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  1. LOL...this thread reminds me of the movie "Thank You For Smoking."

    introducing new software is one thing, selling it is another...but its worse than that. You're bragging about a product that no one can evaluate for ourselves. No one is able to test it for ourselves, no one is able to purchase it, and theres no beta (closed even to a few people) that are able to try it to substantiate your claims.

    i personally don't understand how this thread got so big, i would have locked it or deleted it after the first few posts :P luckily for you the mods here are nice.

    but i guess it does provide some entertainment lol

  2. i miss the old adaware se pro heh. this new 2007 sits in memory 24/7, seems a little buggy at times with the gui. overall i'm dissapointed, been looking for a alternative because i don't need realtime protection with that kind of resource use.

  3. Azureus uses Java, which sucks. BitComet is awesome. I know uTorrent has a bit more customizability, but I'd choose the ability to download the files in the torrents s higher priority than being able to choose which columns are visible in the main GUI. I could never get uTorrent to download anything as well as BitComet does. I've grabbed countless movies, tv shows, albums, programs with BitComet over the past 6 months. So as for casting it out into the cold just because there's some other program that's a single EXE, it sleeps at the end of my digital bed. :P

    utorrent is deffinately my favorite. its feature packed, without being a resource hog like the rest. you can download 1 or all files inside a torrent, not sure where you got the idea that you have to download everything jeremy. just have to dig into the settings, more to customizing it than just a skin and gui window placements.

    i used to use kazaa lite ++ way back in the day, tried bearshare for a while..wasn't bad (decent speed and not many fake files). using limewire pro now, its not horrible but i do find alot of fake files lately. i've been thinking of trying out something new like emule or such but i all these clients end up shutdown or crippled eventually.

    torrents are the most reliable, i hardly ever use anything else now unless its for something small that i want real quick.

    P.S. i realize i quoted you from a year ago jeremy, i just read this thread from start to finish, no offense :P

  4. i'd personally wait until the pci-e 2.0 comes out, but only for a price break on the pci-e 1.0, thats my plan atleast. seeing $100 drop in a few months on something i intend to use for a few years sucks lol. a video card like that is solid, and if you go the dual video card route, you can get even more life out of that video card.

    the new x38 motherboards won't be out for a month or two, and they will support both nvida and ati so you don't have to "pick and choose" your chipset which is great.

    wait it out, i think you'd be more satisfied :)

  5. I personally liked this one better than the second one. However i think that they went over board (again) with the shaky camera effect. I realize that they want you to "feel" like you're in the action but theres not much action involved in pacing back and forth in a office, or talking on the phone. Don't get me wrong, i do like the concept but i feel it was excessive. i like TV series like the shield on fx, i think they have a much easier to watch feel. I'm not epileptic but after watching Bourne supremacy/ultimatum i feel like i might be ;)

    The first movie had the best camera angles and panning IMO. if they went through and edited the second and third movie to give it a "steady cam" feel i think they'd sell a bunch more DVDs when they come out :P

  6. AMI BIOS Beep Codes

    *Computer gives 1 short beep when system boots successfully.

    *Except for beep code 8, these codes are always fatal.

    1 beep Refresh failure

    2 beeps Parity error

    3 beeps Base 64K memory failure

    4 beeps Timer not operational

    5 beeps Processor error

    6 beeps 8042 - gate A20 failure

    7 beeps Processor exception interrupt error

    8 beeps Display memory read/write failure

    9 beeps ROM checksum error

    10 beeps CMOS shutdown register read/write error

    11 beeps Cache memory bad

    AWARD BIOS Beep Codes

    1 short: System boots successfully

    2 short: CMOS setting error

    1 long 1 short: DRAM or M/B error

    1 long 2 short: Monitor or display card error

    1 long 3 short: Keyboard error

    1 long 9 short: BIOS ROM error

    Continuous long beeps: DRAM error

    Continuous short beeps: Power error

    heres the beeps from your manual that i downloaded off of gigabyte's site. i'd double check to make sure the dimm's are seated properly. sometimes it takes more force than you're comfortable with pushing to get them in the first time, but just be gentle. normally the clips clip themselves when they are seated well.

  7. Sometimes even if you research ASUS can still be blamed. ASUS has a cock up around the time they manufactured the P5LD2 motherboards and there is a known issue floating around the internet that some boards won't complete their POST due to something with the USB controller. The thing that makes it even more frustrating is that no one has found a way to pinpoint the exact cause, eventually resorting to simply swapping the motherboard for a new one. At a two hundred something price tag, the P5LD2 was no cheap. ASUS is bound to be held accountable for things like that.

    when i say research i also mean to imply to not be the first one to "test" new products. if you know that a specific mother board has various problems (failing to post because of a faulty usb controller for example ;) ) then stay away from it. i always research the latest chipsets available then from there i check out different brands and models. all manufacturers have quality control issues, even the best suffer from the same shipping/storage/user error. i was just stating that asus has been good to me (more so than other brands) and its always better to let the other guy do the "testing" for you on the new and improved uber $300 board. :D

  8. yeah i checked both wmp tools>options to make sure the associations were correct and foler option file types in explorer. both were fine, unregistering the wmpshell.dll was the problem.

    on a side note, i think the custom registry tweaks get dumped when re-registry adding the dll. i had to bug boooggy for a reg file to get them back to normal.

  9. just recently i was screwing around with some tweaks and i unregistered windows media player 11 shell extension with

    regsvr32 /u wmpshell.dll

    now when i try to open a video file (i only use wmp 11 for video file types) it always gives me the open with selection window even tho the file types are set to open with wmp by default and have the icon associated with it.

    i've restored the file types to default through both wmp and through explorer with folder options.

    anyone help would certainly be appreciated!

    edit: nm, just re registered it with (had to use full path: regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\wmpshell.dll) however it seems like i lost all of boooggy's wmp 11 tweaks now.

  10. i have had bad luck with biostar, gigabyte, a few msi's, some others...but i've always had good luck with asus boards. shipping conditions, user error, installation, things like that have a big part in faulty motherboards. 1 out of 10 rma's for asus boards...that would be horrible business for asus, i think thats a stretch of bad luck there or some install issues.

    i've ran this asus p4pe overclocked from 2.4ghz to 3ghz since 2003ish i think, and i've never had a problem with it. it just depends on what you're buying. do some research on chipsets, controllers, etc before buying. if you are "unsure" of what you have then i wouldn't go blaming the manufacturer.

    i've always recommended and used asus boards for my clients. never had any complaints ;)

  11. Originally Posted by Computer Guru @ Neowin

    The technical explanation is that in the Win32 API, tooltips are coded to have HWND_TOPMOST as their z-index - meaning that they are on top of everything.

    However, due to a series (many) (obvious) bugs and miscodings in the Windows Shell, when you perform certain actions with dialogs and Windows that are supposed to appear above current windows (like the context menu when you right click the start menu items) end up coming even above the HWND_TOPMOST entries as well - that's not supposed to happen.

    Then it seems (from here on in, i'm only guessing based on what i can see) that the parent window/dialog (in this case, the start menu, then the taskbar) inherits the window status when the child is closed, and keeps it.

    Think of it like Dominoes. The first window is made topmost - no problem. as it closes, it's parent takes that z-index. then its parent, and the next, and the next - until you end up with something in the same x-y plane as a HWND_TOPMOST item, and it ends up with a lower z-index; therefore obscuring that item from view.

    Basically, it is something that could be avoided by properly handing off z-indexes and keeping these always under HWND_TOPMOST items.

    Only the people with Windows' source code or those that have reverse-engineered Windows can actually patch it; so ToolTipFixer runs in the background (as a service) and intercepts calls for HWND_TOPMOST to circumvent the bug. It runs as a service for minimal impact on performance (Start | Run | Services.msc | NST ToolTip Fixer) and for persistence across user-sessions.

    ^ response from the author to better describe the program. net 2.0 is required, 2.6mb memory usage, but a easy trade-off imo to not be annoyed with the tooltip bug and having to click a script everytime it happens.

  12. if you don't start with ntfs you won't have dynamic disk support.

    Windows XP Professional supports two types of disk storage: basic and dynamic. Basic disk storage uses partition-oriented disks. A basic disk contains basic volumes (primary partitions, extended partitions, and logical drives).

    Dynamic disk storage uses volume-oriented disks, and includes features that basic disks do not, such as the ability to create volumes that span multiple disks (spanned and striped volumes).

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