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  1. I have a working 100% UEFI+CSM Flash drive. Create 2 partitions. 1st with big size in NTFS with bootsect nt60 (activate the partition) and 2nd in fat32 with 1gb in FAT32 with bootsect nt60(doesn't need activation) too. Now create a WINPE and edit with your choices and menus. I've made 2 WINPE. 1 with menu for formatting and installing all windows version(XP to 10) in CSM mode ( normal partitions) and another with menus of formatting and installing windows 8.1 and 10 with UEFI partitions. You will have some work but it will work flawless with this perfect tool WinNTSsetup
  2. Thanks. I've made some changes to my Batch files so, the only thing i need to do it's download the new iso from microsoft
  3. Please can anyone explain me how to update my windows 10 esd? I've add all the version to 1 file, but to update, do I need to download full iso on the Microsoft site and do the same again? Is the new full iso I download updated? Thanks
  4. I've the same problem with Vista
  5. Hi, i found a problem with my script, maybe someone can help me. When i'm on Winpe i must set Windows HDD to T: because When my disks doesn't have partitions, my pendrive is C: But after installing, my windows is installed on T: and not C:. This is my script: %usb%\winntsetup\WinNTSetup_x64.exe NT6 -source:l:\sources\install.wim -WimIndex:1 -syspart:S: -tempdrive:T: -Sysletter:T -setup -reboot Thanks
  6. Guimenez


    I'm taking 30 minutes to backup a new installed machine with dism. Is there any other software I can use to backup? I like savepart but I can make it run in winpe. Maybe I'm missing any optional package
  7. It's ok, i can use a key reader that reads DSDM table key
  8. I've notice that when i apply any Windows UEFI, after reboot it is asking me for a key. If i build a pendrive with Rufus(only 1 windows setup) during setup, it find automatically the key from firmware. Is there any thing i can do to make it work in that mode? Thanks
  9. I will try it ou later and give you the feedback. thanks
  10. Following the fantastic tutorial from Steven(RMPREPUSB), now i can boot to UEFI or CSM with same Pendrive Only missing the sata problem for XP pro
  11. The strange it's the same massstorage driverpack work flawless in XP Home, and the problem it's not the ISO because if i use that iso in the perfect tool too, Easy2Boot that inject the driver too, it works well
  12. Of which we know nothing about. jaclaz Asus P5G41T-M Pentium D 2.4Ghz 4GB DDR III 500GB HardDisk thanks
  13. Another problem My XP Home setup it's 100% but when i try to do the same thing with XP pro, after reboot it says: Insuficient memory for the file ql2200.sys. I've try a new XP pro with SP2 then inject SP3(hoping that was ISO problem) but's giving me the same error Note: i'm using the same PC.
  14. Sorry, i explain me wrong. I'm making about 20 installation in one day, some are UEFI and another CSM. But i've one pendrive with 128GB and i want to put everything there. I will not install XP in UEFI mode (it's not possible), but i want use the same pendrive in any computer that i repair. Hope you understand me now
  15. I'm using Easy2Boot, but because of UEFI, and Easy2Boot it's a little bit complicated when working with that, i'm making my WinPE that will install both, i hope. But thanks for sharing
  16. Yes, the MSSTMake tool will scan the complete folder tree for Sata drivers and WinNTSetup will merge it's output into the new install. There are only a few sata drivers that doesn't work with that method. I plan to address these in Version 4. It just works perfect!!! Man, congratulation for you software, it's amazing the things we can do with it Now i've a WinPE with all windows version to install on any pc Now i will try to find a way to have WinPE working in CSM and UEFI mode at the same time!! Thank you once again for your amazing software.
  17. Thanks, I will decompress the masstorage drivers to my USB and then use this command that i've tried but without decompressed drivers. i will use this: %usb%\WinntSetup\WinNTSetup_x86.exe NT5 -source:l:\ -syspart:C: -tempdrive:c: -setup -reboot -drivers:%usb%\Drivers But it will inject the drivers in textmode to work after reboot to recognize sata? thanks
  18. I'm now making Windows XP setup. Does anyone what is the command to inject the MassStorage drivers from Driverspack? I'm using this command to setup and it works well but without Sata drivers. %usb%\WinntSetup\WinNTSetup_x86.exe NT5 -source:l:\ -syspart:C: -tempdrive:c: -setup -reboot Thank you
  19. if it still not helps, maybe also use this on your recovery volume Just want to thank you for all the help and such a great tool. The code to hide is this: gpt attributes=0x8000000000000001
  20. Could you give more detail about what error is shown. You diskpart option are correct. In WinNTSetup the boot partition should be auto selected to S: and all icons should be green. I just to thank you again, it works flawless with S: I've created a Recovery Partition, Is there any way to hide before first Windows Startup? If i use diskpart on WinPE it only hide on WinPE, but i want to hide in Real Windows. thank you
  21. Could you give more detail about what error is shown. You diskpart option are correct. In WinNTSetup the boot partition should be auto selected to S: and all icons should be green. Thank you for your reply. My boot partition was wrong, i was choosen C: Tomorrow i will try it out. Thank you
  22. Well it is a bit more complex than simply copying a few files.The default (or "failover") EFI boot files are: \efi\boot\bootia32.efi <- for 32 bit UEFI \efi\boot\bootx64.efi <- for 64 bit UEFI For windows you will need to get from the install .wim the file \source\bootmgrfw.efi (but then there are all the "localized" files or get it and all the other files from the installed system, usually C:\Windows\Boot\EFI\) and rename it to either bootia32.efi or bootx64.efi, BUT a normally installed windows will have that file as: \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bootmgfw.efi then you will need to have (actually create) a (proper) BCD as \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD, *like*: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn336950.aspx or: http://www.hasper.info/repair-a-destroyed-windows-7-uefi-boot-sector/ And then you will need to add the boot entry to the NVRAM. How? But that's where the BCDboot tool comes handy: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd744347(v=ws.10).aspx https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh824874.aspx jaclaz I didn't know that we need to make lots of thing just to boot to UEFI So, when i format with normal UEFI setup and install Windows on C: it will auto create everything like that? Well, i will try does batch files with bcdedit too. Thank you.
  23. Thanks for replying, i have that partition, it's called System. Do i need to copy the files to that partition? If so, can you tell me what are the files? Thanks This is my batch to create the partition: select disk 0cleanconvert gptrem == 1. System partition ================================create partition efi size=100format quick fs=fat32 label="System"assign letter="S"rem == 2. Microsoft Reserved (MSR) partition ==============create partition msr size=16rem == 3. Create Windows partition ========================create partition primary size=100000 format quick fs=ntfs label="Windows"assign letter="C"rem == 4. Create Restore Partition ========================create partition primary size=20000 format quick fs=fat32rem == 5. Create Backup partition ========================= create partition primaryformat quick fs=ntfs label="Backup"assign letter="W"list volumeexit
  24. First of all, congratulations for this nice tool I'm creating UEFI partitions with diskpart then format C: drive and then i use this tool to restore the WIM to C:. After rebooting, the Windows doesn't start given boot error If i create the same partitions, but next install with normal setup and then there format C:, after reboot it start Windows. Does anyone know what can be? i know that GPT partitions doesn't have boot flag, so i don't know what is happening Thank you
  25. Guimenez


    Thanks for this awsome project Please, how can i run a batch file when it opens the GUI. Thank you
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