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  1. It sounds to me that you are not ready for Windows 7. In my opinion the new explorer is cleaner since by default it only shows 4 items (libraries) as opposed to the start folder that many people is used to see. Also I don't know what is so good about the classic menu. I have been using Windows 7 since January and will never go back to XP or even Vista.
  2. There should be an arrow on the right side with options to turn it on/off. Make your selection and apply. If the oprions are not enebled, open the Windows firewall and enable it there.
  3. And these drivers are for which card? The new X-Fi drivers work very well and so does the unnofficial leaked CD of the software for the X-Fi cards for Vista.
  4. I am currently using AVG but it has become a royal pain. Autoupdate usually takes over the machine or it appears that it froze. Others that I do not recommend: 1. Norton - Has never been good and became worst when it dissolved Central Point. 2. McAffee - Always asks if you want to continue working or restart after an update. 3. Karsperky - Too intrussive, even alerts you when MS Access runs a macro. 4. OneCare - As good as nothing. 5. Avira - Confussing interface, blocks internet access including e-mail by default (it appears to be this way). Only customer support available is by phone (toll call to Australia) and free forum after confirming your e-mail by a message that they will never sent you. Unable to contact moderators until accounts is validated via previous method. All moderators are german and have difficuty understanding the messages (no offense to anyone). Not to sound like a heel but you may be better off trying a cracked version of what you like and then purchase the product. I deffinitely will stay away from Avira Premium.
  5. Assuming you are using Photoshop, try the "Quick Selection tool" as oppose to the lasso.
  6. Unless your programs are for Windows 98 or before I see no reason for buying a new computer. A large number of programs written for XP do run under Vista and those that don't should have a patch available at the publishers site. As for your XP install, installing SATA drivers (F6 during setup) should be an option since XP has drivers for SATA built in. You stated that you purchased an OEM copy of XP with should also have SP2. Have you tried installing XP without selecting the option to install SATA drivers (F6)?
  7. I have done multiple clean installs of Vista on SATA drives without having to first load drivers. Is the installation requiring that you load drivers? If not I suggest to let it run it's course. The only drivers that Asus provides are for the RAID controller (from J Micron) that are also needed for the e-SATA port (as far as I know). As I said, never loaded drivers and always completed my installs.
  8. Hello to all! I hope to enjoy the stay here and also to be able to pick-up some tips here and there and hopefully be able to offer some to those that are interested.

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