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  1. i have the same problem, but i am not using a nlit'ed version of xp... i did in the past. maybe there was an error in nlite that screwed our dvd burner XD. hope not.
  2. Maybe be a simple question, but does you printer come with drivers? And if yes, are they vista compatible?
  3. Just sharing my experience, ionno if it will help, sometimes when programs are trying to access large files they can't because they are currently being scanned by anti-virus engine (some kind of file lock?)... I don't even know if it's that, but might be interesting to verify.
  4. If for any reason it doesnt work with winrar or 7zip, there is an exe in the windoes cd, unpack.exe if im not mistaken, you can use it from command line and it will extract the file specified.
  5. I find it wierd that the icons text font is not the same, normally it should always stay the same (at least it does with other icon sizes).... Ionno if that can help someone find the problem. And on a side note, where did u get that wallpaper? It looks awesome...
  6. kotarel


    What kind of errors? I think we need screenshots or detailed information.
  7. I did reboot. Going to try it in a virtual machine with Win Xp Home to see if it has something to do with it. Then I will install NOD32 and check if it crashes the VM. EDIT: After a couple of tests, without NOD32 and without Zonealarm installed, and rebooting 1 or 2 times, it works. I guess a quick workaround would be to use it in a VM, but not everybody can afford to use their ram like that. So if you want to be able to use it right now, I would say uninstall your anti-virus and firewall, but who wants to do that...
  8. I'm using NOD32. So what should I do, disable it while using vLite? Or do I have to uninstall it temporarly? EDIT: Tried disabling the scanning modules, still get a BSoD... SECOND EDIT: Tried uninstalling NOD32, still BSoD, tried without firewall (zonealarm), still BSoD... Would it have something to do with the windows file protection? I am running Win Xp Home Sp2 fully patched.
  9. When I copy the files of vista ultimate from vLite, after it scans them and I select which vista OS it is (vista ultimate), it scans (or whatever it is doing at that point) for about 5-10 secs then I get a BSoD.... Can anyone help figure out whats wrong? It wasn't doing that before... I'm new this this forum, don't be harsh =o!

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