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  1. Hi Guys. I already found one explaination from Microsoft. But I still don't think it explained my all problem. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/927665/en-us According to this artical, The msdia80.dll should be under: driver: \Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VC\msdia80.dll In my machine, I have 2 partition. In fact, in x64 OS, I can find 2 files. 1st one is under the D:\ The other one is in driver: \Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VC\msdia80.dll So, according to MS site. I should also put the D:\msdia80.dll into this folder. driver: \Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VC\msdia80.dll. My question is: Is this 2 gonna conflict with eachother? Or I should keep them both? driver: \Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VC\msdia80.dll driver: \Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VC\msdia80.dll Anyone could answer my problem? Please give me some hint! Thanks!
  2. Why is this so complicate? This guy just want to remove his recovery partition! Just use the diskpart command to show all the partition from your hard drive. And then you will be able to locate which partition is the recovery partition. It is very easy. Plus, who is that guy to say that all OEM will have everything installed on the laptop is for fake and spy software. I really want to beat this guy with a bat! I work for OEM and as far as I can tell. Every big OEM I know don't have such software. This guy is just rookie and know nothing about the OS.
  3. I have to say no to TOSHIBA upgrade DVD. Because when we making the upgrade DVD for the TOSHIBA models, It is customized and can not be used on other model. If you trying to use it on other brand. Of course it won't work. So basically, if you get anything directly from Microsoft. It is fully support. But from OEM company. No.
  4. No ! You can't, T2080 is using the Socket M. T7200 is using the Socket P. It is totally different.
  5. Hi, I work for TOSHIBA WW Preinstall team, Perhaps I can offer you some help. First, Let me know which model did you bought. Cause, the WIM files you got is not just simply as same as the WIM files which got by IMAGEX. Second, Since Microsoft no longer support the WAU, you can not just simply upgrade your Vista to another upgrade version, like Ultimate. Third, Lanuage package should be worked on all kinds of SKU, (HomeBasic, HomePremium, Ultimate). As long as you have the English language package, it should work well. If you bought your laptop in Russia, Then your product is designed by TOSHIBA Germany Company, it is different than the WW image, Just let me know your Hard Drive's volume label. I mean volume C:\. I can check out which OS image you are using. Just let me know your detail problem. the imformation you post here is very limited. Here is my mail address: lvcharlice@gmail.com
  6. Update News! The SP1 beta version is 6001.16549.070628. It still have many problems. According to the MS' relnotes, it still have 11 known issues like Boot Environment for supporting NVRAM. I know many guys heard the SP1 beta will be only around 50MB. But unfortuately, I got the complete OPK disk, So I can not just use the upgrade package for the testing. I need to make a whole new image for test. And also, it tooks much more longer than I expect to download the OPK from MS site. Here comes the hot and fresh screenshut !!!!!
  7. Yeah. My company is the one of the co-worker for MS. So thats' why I got it. So of course legally. I can show you some picture tomorrow. But just pictures. I don't want to lose my job.
  8. Hi Guys ! Does anyone got the newly released Vista SP1 beta ? I just got them. It seems not much changed. MSN search is still enabled by default. It seems Google's work doesn't have any result. Let's share the new experience ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally get the version page. You can see the real version for this one.
  9. I think you mean Windows System Image Manager, Right ? In fact, you can add your OEM information in components sections. Not package section. In "x86_Microsoft-Windows-Shell-setup_6.0.600.16386_neutral" section. You can see the "OEMInformation". You can add your information to to Pass 2,3,4,6,7. Hope this helped.
  10. Unless you work for some OEM company. I think you can't do that on any retail version's vista. The OEM activate the OS by some scripts which released by Microsoft. And the script will recoganize the BIOS information. So you can't use one vender's activation scripts on the other one. This is how we do on OEM machines.
  11. If you want to experience good performance. You need to make sure you have very big memory and fast CPU. Unfortunate, you have a laptop, that means you can't change your CPU now. Add memory is the best choice. 512MB is the minimun require. 2GB is the best choise....

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