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  1. Yesterday I went to bought one mb for w98 and the only I find (in Micro-atx format)was it. It's really cheap 37€. First I was looking for Asus P5PE-VM but the shop where I saw on their web, told me that didn't know when could get one. (I also buy a cheap P4 3,2GHz to put on it). I disabled de HT on the bios but I can't boot in w98se, only in safe mode. Have to disabled something more?. I use a sata disk with w98 and XP from and old amd pc and Xp works perfect. I need to reinstall w98 from zero? EDITED Solved. I enabled the compatibility mode for SATA in the Bios and now I can boot on W98se.
  2. I read on this forum that ASUS P5PE-WM (865G Chipset, AGP 8) has full supports for w98. http://www.asus.com/products.aspx?l1=3&amp...amp;modelmenu=1 I don't know if is it atx or m-atx (didn't see on the web), but maybe asus is better than asrock and this model can be find on the shelves today, with some luck.
  3. NVidia drivers 82.69

    I've tried this modified drivers on a agp "Asus 7600GS Silent" and it works (manual instalation) all resolutions, and refreshs including all control panel tools but... There're black pixels or imperfections on the screen (in some menues, windows etc). (xp2400+,pb abit kw7, 512mb)
  4. Doesn´t dedect Geforce 7800GS? What kind of card is it? PCI-E or AGP? It's an AGP card. I think the most interesant goal will be the agp Gf7x support. Because the Gf6x are yet supported on the nvidia drivers (I have one) and the PCi-e...there's no pci-e motherboards with support for w98.
  5. Hello from Andorra!

    Hello I'm new here. I'm from a little country betwen spain and france called Andorra, our oficial language is catalan, but we speak spanish and french too, sorry in advance for my poor english. The first reason to join this forum is "I'm a w98se lover". I hate XP/Vista too much and after a litlle experience linux too. I see a lot of people as me in the w98/me forums in this web. I'd used in the past some software fixes to upgradre my w98 from here. But until now I'm not read suficient to can write something in this web. Thanks to read me.