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  1. im still hangin around... the forum sends me an email everytime someone posts.... I just cant be arsed writing out the steps, I got the dvd working over a year ago and have since forgotten most of it. I think there is still something missing as I have only tested installing by booting from the dvd. some others have reported that it doesnt work when installign from witin windows. sorry I have no solution for that problem.
  2. Hi all, I figured I would post this to save some people some time. I was reading up on how to integrate multiple vista os's into the same dvd (x86 + x64) which works great but when I tried to add server 2008 to the install.wim file, I got problems. I started off with a vista sp1 dvd, and added server 2008 to the install.wim. after I booted from the dvd, at the OS selection screen, if I picked server 2008, I would get "windows cannot access the required file d:\sources\install.wim" this error is a bit misleading becuase the problem lies within BOOT.WIM. it throws this error becuase it cant find the EULA for server 2008. to get it working you must combine the eulas from the server 08 and vista dvd into the sources\boot.wim of whichever dvd you are using as your base. to do this you use imagex. assuming you are using all of the boot files and sources folder from a vista dvd... 1. create 2 new folders anywhere, one called mount and other called mount1 2. mount boot.wim (index 2) from vista sources folder as read/write to mount folder: imagex /mountrw <path to vista boot.wim> 2 <path to mount folder> 3. mount boot.wim from server 2008 dvd to mount2 folder: imagex /mount <path to server boot.wim> 2 <path to mount2 folder> 4. open the mount2 folder in explorer, navigate to the sources directory, and copy the "license" folder 5. open the mount folder in explorer, right click on sources and click paste. aggree to any overwrite messages. this will combine the EULAS of both dvds. 6. now unmount the boot.wim file and commit changes: imagex /unmount /commit <path to mount folder> 7. now your vista-based boot.wim has all the license files from server 2008 on it and should get past the error, just use this one in your AIO dvd when you make the iso. let me know if anyone needs any clarification and how others go with these steps.. you can do thie in reverse if you want to use server08 dvd as your base. the advantage of this is that it wont even ask for a key and gives a neater looking version selection screen thanks Jayme

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