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  1. That's what my guide is for. To have two or more operating systems in one dvd. What driver? Can you be more specific? sorry for the delay. The problem of drivers who said he does not find drivers for cd / dvd
  2. great job, but thanks if you can find a solution to have a boot menu with two different operating systems namely Windows Vista and 7 in the single dvd? I tried to create two different boot.wim, I appeared well installation menu and I started well but the problem is the view that asking the driver ...
  3. I have already copied the files on boot.wim EULA and license ... I think the problem is due to the difference in the setup of Windows Vista and Windows 7 .. I do not know .. I Install.wim appear on all versions of Vista and Windows 7 also can choose the version without problems .. until the first reboot, I get that error ... I think something is missing guide like this ... I used imagex
  4. However I followed the guidance of MultiDVD Windows Vista / 7 x86 and x64 .. and then copying the licenses of Vista from boot.wim boot.wim on Windows 7 .. during installation of Windows 7, I appear versions of Windows 7 and Windows Vista, since I have transferred via imagex and everything went well. If you click the version of Windows Vista, I get that error ...
  5. Hi all, i want to add windows vista and windows 7 into one dvd. i have added vista using imagex. but after compiled it and booting in vmware it gives an error when selected vista product. it is ok Was fine until reboot, when you see the Windows Vista installation gave me an error How can we fix this? I followed the steps of a guide integration with Windows Server 2008 R2 I see this image as you see the message "unable to start the installation process" thank you
  6. however I have already solved the problem ... but I prefer to keep a professional secret. Since I did not ask for help how do you
  7. thanks to this invaluable guide that I could do this job. Which employs only 4.21gb! ah Raffa, this is called mod. Learn to meet with me ... be no need to claim anything!
  8. I have solved the problem, my mistake. Not necessary change things by UltraISO otherwise you lose the parameters of boot BCEdit. Thank you
  9. help me Before I worked perfectly! I would be getting an NTDETECT failed message when I start my XP PRO install off of my hard disk, but not in VMware off of a .iso file would you? I used the bcd commands in this order: bcdedit /store H:\boot\bcd /create {ntldr} /d "Windows XP Professional" bcdedit /store H:\boot\bcd /set {ntldr} device boot bcdedit /store H:\boot\bcd /set {ntldr} path \I386\SETUPLDR.BIN bcdedit /store H:\boot\bcd /displayorder {ntldr} /addfirst bcdedit /store H:\boot\bcd /set {bootmgr} displaybootmenu yes bcdedit /store H:\boot\bcd /set {default} description "Windows Vista" bcdedit /store H:\boot\bcd /default {ntldr} thank you

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