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  1. I'm not sure, I'm pretty new with these ... I think that you must have it to make installation over existing XP
  2. Maybe is this stupid answer, but maybe you deleted folders such WINNTUPG or WIN9XUPG. Maybe this could affect your installation
  3. I have one (probably) stupid question: when I download one of those winntbuu.dl_ file and try to open it with XPreview I recieve message "Could not read InternalName from WINNTBBU.DL_" I downloaded winntbuu.dl_ and copy it in my i386 folder. I have there both WINNTBUU.DLL and WINNTBBU.DL_. Where is mistake? How to fix it??? Please help!
  4. Ok, I found small app called RegTweakage.NET and I made some reg file with some tweaks. How to import them, to be installed with installation of my UW???
  5. Hello lads, I'm new here. I need your help. Although I read manual for 100 times, I can't manage to import registry tweaks in my unattended Windows XP. So, please, help me with this. I would like to someone explain me all, and please, if you can, writte all steps ... I'm newbie here. Thanx a lot!

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