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  1. I'm not very familiar with EMC but I do have experience with HP San. Sounds to me like the issue is a misconfigured SAN. I would re-configure the san to show volumes to specific systems. I think this is called "Selective Presentation" Via the WWID, each data path to a disk should get a unique identifier. This allows dual redundancy. For windows os's, a required 'secure way' product was required on the server side. 'Secure way' ensured the server side 'pathing' information didn't step on itself. From the san side, it was done via the controller. We had setup with 2 switches, dual HBA's in each host, and dual fibre controllers on the shelf, so disk actually had 8 data paths. By configuring the Controllers with selective presentation, we had several Microsoft Systems sharing the San with 6 Alpha OpenVMS systems. Some disks were presented to the MS Servers, and most the VMS systems. This configuration allowed for life to continue if a switch failed, a controller failed, a fibre cable was damaged, etc. Dual redundancy all the way! In summary, I would control what disks are presented to what systems. When needing to configure a new system, I would go to the san and 'present' the disk with your PE Images as well as the disk you want to install from. By the way - we indeed setup the both VMS and Windows servers to 'Boot' from the San. that was a previous life... The Nets Edge
  2. One other thing just occurred to me. When opening 'my computer' I had issue where I had to wait like 30seconds to a minute before it would populate. The solution was to stop and disable the "Windows Image Acquisition" service. No idea why it worked, but it did. go figure. The Nets Edge
  3. I would suggest Downloading PortReporter and PRParser from technet. PortReporter installs as a service. when started it logs detailed activity about tcpip connections and ports. Install, start the service, fire IE when not connected to your network. Open another web page. Close IE, then stop the service. Next, fire the PRParser and see what was 'accessed' The other thing I would try is 'HiJackThis.exe' to look for registry entries, bho's etc. Let me know if that works for you. The Nets Edge
  4. :First thing is to find that recovery partition and learn how to start the recovery process. If you ever format the drive, that option will be forever lost! I don't know what your OEM is, but I've been making nLite'd disks for DELL's using my copied DELL OEM XPPro disk for over a yr now. " ============================================= The PC is an IBM Netvista (have 2 of them)- I access the Recovery partition by hitting f11 during POST. Windows can 'see' the partition, but that's it. Has a hidden flag. As you can see by the attachment, all I can do is 'Delete' the partition. I have a copy of Norton Ghost 9 (legit) - which made a 'good' image of the C: partition (it can't see the recovery partition, either) accross my network to another PC. I was able to selectively restore files. Haven't tried the complete restore yet. Also, I haven't tried yet, but am planning on burning to DVD (2 dvd set) the new installation and testing. I have no plans to 'torgue' with the partition table, although, I did find a licensed copy of Partition Magic amongst my software collection. It seems as long as I leave the partition alone, I will always be able to press f11 to access it and restore. My concern isn't as much 'formatting the drive' - rather a hard drive failure will cause me to purchase a NEW OS as well. I don't think I'll notice the difference between 39gb and 40gb so I'll leave it alone. My concern is also the amount of time it takes to 'recover' patch sp2 patch patch patch....re-install software...etc. That is why I went with Ghost. Now it looks like it will be merely a 2hour recovery. The Net's Edge
  5. Update - I read the unattended section and it won't work for me. I don't have a disk, and cannot see/alter the Recovery Partition - other than delete it. I dl'ed NTI's Drive Backup trial- made a good image backup (2 - dvd's) When I tried to 'recover' with the bootable DVD's, all went well till it tried to rewrite the partition table (at 86%) and locked up. Tried 3 times. Had to use the built in recovery partition and reload all the patches via win update. I have purchased partition magic and ghost 9 in the past. I may try ghost next. Still looking for other idea's... The Nets Edge (part of the Lunatic Fringe)
  6. I seem to remember a security tool that showed the 'true' state of security - sorry don't remember the program name (ran on xp pro though) (ie password requirements, etc) Had a similar gig when I had several PC's and automated processes running. The it guys came up with a new policy requiring password length 10 characters. It broke all kinds of things. Finally found the tool and was able to fix it. Hope that can put you on the road to repair. The Nets Edge disclaimer - I take no responsibility for you breaking the new Rules of HHS
  7. Consisdered Norton Ghost (v12) but 'Emergency Recovery' requires 512mb ram. (I have 512, but manual specifically mentions shared video memory makes ram less than 512, and ER Boot disk may not function.) Considering NTI Backup Now 4.0 (www.ntius.com) haven't seen acronis will look... The Nets Edge
  8. I found this information in the following directory for WIN XP PRO: C:\Support\Tools you'll have to run setup in that directory and install, or - you can use Winzip to extract the individual files manually (as the installer may not start/run correctly. Not sure if it will run on other op's (xp home or vista) The Nets Edge The Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, Msicuu.exe, deletes the configuration data that Windows Installer maintains for a product that it installed, including directories, files, registry subkeys, and registry entries. You can use Msicuu to remove the remnants of a corrupted Windows Installer installation that prevents you from installing a product correctly. Msicuu provides a dialog box from which you select a Windows Installer installation and execute the command. This method is safer than using Windows Installer Zapper (Msizap.exe), a command-line Windows Installer tool that offers potentially damaging configuation options. Msicuu is designed to be used only when conventional methods of repairing or removing an installation have failed. Before using Msicuu, use Add or Remove Programs to remove or repair the installation. Caution Msicuu can delete installation data that is required by the system. Products installed by Windows Installer might not operate properly after using this tool. You can use Msicuu to correct the following installation failures. A Windows Installer installation, uninstallation, or rollback is interrupted or fails unpredictably. Because the installation did not complete successfully, Windows Installer will not uninstall or reinstall the program, or install any another programs. Registry entries for a product have been deleted or changed, damaging the operation of the products and preventing you from uninstalling or reinstalling the product. Multiple instances of a setup program are running simultaneously, or an instance of a setup program cannot run. Concepts Windows Installer manages the installation and removal of applications on Windows 2000 and Windows XP Professional. Typically, these installations conclude successfully, or are successfully reversed ("rolled back") or repaired. However, in rare situations, an installation, a rollback, or an uninstallation fails, leaving installation files and registry entries that would otherwise be removed. As long as these objects remain on the system, Windows Installer considers the installation to be active and incomplete. Because Windows Installer conducts only one installation at a time, it will not start an installation until all indicators of the active installation are removed. You can use Msicuu to delete the configuration data remaining from a failed installation, thus allowing you to reinstall the product. System Requirements Msicuu runs on Windows 2000 and Windows XP Professional. The user must be a member of the Adminstrators group on the computer. Msicuu affects only the local computer. You cannot use it to manage a remote computer. Files Required Msicuu.exe Msizap.exe
  9. My PC is a NetVista w/ Win XP (no sp2) It did not come with a cd- It does, however, have a hidden partition labeled "IBM_Service" (accessed by F11 during boot) Size is 973mb Fat32 Disk Management will only let me delete the partition. I would like to make it visable, and assign drive letter F: So I Can go about making an Unattended Installation with: Original Config Integrate 18 (ish Patches) Service Pack 2 79 Patches (to date! Not counting IE7 and patches) How can I flip the visibility flag on this without deleting the data there. I am concerned as warranty has expired, and, if HD fails, I am on the hook for a new Operating System! Thanks The Nets Edge
  10. I'd kill for only 39 updates. My last F/R went like like this: No cd - my NetVista has a 'hidden partition' with restore program - about 993 meg - fat32 Format C: (fat 32) re-install winxp (sp 1?) after first boot, convert filesystem to ntfs Windows update - 19 patches (before being offered sp2) Windows update SP2 Windows update - 80 freakin patches!!!! (79critical if I nix ie 7) Whole process took 12 hours - Still needed to re-install scanner drivers and software... Kinda funny when I think back about it... The Nets Edge
  11. Ok - here is your answer - but you won't like it. Streaming video is by definition - streaming - not easily copied. Often it is often 'protected' so as to prevent copying. Use 2 pc's - both with video capture - ATI All in Wonder boards work well for this. On pc 1 - view the stream full screen - turn on 'TV OUTPUT' - rather than viewing pc 1 on a tv set the out to the Video In of PC 2's ATI All in Wonder On PC2, start a video capture. The Nets Edge **disclaimer - PC2 can be replaced with a vcr / dvr. Step one - view the stream on PC and record to vcr/dvr. Step 2 - play the vcr/dvr recording on video to PC and capture... I have actually done this and it does work...
  12. Yes - you could write a script. Anyone have any recommendations for a good book on VB Scripting in OFFICE? The Nets Edge
  13. Actually BUY OFFICE 2003 AND then INSTALL IT. The Nets Edge he he he he he
  14. When adding the IDE hard drive, you need to make sure that the CD-rom is jumpered to indicate it is the 'slave' and the hard drive is jumpered to indicate 'master with slave present' jumpers are little black (normally) pieces of plastic with metal inside, acting like a switch. You should also verify during POST (power on self test) that the hard drive is being detected correctly. You may have to enter 'setup' during post and make changes (set ide drives to 'auto-detect' is best) You may also need to 'turn off the commercial' or 'show diagnostic info during post' not sure what your pc may call it. Hope that works for you. The Nets Edge
  15. Sounds like you are confusing System Restore with Format/Restore System Restore should restore the registry to before Acrobat 7 was installed. (if it wasn't disabled.) found the attached script on technet... run it by saving it to your hard drive , (like c:\temp) and typing: start -> run -> cmd.exe cd \temp ren srwmi.txt;srwmi.vbs srwmi /rpenum keep clicking ok, and watching the date, timestamp. When you get near the time/date you installed Acro 7, write down the last entry number. when back at dos prompt, type srwmi /restore ### (where ### is the last restore point number you saw date/timestamped before the acro 7 install) good luck The Nets Edge disclaimer: this will only work if system restore has been 'auto running' and not disabled. Also requires wmi... had to add the rename step...forum wouldn't let me upload a file with '.vbs' extension...go figure to whomever said 'write a script': Why write a script when you can 'borrow' one much more quickly !?! srwmi.txt
  16. Not sure running a PC in Safe Mode is really running the pc...but... Are you using Active Directory? Can't you lock down the pc with 1 user name (+administrator) with tight passwords, and permit *ONLY* AD logons? (you can also disassemble the keyboard and remove the contacts on the F8 key...) The Nets Edge
  17. Couldn't you set 'home' and 'laptop' to 'leave messages on server' When sending replies, copy yourself. When you log in to Work PC, you should receive original email, and copy of the response for reference. The Nets Edge

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