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  1. Yes Nlite not covered all the options from TweakUI but you can find a huge list in the section of " Tweak options."
  2. @Alienator Can you please tell me Which files i have to hack. IMO there are some files which are responsible for core installation(?) --- SETUPAPI.DLL, SETUPLDR.DLL, SYSSETUP.DLL, Shell32.DLL. Again In the process after the copying the required files to the HDD, computer restarts and Shell32.dll, Setupapi.dll, sysset.dll in action, so i think i have force the system( these dll's)installer to invoke a dialog box to come out and ask for said location & keep the answer. But i m in dillemma actually which file i have to hack and where? if you have any idea please let me know
  3. @SAkui you can change the default file associations as follws go to folder options (IN tools--> folder options or start-->control panel---> folder options then under the File types Tab select File types i.e File Extension and click change. here you can change.
  4. No reply from anyone till todate I think the problem is not understable. let me describe a bit more. During the installation the windows ask for drive(if more than one drive or partition) where we can choose the drive. And the istaller create three folder in the destination namely "WINDOWS" "Program Files" and "DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS" the Documents and settings is the profile path. we can change the location of this path(not all folders inside of this) after installation by registry tweak. OR we can fixed a drive through NLITE tweaks where entire DOCUMENTS and SETTINGS in the pre defined location(and it is fixed). But I want to change entire Documents and Settings path during the installation. that is during the system installation a dialog box should pop up and ask the location for the "Documents and Settings". Is it possible?? Is there any command through which we mention in the setup.sif/ini/txt file. Or do i have to hack any installation file like "SYSSETUP.DLL"/"SETUPAPI.DLL" or any other file. If yes what is the process and whre? PLEASE REPLY THIS. thnx in adv. ==================== Trere are not any which is IMPOSSIBLe in this world.
  5. Dear Legolash2go Why not you CHECK IT OUT WITH VERSION.DLL or (VERSION.DL_ in installation source) Or you can further try with these functions VerLanguageName Function () The VerLanguageName function retrieves a description string for the language associated with a specified binary Microsoft language identifier. Syntax ... http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms647463.aspx Version Information VerLanguageName. The VerLanguageName function retrieves a description string for the language associated with a specified binary Microsoft language identifier. http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms646981.aspx INFO: How the Accessibility RDK Determines the System Language. ... VOID**)&lpdwTrans, &cbTrans)) { lcidUSER = LOWORD(lpdwTrans[0]); } } // end we got version data LocalFree((HLOCAL)lpVersionData); } VerLanguageName ... http://support.microsoft.com/kb/196787 V Functions (Windows) VerLanguageName VerQueryValue VerSetConditionMask VirtualAlloc VirtualAllocEx VirtualAllocExNuma VirtualFree VirtualFreeEx VirtualLock VirtualProtect VirtualProtectEx http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa383747.aspx Using Version Information If the languages of the files conflict, the installation program should also use VerLanguageName to translate the binary language identifier into a text representation of the language. (For example ... http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms646985.aspx Microsoft Win32 to Microsoft .NET Framework API Map Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft Visual Studio User Education Teams Microsoft Corporation. January 2004. Applies to: Microsoft® .NET Framework version 1.0 or 1.1 http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa302340.aspx Windows NT 3.1 (Windows) VerLanguageName VerQueryValue VirtualAlloc VirtualFree VirtualLock VirtualProtect VirtualProtectEx VirtualQuery VirtualQueryEx VirtualUnlock VkKeyScan WaitCommEvent http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa383752.aspx
  6. help me on the above problem Is there any possibilities to change the local profiles path( X:\Documents and settings\) to user defined path during the windows XP installation.
  7. @ Neo The link for ur file is expired can u upload it again i include here the reply of ur page Sorry, the file you requested is not available. Possible reasons include: - File date limit has expired. - File was not successfully uploaded. Please contact the uploader and ask them to upload the file again. sendspace is not able to help you in this matter.
  8. Interesting Sync. I have also facing some what same problem as by Madhits45. Mine conection is a Bluetoth Link.. recently one month before i Nlited my XP and use this and from then i got the problem which is the conection of Internet automaticaly get DISCONECTED (ranging in 5 minutes to 30 moinutes) and also the bluetooth icon in the systray shown as conected but actually the link with bluetooth device is not active. I ever thought that the problem is in my USB Bluetooth Adapter or remote Device. I had changed my both devices but the problem is still the same. Again the problem is not ocur in the same system with the os not slimstremed by Nlite.
  9. Using Nlite i am able to change the path (in unattended mode) for the local profiles to another drive, but it is constant if again reinstall the OS. So How can i Change the path for the local profile During the time of Installation of Windows XP. (Gui Attended)

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