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  1. What is the correct sequence and tool (not procedure) to: 1. Integrate IE9 with Win 7 SP1 MSDN 2. remove winsxs and still be in a position to further remove/ tweak the components in vLite? Is it possible to remove winsxs and still be in a position to install windows update? What I have done so far: 1. Used RTLite to integrate IE9 2. Used gimagex for apply/ capture to remove all unwanted version. If I skip step one, I can use vLite to remove/ tweak feature but I cannot integrate IE9 with winsxs removed If I use step 1 and 2, the image does not open in v:ite to enable me to remove features. Kindly help.
  2. Hello, I have attached the lastsession.ini file. Do let me know if you need any further info. Regards, Ravindra. Last_Session.ini
  3. Hello, With an untouched Win7, office 2003 runs fine. After using vLite, any application in office 2003 starts with an annoying pop-up that says "configuring office 2003....." Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a solution to this? Thanks in advance, Ravindra.
  4. Hello, nLite is for Win XP. Download and use vLite. From my experience, do not remove manual install.exe or attempt to do an unattended set-up. Have fun. Regards, Ravindra.
  5. Hello, Without removing any component, Office 2003 installed and worked nicely. I used vLite to slim the install down and then Office 2003 started giving pop-ups everytime I opened any Office application that said: 'Configuring Office 2003...' What component could be associated with this? Thanks in advance. Ravindra.
  6. Hello, Functionality to switch to external monitor is absent without the drivers. I contactedHP they said that they are working on a fix for this issue. Let's see. Thanks for all your time. Regards, Ravindra.
  7. Hello, As an ignorant on this topic, kindly let me ask you if the "display at full resolution" is a property associated with the driver or is it something associated with the hardware itself. The laptop displays things nicely and runs fin at 1024 X 768. It is only at its rated resolution of 1200 x 800, which is 'enabled' after installing the driver that it fails. So is it that the driver enables some part of the graphics card, and it is this part that now seems to be damaged? Thanks in advance and regards, Ravindra.
  8. Hello, I hope that this is not the famous Nvidia chipset issue. My HP dv9207us laptop has a Nvidia 7600 graphics with 256MB dedicated video memory. It has been running fine until recently when it is giving display problems. On power-up, it allows me to enter the BIOS. It goes into the OS booting process, loads the wireless driver (I see the LED near the switch turn blue from orange), then it throws garbage and then blanks. I have no option to press the power button for 4sec to turn it off. It does allow me to boot into DOS. It does allow me to boot into safe mode with networking too! It behaves like this on both XP (SP2) and Vista (SP1). Why could it be doing so? Is it the graphics driver issue? But then it ran well for more than a year. Could it be some kind of heating issue that it has developed over a period of time? Is this a common issue with this model? Kindly suggest me on further action. Do let me know if you need any further info. All the drivers are downloaded from the HP website. Thanks in advance and regards, Ravindra.
  9. Hello, Thank you for your solutions. This gives me more reasons to extend my stay with XP. Regards, Ravindra.
  10. Hello, I realized that with the OS that is bundled with the Laptop (OEM version), you should not remove the feature to upgrade from Setup.exe which is in the tune 'Manual Install...' in the OS components. regards, Ravindra.
  11. Hello, I made a nLite version from MCE I386 folder by adding Win51IP & Win51IP.SP2 files from elsewhere. I removed components that I generally have removed earlier with success. Booted with CD made from this and it went well till the first reboot. On reboot, after the first Windows screen, the screen goes light bluen and then I get an error which is in the tune " Insufficient System memory, returnin to ATAPI" I am not really sure of all the words. The PC reboots and this happens in a loop. I had installed Vista before. Someone told me that Vista changes MBR and that could be the cause. Can anyone throw some light on this? Do let me know if you need any further info. Thanks in advance and regards, Ravindra.
  12. Hello, One nice features in Vista is that you can right click on your HOME folders like My Pictures, My Music, My Downloads, Favourites and relocate it where-ever you want (on drive other than C:\). This enables you to forget taking back-up of these folders when you format your partition. How can we do this in XP? Thanks in advance and regards, Ravindra.
  13. Hello, I was thinking of removing IE and OE from my installer. I intend to use FF for IE and MS Outlook for Outlook Express. I use these and am convinced that I will stick to these. So I was wondering: 1. If I vLite IE, will it affect any other application? If it is ok to remove, will it give me any performance boost, besides disk space? 2. If I vLite OE, will it affect MS Outlook? If no, then will it give me any performance boost, besides disk space? Thanks in advance & regards, Ravindra.
  14. Hello Nuhi, I slipstreamed SP1 using the vLite v1.1.6 Beta2 and made a disk. This does not have any removals. Just SP1 added to Vista. I did this since slipstreaming takes quite a while and I did not want to do this with future vLite versions. Kindly confirm that the future versions will only add removals and other features and that slipstreaming will remain the same I then removed the components to the same tune as Vista without SP1, the way I had done it earlier. All went well in first attempt. File copying is noticeably fast with SP1. Thanks for all your efforts. Regards, Ravindra.
  15. The link below could be the answer to the owners of faulty dv2000, dv6000 and dv9000 HP laptops http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/documen...product=3259108 I had posted my problems earlier here: http://www.msfn.org/board/HP-laptop-start-...ot-t112652.html Thanks and regards, Ravindra.
  16. Hello, I read stories about a MS patch doing things to PC reboot. I did update my BIOS to F.39 from HP site and applied SP37736 form HP site. Now I am wondering if SP37736 has the dreaded KB937287. Is there any way to know this? SP37736 can be found here: ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp37501-38000/sp37736.exe Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Regards, Ravindra.
  17. Hello, Sorry, I should have updated on this first. Yes, I did remove, check and re-seat the RAM and HDD only. I could not get to open case enough to access the CPU or the DVD drive. Regards, Ravindra.
  18. Hello, Can a faulty LCD display, grapghics or a mobo issue cause this? This is what the HP support person is saying. Regards, Ravindra
  19. Hello, I have HP dv6000z and dv2000z laptops. I am facing same problems with both of them. Strangely, two of us use these at different locations. One is on Vista and other on XP. During start, the HP blue lights panel lights up, if any cd is presents, it spins, the fan runs but there is no post. The display remains dark. It does not even flash the HP logo and other BIOS info. Just stays dark. Both of them, however, decide to start normally at their wish. My laptop, the dv2000z faced this problem about 4-6 months ago. Then it ran fine till last couple of days. Both the laptops are 1.5+ years old. The BIOS stores the amount of memory I had allocated for video. Can this still mean CMOS battery can be dead? I found several similar poste in various forums, but no clear answer. Any thoughts or solutions are welcome. Do let me know if you need any further info from me. Regards, Ravindra.
  20. Hello, An earlier version of MS office had a self docking office menu side-bar. Is it possible to enable this feature in Office 2007? Thanks in advance. Regards, Ravindra.
  21. Hello Cluberti, The problem was with the driver. I trusted Vista to load the correct driver. It loaded a 54G driver for my 54b/g hardware. Once I loaded the correct drivers, it gave me more options in the drivers>>advanced tab. I set the details to match my modem and things are good since then. Thanks to you for everything. Can you kindly explain me a few of the settings: 1. Location setting: Driver is locked to United States. It is configurable in the modem. Is this tied to the ISP? Is it required to have it matched on the laptop and the modem? 2. Channel no: Can I choose any number? I guess this one needs to be the same at both places. Regards, Ravindra.
  22. Hello, Thank you for your early reply. I have changed the settings to broadcast the SSID and security to WEP. After a reboot on both the modem and the laptop, the connection was quick and stable for whatever period it is ON. I wiil monitor it for a day or so and report back here. Thanks again! Regards, Ravindra.
  23. Hello, I have UTStarcom wireless modem + router (WA3002 G4) configured as ALWAYS ON on my Laptop which has Vista Home Premium loaded (which is skimmed using vLite). I am using Vista default Broadcom Wireless LAN drivers - From the default settings, I have only changed the default username and password in the Advance settings and left everything else is unaltered. I have open dns addresses entered. These are: & - In the wireless settings. I have changed the SSID, and 'hidden' the broadcast. I have used WPA2-Personal w/ TKIP and set the re-key interval to 100. All the rest is unaltered - In Access control, I have enabled ALL the services, changed the passwords for admin, support & user The modem boots up and connects to the internet and there seems to be NO problems with modem connectivity to the internet and wired (ethernet cable) connectivity to the laptop. The problem is with wireless connectivity. It is never consistant. It sometimes starts connected, sometimes takes 5mins to connect and sometimes needs nothing short of re-boot. I can browse the net at great to poor speeds whenever it is connected. The connectivity lasts from 2 min to whatever time. Most of the time it disconnects with "Limited Connectivity" message or it simply disconnects and stays that way. Why is this inconsistancy in wireless setup? Am I missing a trick? Is there anything called idletime where the modem stops throwing connectivity packets after some time? How can I narrow down to a problem with modem/ laptop/ Windows installation? Any thoughts and inputs are welcome. Do let me know if you need any further inputs to help me. Thanks in advance and regards, Ravindra.
  24. Hello, Just wanted to share my experiences. I have HP dv2000z AMD Turion X2 laptop. After I installed Vista Home Premium (vLighted), I don't think I will ever want to go back to FULL install. Thanks nuhi! Here are some of my findings.... - To have the nVidia Network Controller support, retain the network drivers. The chipset driver won't install this later. - Retain Windows Mail even if you want to use Outlook (this is already peresent in the discription) - MusicMatch wont install with MediaCenter and WMP. Since I use MusicMatch and PowerDVD, I removed Media Center, WMP but retained the Windows Media CODEC. MusicMatch now installs fine. Regards, Ravindra.

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