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  1. hi, i have installed server 2012 r2 and created domain. i am unable to install printer at all, tried with usb, network and com port also, tried services.msc dependencies settings also, still error occurs
  2. Hi, use windows 8 32 bit as base then combine all images into one install.wim then create iso using ultra iso.
  3. hi, please reply to my question asap how to upgrade server 2012 to server 2012 R2 without formating? i have installed server 2012 standard evaluation version & purchased license copy of server r2 with 10 cal's formatting will be headache because lots of softwares installed like personal & sql & sap. please it's urgent. thanks in advance
  4. Hi, I am getting random BSOD in Win 8.1 Ent 64 Bit My Config Was : C2D 2.93 GHz 4GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM 500x2 SATA HDD 2 GB GT430 Graphics 32" LED I have attached Error Snap. Please tell me how to get rid of this? Thanx
  5. hi, just use win 8 boot.wim and windows 8 (32 bit) dvd source instead of win 7 boot.wim and windows 7 source. simple. okay.
  6. hi, How to Create Windows 7 & 8 Aio ISO CREATED WIN7 & 8 AIO DVD SUCCESSFULLY
  7. hi, i want to know how to combine multiple autounattend.xml into single xml. i m using rt seven lite 2.6,0 beta. want to create 7 aio with unattended install. help!
  8. edit smss.exe located in your xp cd\i386\system32
  9. spwizimg.dll placed in sources folder, boot.wim and install.wim
  10. hi all, i want to change 7 setup background. replaced "background_cli.bmp" and replaced images in "imageres.dll" working up to "setup is starting" default background appears on "os selection" and till setup complete! how to solve this. screenshots attached. please help!
  11. hello! i m just asking here ! i already done exchange 2003 & 2007 for one of my client! for now this is a client OS! so that's why i am asking for alternatives!
  12. sure! both! for personal use only!
  13. hi, i have my personal domain with web mail. i have 17 users which have a mail account on my domain. now i want to download mail in my local lan system server and distribute them to local network user ( like linux server). kerio will do this for me? or any other? please suggest to me. any freeware software's available ? thnx in advance!
  14. hi, i received an error while running "dcdiag /test:dns" command. here i attach log file of error. please reply to me with your suggestions. i am so confused. after checking some dns options and changed them here attachment of 2nd error log. dns error.txt dns error 2nd.txt
  15. thanks i'll check it n replying with results!
  16. hi all, i had a problem in server 2008 r2 small small network group. few days ago there is a problem in server. server is not access by name,only by ip address. so if any system is down and if format compulsory rejoining domain done by full domain name and not by user who created as domain users,only by administrator of server can join any pc to domain. (note : after format if we need to rejoin domain we follow this steps. first right click my computer > properties. then computer name > change > select domain option > enter domain name > click ok. by clicking ok promp displayed for username and password. here i have to enter server's administrator user and password only can rejoin that pc to domain, if i entered domain user and password it errors access denied.) now this problem is bigger and domain can not rejoin any pc or new pc. it will accessed by name and ip address both of them, older users who already joined to domain can access and login to server but new or rejoin is not possible. here i attached snap of error. i am confused because of server has lots of user permissions applied and if need to reconfigure it'll be headache to me..... please reply to me what to do now .!!!!!!!
  17. thank u :thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup
  18. I already Checked. it is not displaying any error or warning in event viewer. any other suggestions??????????????
  19. Hi, My pc has problem. installed windows xp pentium-d 2.66 ghz 512 mb ddr1 transcend ram onboard 865 graphics problem is my pc starts ok but after sometime (means 1 or 2 or more hrs) pc suddenly comes to black screen and keyboard hangs. after this i have to reset pc by pressing reset button. what's the problem? suggest me what to do? change smps? or change ram? or fresh install xp? or change monitor?
  20. please upload ur file again and post download link.... thanks in advance.

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