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  1. hmm I just built a new system consisting of a gigabyte ga-g1975x mb and Pent D 820 cpu running win 64 bit bf2 and SF installed fine from cds just got a error message stating that this game has only ben tested for 32 bit OS's I rember reading on eiather eas forums or totalbf2.com that EA has no plans on releasing a 64bit version due to the fraglity of the engine but I cant see why they would not release a patch for the installer my only sugestion is find a frined wit hte cds and borrow them . your install key should work
  2. hmm ill have to recheck nad reinstall it I dont rember seeing that option the only notice I got was when microsofts antispyware notified me of it being installed
  3. its also bundled with when you save addware when I downloaded it off the authors sight my spyware programs caught it for me
  4. if you have the awnser file set corectly it would copy from the $oem$\$1\apps\* to the %systemdrive%\apps so assumning you had on your cd \$oem$\$1\apps\AdobeReader6\ar6 msi on you cd it would copy over to %ststemdrive%\apps\Adobereader6\AR6.msi. then that part of the runonce.cmd script would launch the installer and install adobe reader wehre ever the default install dir or if a preset dir was configured in the adobe reader.msi If you place a dir "1by1" in the %cddrive%\$oem$\$progs dir it will copy that to the c:\programfiles dir on instalation on that diagram the install dir is ment to conatin all the applications you wish to have autoinstalled and the batch file or script file would be configured to run them from the %systemdrive%\install\* dir. and the driver dir is ment to contain custom drivers for that instalation Yes if you have oempreinstall truned on in the awnser file they are also if you look at the example scripts on the page you linked the clean up script gets executed at the end and deletes teh c:\apps and driver dirs containing the install packages for the apps
  5. dont give it out to anyone is one way or if you are worried about someone takeing it keep it in a locked box or peronal documents fire safe
  6. Dr_Jeff wrote the way you have worded this makes it seem almost certain that you are useing a non legit copy of windows and will probly get flamed. when you start trying "other keys" it seems more likeley to be interupted as you are going to crack sites to get keys instead of maybe owning multiple copies of a legit os cd. microsoft DID black list the more common comprimised keys with sp2 can you install fom your orig or backup copy of your windows cd and then upgrade manualy to the sp2? if after installing a fresh install off your cd and sp2 will not install manualy on top of it there is something wrong with your key and you should call microsoft for another. what type of xp cd did you make your unattend cd from? was it a oem, retail, or corp? what type and where did you get your key? IE if you are useing a retail one are you useing the key from the label that comes with it? the diffrent types of cds do not use the same keys IE if you lost your cd and you are borrowing a backup from a freind and the types of cd and keys dont match (IE corp cd must have corp key retail must have retail key oem must have oem key) it will not work if you are useing a oem resotre cd there might be issues to
  7. Have you tried the netsh dump functions in this thread? netsh -c interface dump > c:\location.txt netsh -f c:\location.txt http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...&hl=runonce not sure if it would work on the wep/wma keys but I would think there should be some function to do it from netsh
  8. I just downlaoded the pdf version of the unattended guide and it is only updated to 2 apr. is ther any plans on updateing it to 10 sep?
  9. vmware seems slightly dfaster then virt pc to test with or you could use CDRW's I am lucky causae I have a test system I can reghost real fast but I usualy use vmware gsk server on my main server
  10. Try this thread AaronXP posted a expample file on page 4 Too many entries in run once or here is a direct link to the example file Example file
  11. Might want to try useing the search command in the application switches forum or try this link msfn thread about Nav2004
  12. maybe look at bootdisk.com for a boot disk that has usb drivers on it. I know ther are bot disks that you can make for norton ghgost taht will let you restore an image off of a usb or firewire device so you might look at the drivers on thos boot disks
  13. hi I have a question about network drive shareing accross two netowrks basicly at work I have 3 offices on seprate cox cable cablemodems ( 1 to be replaced with a t1 in 2 weeks) at the main office Ihave a server with hsared network drives shared across the office and would like te remote loacations to be able to coneect to them as well but have no clcue on how to do htis Main Office Internet (static ip) | linksys touter | office pcs and server remote office Internet | router | office pcs
  14. at the end of running the office 2003 customize instalation software it tells you to run the office 2003 set up the following way setup.exe TRANSFORMS=C:\XPCD\$OEM$\$1\install\Applications\Office2003\Unattended.MST /qb- wich is wrong you need to change it to <path to office 2003>\setup.exe Unattended.MST /qb- if you followed the directions on from the the unattended.msfn.org website you should have a file in the office 2003 directory you specifed in step2 of the customization wizard if you cant find it do a file search for it if you still cant find it you did something wrong entering info in the customization software
  15. as posted in a similar thread the awnser is posted in this thread msfn.org forum link You will need the compname program from here http://www.willowhayes.co.uk/ then you modify the script used in the above link ECHO. ECHO Setting Computer Name ECHO Please wait... for /f "tokens=1" %%i IN ('compname /d ?m') do set MAC=%%i IF %MAC% == 123456789012 compname /c SCRAPHEAP IF %MAC% == ABCDEFGHIJKL compname /c SANDBOX IF %MAC% == 11AA22BB33CC compname /c STELLAR but modify it to something like this ECHO. ECHO Setting Computer Name ECHO Please wait... for /f "tokens=1" %%i IN ('compname /d ?s') do set %ASSET%=%%i IF %ASSET% == XXXXXXX compname /c Inspiron8200 that Should work if you read the compname help file changeing the compname /d ?m to a 'compname /d ?s displays system serrial num and on my dell Inspiron 8200 from a comand prompt it works have not tetsted it in the script cause I name off of mac ids rember that the result is case sensitive h and also I rember seeing a post on the forum anbout useing a vb script program from microsofts technet that does this also

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