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  1. Well, I don't know If I searched hard enough, but I haven't found something about this... Accodding the "KB279792"... http://support.microsoft.com/kb/279792/EN-US/ It's possible to "unlock" a Compatibility tool in the Windows 2000 (I'm not considering the "APCOMPAT.exe" avaliable in the "SUPPORT" folder from Win2K CD. I suppose I **can't** slipstream my own because my Windows 2K CD is the "base", with no service packs added. And I guess the Slipstreaming shouldn't update this installer or something like that). I'd like to know if it's possible to do it in an Unattended install (such as, after install the Windows 2000, obviously with the SP4 slipstreamed, we have this mode avaliable with no need to use the "run" command). The "APCOMPAT.EXE slipstreaming" (and the lastest version avaliable as well, if possible, or even a Win2K compatible and working Aplication Compatibility Toolkit; the latest one has the Compatibility mode unavaliable for Win2K D=) should be also on handy. =D Sorry if it's a stupid question, and thanks starting for now for all support, even if none comes. EDIT1: forget about... Accoding the command swithes from "regsvr32" (Just type "regsvr32" with no quotes in the "Run"), it's just needed to add a "/s" switch for a silent operation... So, the following command: regsvr32 /s %systemroot%\apppatch\slayerui.dll Should work. Well, thanks for nothing this time. =D
  2. Very interesting! I wonder know if my poor AMD Duron 950 MHz could be "enhanced" with this driver... BTW, despite the fact I'll ask an stupid question, could this new driver for AMD processors cause some kind of problem if I install a WinXP CD with this driver integrated in a PC with Intel processors? ** EDIT1: I tried install these drivers by the .ini file, but ir shows an error window with a "error loading setupx.dll - Fail to find specific module" message (or something like this. My WinXP SP2 is a portuguese one, and my english isn't so good...)
  3. Cool! =D It seems to use the same "structure" as the LUZR4LIFE (Here) as I could see (noob sigh of vision, of course =D). But thanks with this add-on! ^_^ I'll enjoy the post, and ask about an add-on for the WinAVI 3GP/MP4/PSP/iPod video converter anywhere. =) Thank you and LUZR4LIFE for all help!
  4. I'll be very very grateful to you if you put the whole set! *_* About icons: Well, I prefer the QuickLauch icons instead desktop ones, but that's ok. No problem. Oh yeah, a great thank you for this add-on! And sorry to thank you too late... >_< Well, I don't know if if could help you, but I found this when I searched about WinAvi in the forum: http://www.msfn.org/board/WinAVI-Silent-install-t103840.html Since I'm a great noob, it didn't help me much, I hope it help you even a little. ^_^
  5. Hi, everyone! Another Big Noob in the forum... =) I'd like to ask about add-ons for these two programs: -> WinAvi Video converter - http://www.winavi.com/en/video-converter/video-converter.htm and -> WinAVI 3GP/MP4/PSP/iPod video converter - http://www.winavi.com/en/psp-3gp-mp4/ipod-...o-converter.htm and capable to add the registry info (You know, Name and serial). My last try using InstalRite unfortunately was bad: Despite it sucessfully integrated name and serial and installed all silently, no matter where the OS is installed, the WinAvi repackaged install always in the C:\ Partition. Also it doesn't install any kind of icon... And I don't know how to fix this! T-T Thanks with all support.
  6. Should be possible to create an add-on for the WinAvi mp4 converter (You know, the one who converts to "protable" devices ^_^) who I can add the register number? And about the WinAvi installer: Well, I haven't tested with an unnatened windows yet, but I've unpacked and installed with the .INI and it worked great! However, doesn't it REALLY "install" desktop icons for Winavi, right? When I installed with the .ini file, it just copied the unpacked cab files...
  7. When I tried to integrate this add-on with a Brazilian WinXP sp2 professional, nLite "asked" for the fact it was a "english add-on" and not suitable to my version or something like that... Anyway, good job. =D
  8. KillerOh

    best programs

    Do you mean "the program(s) to be added in your "own" N-lited WinXP CD"? It deppends... If the intend is to do a "tiny" CD, search for better alternatives for some default WinXP Software, such as Foobar 2K instead WMP (Or add it), some kind of fine image editor instead Paint, and such. If the intend is for a great WinXP CD, so add a bunch of stuff and cosmetics. Anyway, Windows Messenger remotion and MSN/Live messenger replacement is a "must have" IMHO.

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