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  1. I'm trying to integrate HP (Broadcom) iSCSI mass storage drivers on a Windows 2003 disk. I can get them to integrate fine, but it doesn't seem to be working properly (BSOD on CD bootup). So I looked into the files a bit more and noticed this in the txtsetup.oem file: wdfldr = "Install 1st: MS Windows wdfldr" wdf01000 = "Install 2nd: MS Windows wdf01000" bxvbdx = "Install 3rd: HP NC382 Virtual Bus Driver" bxois = "Load 4th: Broadcom iSCSI Driver" Not sure how Windows loads stuff but could it be loading these out of order which is causing the issue? Any ideas? I've attached the .oem and .inf files in case anyone wants to look at them. x86.zip
  2. I can't help but shake my head when people say they are using windows 98se. I can understand if you have it running on a old computer for computer games or things like that, but if you are using UE on it it makes me wonder if it isn't the primary computer... I mean comeon people, its been out of support for 3 years and is over 10 years old.... I'd rather see the program develop on current OSes instead of spending time making it work on 98se, which is a waste of time IMHO.
  3. Is there a program out there, besides Nlite/Vlite or driverpacks.net, that makes it very simple to integrate specific, user selectable, mass storage drivers onto a Windows XP and/or Windows 2003? Just trying to see if there are other options out there that I don't know about.
  4. Double check the hard drive connector to make sure that they are good and connected. Try cycling the power (turning off the computer and unplugging it). If you have another computer try putting it in there and seeing if it works. Otherwise you could very well be out of luck. Oh, another idea, does the hard drive even spin up? Does it make any noises?
  5. Well, if someone tried to use floppies to copy 700GBs of movies, well that is really sad... It'd be cheaper to buy a super computer... lol
  6. Well I don't see what Jesus has to do with it... But now that you mentioned Him, He probably could have just memorized it all..
  7. Unfortunatly no... this doesn't work... I've tried it...Gmail server ops will freeze your account after ~1.5GB (for "unusual activity") and will be inaccessable for ~3days Not surprising.... But since you pointed that out... I'm betting that divshare.com would figure out that you have 140 accounts and lock you out.. lol 700GB of stuff huh? Sheesh, what have you got... I suppose I have quite a bit too though... I like to backup my computers games to the computer in case the CDs break... At least I used to, now I don't like doing that because it is so time and space consuming... My wife is a photographer so we have 150GBs of pictures and thats with backing up the pictures on a DVD and deleting them after a job (well, several months after a job)...
  8. Thats the reason I use three hard drives instead of just one big one. If I have a problem I can just transfer the data to another drive... Anyway... I understand the money issue, but what choice do you have? Do you risk losing all your data or bite the bullet and get a new drive... So you have 700GBs of data? Hmm, well if you are like me you could probably trim that down a bit and if that is the case why not go for a 500GB drive, they have nice western digitals going for $70 and free shipping at Newegg, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16822136073 Or they have a 640GB for $85... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16822136218 Edit: Having a second hard drive is *always* useful... As is shown in your situation... If you had a second hard drive you could backup your stuff to it Edit2: I'm not much of a fan of Samsung products as almost all the ones I have owned suck... I had a Samsung hard drive 4 years ago that crapped out on me after not too long, and a DVD player that cost a good amount that doesn't work well... And I've heard of lots of issues with Samsung hard drives... But maybe thats just me
  9. I have to say that the best idea is to buy a new hard drive and RMA the old one... I recently had a drive go bad and I just bought a new one... Just a 250gb so as of yet I haven't bothered with a RMA, since they are so cheap....
  10. Hey, thanks for this awesome tool... Thought I would try to help out a bit and mention that a new Office 2003 update has been released... Heres the info: Update for Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 (KB953432) http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;DisplayLang=en And one more... Update for Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB953465) http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;DisplayLang=en
  11. Does anyone know how to get rid of some of the start menu links that MS puts in a newly installed XP by default? For instance... I don't want the Microsoft Update, Set Program Access and Defaults, Windows Catalog, Outlook Express, Remote Assistance and Windows Movie Maker links to show up in the start menu all programs for new windows installs... It just gives me 6 links to delete on all the computers I roll out... I tried looking at registry tweak site but couldn't find anything... I can't use Nlite (if it can do this, not sure) because it is for a corporate CD... So do I have any "simple" options? Thanks
  12. I got the same fan on my cpu... Sorry no pictures but heres what I got... Intel e8400 Wolfdale 6MB cache running at 3.0Ghz (thinking about OCing it) Evga 780i SLI Mobo CORSAIR XMS2 DHX 4GB (2 x 2GB) MSI 8800GTS (G92) 512M Factory OCed SILVERSTONE OP850 850W (wanted the ability to do SLI in the future) Thermaltake Tsunami Black Aluminum with two 120mm fans and a 90mm side fan Pioneer DVDRW DVR-112D Samgsun DVDRW 3 250GB WD Caviars (no raid... One for installations like games, apps, windows, etc.. plus most of my documents, another for pictures - my wife is a photographer - and another for music and larger install files like downloads from Direct2Drive and such...) I think that about sums it up... Oh and a 3Com wireless card, I would prefer wired but it doesn't work in my apartment...
  13. Yeah ECC is not all that great, at least from what I've seen. And most desktop Mobos do not support it. Nice rig though I would have gone with a slightly more powerful PSU considering you have the 4 drives and a GTX video card...
  14. I want a video card with 512GB of RAM!!!! Honestly, it could be any number of things. You may want to check that you also have the latest chipset drivers. Does your case have adequate cooling? And lastly, are you using a quality power supply with enough juice for the system? Oppies... Typo.. I too would like a video card like that... I spent a lot of money for my PSU so I should hope it is enough... Its either a 750 or 800 watt with one 60+amp rail... As far as I know that is more than enough. And from what I've seen Silverstone is pretty good for quality. I think it has enough cooling, a 120mm in the back and the front and a 90mm on the side with a 120mm on the PSU. I'll check the chipset drivers, but I think they are the latest.
  15. Wanted to get another opinion on this... I recently built a new PC... EVGA 780SLI, Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale, CORSAIR XMS2 DHX 4GB, MSI 8800GTS 512MB, 750Watt Silverstone PSU... It has been working fine for a month, but recently I started having some video problems.. The first was when I was playing BF 2142... The screen all of a sudden went all funky and there was three images of what I should have been seeing on the top of the monitor... Then around a week later I was playing Age of Conan and all of a sudden the monitor went purple. I thought maybe the cables were loose or something so I played around with them but the screen wouldn't come back until I restarted... Then just a couple days ago the monitor just went gray and I had to restart... This time I opened the computer up to make sure that the video card was properly seated and it seemed to be... With some of these problems I had windows pop up with a error box once I restarted saying i had a serious system error and it said it was the video card's drivers.. So I went and updated the drivers... I hadn't had a problem yet, but that was only Sunday night that I updated the drivers... Anyone else have a problem like this? I don't want to send the card back, but I do get a 1 year replacement through Newegg... Just want to be sure I've covered my bases before I send it back though. Thanks
  16. I know this topic is a little old, but I haven't been able to try this until now... Anyway I have the Support Tools installed and went to Active Directory Users and Computer... I can see all of the computers and the fields are Name Type and Description. Type can't be changed, description isn't what I'm looking for and name is the name of the computer, changing that isn't what I want either. I've looked high and low and can't seem to find how to change the way the name is ordered... By default when a new computer is added onto the network it uses the computer name when you look for it in network connections under the domain. However we have several computer where instead of the computer name the other IT guy somehow figured out how to put the name of the primary user, and then put the computer name in () or in the comments section. Any ideas?
  17. Hi, nice to meet you too!
  18. Awesome! Thanks... I really did search to, but I didn't find that. Maybe I should have added Raid instead of SATA...
  19. Okay so maybe this is kinda a dumb question but I'm not finding any simple way to do this... I am in a corporate environment and we have several HP servers.. We always buy Server 2003 separate from the servers and create our own disc to install the OS. I haven't had any problems since I have been using the mass storage driverpacks, but then we decided to try installing x64 and I find that the driver packs don't support that... Is there any easy way to add about a dozen mass storage drivers for the text based setup portion? I would use nLite but that isn't supposed to be used in a corporate environment... Though I am only interested in the mass storage driver integration... Any ideas? All the things I am seeing so far involves lots of manual editing... I just wish it was as easy as added other drivers with winnt.sif...
  20. Are you using 2003 or 2003 R2? Maybe my problem is using the R2 edition... I'll try it with the standard and get back to you.
  21. I tried this using a XP SP2 file and it gets to the blue setup screen but then stalls before entering completely...
  22. Just thought I would put a little something here... First off I've found this posting which shows some promise: Link. Not sure if they'll figure it out though, and in order to read that you'll have to create a free account. Anyway it would be nice if someone could find or figure out how to edit the boot loader without Server 2003 SP2 saying it is corrupt. I sure would like to be able to multiboot with this OS... If I knew more about with I would try to figure it out, but I'm not a programmer.
  23. Any one have a answer to this? I'm getting the NTLDR corrupt problem trying to use the 2003 SP2 version...

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