threads here on MSFN. From what i understand.. this is what i have to do? 1. Create a new account 2. Log on to the account 3. Set the wallpaper c:\wallpaper.bmp as centered and set the desktop background colour 4. Apply changes. 5. Log off the account 6. Log on to another account. 7. Copy the NTUSER.DAT file from the account i just created and set the wallpaper/desktop bg colour for Then place the following files in my $OEM$ directories on my Windows 2000 CD (With WINNT.SIF configured for OEM pre-install folders enabled) $OEM$\$1\wallpaper.bmp $OEM$\$1\Documents and Settings\Default User\NTUSER.DAT Then when i burn the image to CD, install Windows 2000, login to the administrator account (first account) it should have the wallpaper.bmp set as centered with whatever desktop background colour i set previously AND these settings will also be applied to all future user accounts created? Thanks for your help EDIT: How can i edit the NTUSER.DAT in a text editor? I'd like to change the "C:\wallpaper.jpg" to read "%systemdrive%\wallpaper.jpg" in case i install Windows on a drive letter other than C:
  3. There is no way to have it automated to new user accounts when they're made?
  4. Hello, I'd like to make an unattended Windows 2000 Professional installation. I'd like to modify it so that a wallpaper is applied as 'centered' and change the background colour around the wallpaper. This on it's own is pretty easy... but how do i do this for not just the first 'Administrator' account - but all new accounts created thereafter? I'd like to set these settings for when no user is logged on also - if i can? I understand most concepts of unattended installs (winnt.sif, cmdlines, oem folders etc) so could a more advanced user please give me a hand with this? Thanks for your time.
  5. Bump. Cmon guys - any help plz?
  6. Hi, I've used OEM folders to place Windows 98 themes into Windows 2000's correct directories upon installing Windows 2000. How do i set the default theme during installation to be eg. baseball.theme instead of the standard original one? I don't want the user to have to click OK on any pop-ups or anything. I tried using the following in winnt.sif but it no worky: [shell] CustomDefaultThemeFile = "theme_dir_and_name_goes_here" Thanks for your time. Regards.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to disable task manager without running any .reg or .bat or anything. How do i add the entry to the hivedef file to do this? Is the following correct? HKCU,"Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\system","DisableTaskMgr",0x00000000,0 or maybe: HKCU,"Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\system","DisableTaskMgr",0x00000000 i have no idea haha. Thanks. Regards, Ben
  8. Wait... does GUIRUNONCE run after setup, but before the reboot which starts Windows for the first time? So the disc is still in, and GUIRUNONCE just adds an extra stage to the end of the installation? Regards, Ben EDIT: Ok i guess it's importing guirunonce instructions to the registry, so it does do everything on first boot *sigh*
  9. Hi, I'd like to run a batch file during the installation of Windows, silently if possible. I've looked into GUIRUNONCE but this doesn't help me in case the user has taken out the CD by this point. So instead, i'd like to call a batch file somewhere during the Windows (2000/XP) installation, so i know the disc is still in the drive, so the files can be read from the disc. I can't use OEM Folder distribution to bypass having the files on the CD in this scenario/situation either. Can anybody help? Thanks. Regards, Ben
  10. Faster Startup For Windows 2000?

    I would also like to know how to get W2K to boot as fast as XP... as 2K can shutdown far faster than xp can. Can someone help me do this?
  11. KernelEx for 2000?

    how do you add functions to a .dll ?
  12. W2k SP2 - video playing problems

    you downloaded the same torrent i did... when you play video files the system locks up, stuffs me why! so i downloaded a different copy of W2K and it worked fine
  13. Can someone please make me a winnt.sif which only changes the unsigned driver policies for windows 2000 setup & installation. It's the only thing i want to change about my custom cd, and just leave everything else as normal... yes even the legal agreements lol. Can someone please make me a winnt.sif to do this for me please? i'd be very greatful! Thanks! Regards, Mortagen
  14. Yeah i did... and some other driver command i set to ignore too. But using the winnt.sif changed other things like removed the legal agreement in text setup (the blue setup) etc. and broke the installer. Any help please? Regards, Mortagen
  15. Hey guys, how do i make a winnt.sif that only ignores unsigned drivers so there are no continue prompts but change absoloutely nothing else in setup & installation? i'm doing this for windows 2000 incase it's important. I still want the legal aggreements and all the default stuff from a normal windows 2000 installation... just want the unsigned drivers issue fixed for my custom cd can someone please help me? when i used [unnattended] the first driver command = ignore the second driver command = ignore it removed things like the f8 legal agreement etc by it self... and i didnt even specify that command! only the 2 driver ones... it also broke my installation Please help? Thanks in advance! Regards, Mortagen