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  1. @Xeno86 In addition to the problem I encountered with Yahoo Messenger 9, I would also like to report that I still have problems using Flash 10. I followed the instructions given here on how to install it and it does get installed without any hitches. However when I start browsing the net (I use Fire Fox 3), it will crash, and an error message will appear, saying that Fire Fox had an error involving "dumping" or something like that. I'm very sorry, I wasn't able to write it down. Would it help if I install another patch to help address this problem? Right now, my rig only has KernelEX RC4, Root Certificate update, Shell98, and the latest unofficial security patch. Hope you can help me. Thanks!
  2. Well, I have just answered my own question. Yahoo Messenger 9 (YM9) wouldn't work in Win98Se even with KernelEX RC2. Whenever I tried installing YM9, a Windows installer message box would first pop-up informing me about a "wrong path" or something like that (Sorry, I wasn't able to write it down). But then, I would click on "OK" then installation would continue but, it will then inform me that the YUI.dll is linked to a missing Shell32.dll: SHCreateDirectory.Exw (yeah, this one, I was able to write down), hence, YM9 won't run. I tried to use the Kernel compatibility tab but it still won't work. Don't know if I missed something in the whole process or this really needs some fixing from Xeno. Anyway Xeno, hope you can look into this. Thanks!
  3. Has anyone tried the latest Yahoo Messenger 9 (YM9)? In the earlier page of this thread, it was posted that the Beta version of YM9 doesn't even install.
  4. Just want to inquire if anyone has tried using Yahoo Messenger 9 using KernelEX RC2. I read in another thread that the Beta version doesn't install at all. I'm wondering if the latest YM9 version would work this time. The old version of YM could not connect with the YM9 version anymore when it comes to video (webcam) chatting.
  5. I do encounter some problems with FireFox 3 (using KernelEX v3.6) in my PC, particularly when I browse the website http://www.gmanews.tv. This site has this section "news in pictures" where several pictures are flashed (slide show presentation) one after the other with a caption on the bottom to describe what the picture is all about. With FF3 + KernelEX, the captions won't show, although the pictures will proceed normally in it's slide show mode. Don't know why FF3 behaves this way. I once tried using the latest Opera and it presents the slide show in the gmanews website the way it should be however, Opera has become a resource hog in Win98SE that's why I don't use it anymore. Not sure if this problem is caused by Flash 9 when combined with FF3.
  6. @gpatrick Hmm...do you mean, changing the version number of windows in the registry? If I have the correct assumption, then this is the same registry trick taught by Tihiy to make Flashplayer 10 work in Win98SE which, unfortunately, wouldn't work for me for some reason. Firefox would keep crashing on me with Flashplayer 10 installed. I told Tihiy about it and he too couldn't understand it either. Anyway, I'll try this trick for Firefox 3.0.5. By the way, if you're referring to another registry trick, please do post it here when you find it so I can try it out too. Thanks! And one more thing, I see you're having problems with Shockwave 11. I suggest that you install shockwave 11, then search for the file gdiplus.dll in your system then copy-paste it in the c:windows/system/adobe/shockwave folder. Then visit the flash/shockwave testing page of the Adobe website to see if it works. It worked for me.
  7. Just want to mention here, Firefox 3.0.5 could not be installed even if KernelEx (v3.6) is installed. Whenever I try to run the installer, it will report back that it requires a newer version of windows like Windows 2000. Firefox 3 and 3.1 would run just fine with KernelEX. Just don't know if things will be different if I used the Kernel 3.6a. Haven't tried it yet.
  8. Yup! Flash 10 won't work even with Kernel installed. Tihiy however has a work-around regarding this and it involves doing some tweaks in the registry. I tried doing it while using Firefox 3 but Firefox would crash on me. The same thing happens with Sea Monkey (oh, I forgot, they are practically running on the same base program! hehe) I told him about it but he too found it odd since it worked with him. I just don't know if he has other patches installed in his rig that I don't that's why Flash 10 works with him and not with me. I tried using Opera 6 and Flash 10 worked unfortunately, Opera 6 eats up a big chunk of my system resources that's why I stopped using it in win98. Shockwave 11 works though, but it will require some minor tweaks as well.
  9. I already have Kernel EX 3.6 installed, along with the latest accumulated security update and root. If I'm going to install WUPG98, should I uninstall Kernel Ex first and the other updates? Or can I just install this over Kernel and the other updates?
  10. @Xeno86 I tried it already but it didn't work. Anyway, I tried browsing the net in search for solutions and I came across this OO3 issue that affects XP and Linux. It's about "document recovery loop" and the symptoms seems to be the same as the one I'm experiencing. The solution it offered involves the deletion of the "recovery.xcu" file. They showed this path to get to this "recovery.xcu" file: Documents and settings/<user>/Application data/Openoffice.org2/user/registry/data/org/openoffice/Office/Recovery.xcu. However, this is in XP. What's the equivalent path in Win98SE?
  11. I installed Kernel EX and was able to successfully install OO 3! However, something funny happened. It ran without hitches the first time I tried it (eg. created a document, opened a docx file, etc.), afterwards, I closed the program. When I tried to open it again, this happened: 1) OO 3 only opened up to the point where it will make you choose what do (eg. open a file, create a document, create a worksheet, etc). When I click on the icon of my choice, the icon would behave normally (it will react like it was pressed) but then nothing will happen after it. No document will be created. 2) After that, I closed OO3 and then I tried opening the "Writer" direct from the "start menu" but after a brief display of the hour glass beside the cell pointer, nothing will happen. When I try it again, then a document will be created but it's title is "untitled 2" (it should be untitled 1) and worse is, it has no menus! No icons no drop down menus, nothing!!! Just the rulers on the top and the left side and the "paper" itself! I'm quite stumped really! Has anyone encountered this problem? Any suggestions?
  12. @Offler My PC has a Pentium III 1gig processor, 512mb ram, 80gig HD and a 64mb video card. Will your settings work with my PC? It hangs sometimes when I have several tabs opened simultaneously in Firefox and with Yahoo Messenger running along with it.
  13. @Sfor Just want to ask regarding the Go OO, did you use it on a Win98Se (without KernelEX installed)? And was it able to open docx documents without any problems? I'm just asking it because I noticed that Go OO is based on the Novell Open Office edition and somehow, I was having problems opening docx with it in Win98SE environment. I just don't know if the previously installed Sun Open Office had something to do with it. It's like this, I used to have a Sun OO 2.3 version installed in my PC. Then I uninstalled it to make way for the Novell 2.3. The Novell version could not open the docx file, and it keeps reporting a "read error." I want to hold-off from installing KernelEX (to use the Sun OO version 3) for now because the last time I installed KernelEX (v 3.5), it prevented my games from running properly. I mean, Kernel was able to resolve the Gameguard problem I submitted quite some time ago, but this time, it caused problems in the games itself (like Warcraft and Ragnarok). Anyway, another question of mine would be, when I uninstall Open Office (any version), is there an entry in the registry that I should erase manually so that it would not affect another Open Office version that I would want to install afterwards? Hope you could help me. Thanks!
  14. @Bug_zs You can also try downloading it from www.filehippo.com @RetroOS I really do envy you. I hope you can determine what you did right in your Win98 rig that allowed you to install the June2008 so we can all do it too.
  15. @RetroOS So let me get this straight...I must install .NET Framework 1.1 or 2.0 first to make the Directx 9 June 2008 redistribute to work in my Win98SE machine?
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