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  1. This is my final script. Its not perfect, but it works well. PS: The dialogs are in Portuguese. Many thanks to all of you <TITLE>Alterar Pastas Pessoais </TITLE> <HTA:APPLICATION Id="ChangeLoc" APPLICATIONNAME="LocChange" SCROLL="no" SINGLEINSTANCE="yes" SELECTION="NO" CONTEXTMENU = "NO" BORDER="Thin" BORDERStyle = "Normal" INNERBORDER = "YES" MAXIMIZEBUTTON = "NO" MINIMIZEBUTTON = "NO" SYSMENU = "NO"> <STYLE Type='text/css'> Body { Font-Size:12pt; Font-Weight:Bold; Font-Family:Segoe Ui, Lucida Console, Arial, Tahoma, Comic Sans MS; Color:Black; BackGround-Color:Transparent; Filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Gradient (StartColorStr='#ece6e0',EndColorStr='#c0bab4'); Margin-Top:1; Margin-Bottom:1; Margin-Left:4; Margin-Right:4; Padding-Top:1; Padding-Bottom:1; Padding-Left:4; Padding-Right:4; Text-Align:Center; Vertical-Align:Top; Border-Top:0px Transparent; Border-Bottom:0px Transparent; Border-Left:0px Transparent; Border-Right:0px Transparent; } .Txt { Font-Size:10pt; Font-Weight:Bold; Font-Family:Segoe Ui, Lucida Console, Arial, Tahoma, Comic Sans MS; Margin-Left:1; Margin-Right:1; } BUTTON { Width:71pt; Height:14pt; Cursor:Hand; Font-Size:9pt; Font-Weight:Bold; Font-Family:Segoe Ui, Lucida Console, Arial, Tahoma, Comic Sans MS; Color:#001137; Text-Align:Center; Vertical-Align:Middle; Filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Gradient (StartColorStr='AliceBlue',endColorStr='LightSlateGray'); Border-Top:0px Transparent; Border-Bottom:0px Transparent; Border-Left:0px Transparent; Border-Right:0px Transparent; Padding-Top:0; Padding-Bottom:2; Padding-Left:0; Padding-Right:0; Margin-Top:1; Margin-Bottom:1; Margin-Left:1; Margin-Right:1; BackGround-Color:Transparent; } .B1 { Color:#003711; Filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Gradient (StartColorStr='#BAEABA',endColorStr='#226644'); } Select.Bx1 { Font-Size:8.05pt; Font-Weight:Bold; Font-Family:Segoe Ui, Lucida Console, Arial, Tahoma, Comic Sans MS; } </STYLE> <script LANGUAGE='JScript'> window.resizeTo (375,151) window.moveTo(screen.availWidth / 2 - (425/2),screen.availHeight / 2 - (201/2)); var Act = new ActiveXObject("Wscript.Shell"); var Fso = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject"); </SCRIPT> <script language="VBScript"> '-> Array To Hold The Reg Keys And Users Folders Dim Loc :Loc = Array( _ "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders\Personal - Documentos", _ "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders\My Pictures - Documentos\Imagens", _ "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders\My Music - Documentos\Música", _ "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders\My Video - Documentos\Vídeos", _ "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders\Personal - Documentos", _ "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders\My Pictures - Documentos\Imagens", _ "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders\My Music - Documentos\Música", _ "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders\My Video - Documentos\Vídeos") Dim A1, C1, Dir, Obj '-> Populate The Listbox With Drives Function Window_onload() For Each Obj In Fso.Drives If Obj.DriveType = 2 Then C1 = C1 + 1 Set Lst = document.createElement("OPTION") Lst.Text = Obj & "\" Lst.Value = Obj & "\" If C1 Mod 2 Then Lst.style.backgroundcolor = "#D9D9D9" Lst.style.color = "#3A3A3A" Else Lst.style.backgroundcolor = "#E9E9E9" Lst.style.color = "#235779" End If Drv.Add(Lst) End If Next End Function '-> Work Function Work(Drv) If Drv = "" Then alert("Introduza uma letra da unidade" & vbcrlf & "Error Number 1") Else alert("Atenção, caso a unidade " & Drv & " não esteja formatada, terá que a formatar no passo seguinte. Caso contrário, feche a janela da unidade " & Drv & " que irá aparecer.") Act.Run("explorer " & Drv) alert("Prima OK para continuar") For Each Obj In Loc A1 = Split(Obj," - ") Dir = Drv & A1(1) If Not Fso.FolderExists(Dir) Then Fso.CreateFolder(Dir) Act.RegWrite A1(0),Dir Next alert("Alteração concluída com sucesso") onclick=window.close() End If End Function </SCRIPT> <BODY Scroll='No'> <TABLE Style='Margin-Top:3;Margin-Bottom:5;'>Alterar Musica, Documentos, Imagens e Vídeo</TABLE> <TABLE><TD Class='Txt' Style='Width:161pt;'> Indique a unidade para onde pretende mover os Documentos</TD> <TD><Select size='1' Name='Drv' Class='Bx1' Style='width:45pt;' tabindex=1></Select></TD> </TABLE> <TABLE Style='Margin-Top:3;'><TD> <BUTTON ID='Btn01' onmouseover="this.className='B1'" onmouseout="this.className=''" onclick='Work(Drv.value)'>Alterar</BUTTON> </TD><TD> <BUTTON ID='Btn02' onmouseover="this.className='B1'" onmouseout="this.className=''" onclick='window.close();'>Cancelar</BUTTON> </TD></TABLE>
  2. Hi i'm trying to use drivergeek, but it doesn't install some drivers, but if i run driverforge with the same drivers, it install everthing What can i do? thanks
  3. Auto-slipstreaming into sysprep.inf is not hard, just that Sysprep is very picky. Some of the drivers I had to modify its INF file to prevent Sysprep from hanging during the preparation stage. No promises but I'll see what I can do....but DON'T keep your hopes too high Wow :D:D Many thanks I hope you can do that, because you will help a lot of people. Lots of people are trying to make the definitely how to add automatically sata drivers in to sysprep. The vernalex site helps a lot but after resealing, most of the times it gives bluescreens. Many thanks once again
  4. I haven't tried Driverpacks before but doesn't it already do what RSlip does and probably better? Cheers, No. We can use to slipstream to an original Windows cd installation (works perfect) but it doesn't work directly with sysprep. Its difficult to add massstorage to sysprep. I can't find a really working solution thanks
  5. this is getting complicatted because i don't know anything of script programming its not possible if when the script try to create the folder in the destination drive and it gives error then ask for format drive? thanks
  6. thats true jaclaz the script detects the drive D: (because it exists on windows) now i just need to format the destination drive if its not formatted thanks guimenez
  7. Sorry for my late reply, but i don't know why, i didn't see the reply message Ok this is my situation: When i install Windows, i create 2 partitions c:(OS) and d:(Backup purpose) After installing Windows, the 2nd partition (d:) it's not formatted and if i change documents do 2nd partition without formating it will give me errors, all i want its, after choosing the destination drive(fat ou ntfs) it will verify if its formatted, if not, it will format the partition and then change the personal folder locations. Thanks once again and sorry for my late reply Guimenez
  8. Excellent guide, but this is not enough because the OEMPnPDriversPath only can have 4k you need to add all drivers path in he registry "devicepath" section The massstorage pack from driverpacks.net as lots of them, but its not easy to make it work with sysprep. There are lots of version of how to, but none working 100% cumps Guimenez
  9. Hi First of all, nice work any change for new updates? any chance to integrate the massstorage drivers of the site driverpacks.net (excelent site)? thanks
  10. i've made the change and now it gives me another error i've create a new partition and i didn't format it and now it gives me error on the script in this line If InStr(1,DR.FileSystem,"ntfs",1) Or InStr(1,DR.FileSystem,"fat",1) Then character (4) if its formatted it works fine now . now its the unformatted problem thanks
  11. Hi gunsmokingman Thanks for the update. i'm trying the script and its giving me erros on line 138 (but i've remove that line) and it works if i choose any disk it says that its not formatted(even if it is) and after pressing a key it doesn't format the drive. Maybe i'm doing someting wrong thanks
  12. Thanks gunsmokingman with this command: start "" /wait "change_personal_folders.hta" it works perfectly your last update its giving me errors on line 139 char 5 please, can you add last things for getting this more perfect? - remove the %systemdrive% letter (like Yzowl said). - When choosing the destination drive it will identify if its formated, or not. if not, it will ask if we want to format the destination drive once again many thanks for all your help, PS: if this will give you more troubles, forget it, because now its working 100%
  13. my batch file install a lots of applications in silent mode and now before everthing, i want to change the user personal folder with your excelent script. But when i run this comand in a batch file it close the windowbatch and ask me if i want to terminate the batch file my batch example: start /wait "change_personal_folders.hta" thanks
  14. Please gunsmokingman can an you convert this to vbs? because i need to run with a batch file and the batch files doesn't runs HTA files many thanks
  15. I've found how to show a box after the finished operation and then exit the program :D add this lines after the next code: alert("Changes successfully done") onclick=window.close() For Each Obj In Loc A1 = Split(Obj," - ") Dir = Drv & A1(1) If Not Fso.FolderExists(Dir) Then Fso.CreateFolder(Dir) Act.RegWrite A1(0),Dir Next like this: For Each Obj In Loc A1 = Split(Obj," - ") Dir = Drv & A1(1) If Not Fso.FolderExists(Dir) Then Fso.CreateFolder(Dir) Act.RegWrite A1(0),Dir Next alert("Changes successfully done") onclick=window.close() many thanks all of your for such a great help this application will help a lot of people that needs to change the personal folders after installing windows Guimenez
  16. i'm searching changes on the registry and i've found that in Windows XP some folders (like video and music) are not in the "User Shell Folders" but in the "Shell Folders". I'm changing the two occurrences in the registry Guimenez
  17. Thanks gunsmokingman and all of you that are help me in this script. This script is working fantastic :D:D is it possible to show a box saying that the job was successfully done and then after pressing ok the script will close? many many thanks PS: i notice that we need to change the User Shell Folders too, i change the array, adding the User Shell Folders location too
  18. The vbs script is still not working, if i remove the bracket Act.RegWrite A2(0),Dir but if i use the hta version it works is it possible to customize the application? it's more simple to have butons to choose the destination drive (button to drive D:),button to drive E:) or simple just inserting the drive letter without the " : " and after successfully operation the program will automatically exit what are the steps for doing this please once again thanks all of you for the help Guimenez
  19. thanks for the help and the script. when i save the script in notepad and save it as vbs(like i always do) when i run it gives me an error on the line 51 character 28 it says "its not possible to use brackets while calling a function" but the character 28 it doesn't exist!!! many thanks once again
  20. Thanks for replying this script works with all language. The only thing that need to be modified is the name of the destination folder. I want to change the location even if the folder exists. I think i need to Make some chances on this. This script can be better but i'm not a great programmer i'm just trying to make this working but the last steps to make the user choose the destination folder its getting complicated for me i know that windows vista/7 have diferent struture folder but i prefer join all user folders in the same dir. Like Windows XP this script os working and i'm testing it a little more can anyone help me on this? This script is very usefull because i format and install Windows for about 10 times in a day and i need to change every time the documents folder do another partition thanks
  21. Hi, thanks for replying i've made the script now and its working the main problem its that sometimes a need to move to another location that its not D: i need to make a question to choose destination folder that can be D:, E: or F: and then it will copy to destination choose by the user this is my code if MsgBox("Do you want to change documents folder to drive D:", vbYesNo) = vbYes then msgbox "verify that D: its formatted" Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") Dim fso, f Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") if fso.FolderExists("d:\os meus documentos") then else set f = fso.CreateFolder("d:\Os meus documentos") End if if fso.FolderExists("d:\os meus documentos\As minhas imagens") then else set f = fso.CreateFolder("d:\Os meus documentos\As minhas imagens") End if if fso.FolderExists("d:\os meus documentos\A minha m˙sica") then else set f = fso.CreateFolder("d:\Os meus documentos\A minha m˙sica") End if if fso.FolderExists("d:\os meus documentos\Os meus vÌdeos") then else set f = fso.CreateFolder("d:\Os meus documentos\Os meus vÌdeos") End if WshShell.RegWrite"HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders\Personal", "D:\OS MEUS DOCUMENTOS" WshShell.RegWrite"HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders\My Pictures", "D:\OS MEUS DOCUMENTOS\AS MINHAS IMAGENS" WshShell.RegWrite"HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders\My Music", "D:\OS MEUS DOCUMENTOS\A MINHA M⁄SICA" WshShell.RegWrite"HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders\My Video", "D:\OS MEUS DOCUMENTOS\OS MEUS VÕDEOS" else End if many thanks
  22. Hi everyone i'm searching on the net without any result i'm trying to create a vbs script that change the default documents folder do another location (ex: d:) i need this to work in XP,Vista and Seven Can anyone help me on this many thanks
  23. Sorry, i was downloading another program, i forgot do scrool down many thanks it will be possible to speed up the process to find the hardware? it take for about 8 minutes searching for the drivers before starting the installation. I have in my root usb disk the driverforge and a folder called drivers (with driverpacks inside) What is the path that i put in the driverforge without changing every time i use in another pc, i've try it only "drivers" but doesn't work. i need to search every time for the drivers folder before start thanks Congratulations for this great software, it works 100%
  24. Please, can anyone explain me how to use this great program? i compiled the program with autoit i put the driverpacks drivers uncopressed in one folder called driver then i run the program and how can i make the program install the drivers on my computer thanks
  25. Hi Please, i want to remove the Microsoft Windows 7 text from my logonui file. I'm making my windows XP fill like Windows 7 but i don't want the windows 7 text because i'm using the windows XP, i just want the appearance. I know that i need to use the reshacker, but i've try it everthing and nothing. hope someone help me thanks
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