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  1. As far as I know you cannot use the autologon during an unattend setup if you encrypt the password.
  2. You can use the '[shell]'-Section in 'winnt.sif/unattend.txt' for this scenario. Simply add [shell] DefaultStartPanelOff = Yes DefaultThemesOff = Yes to the file and that's it. With this two options the start panel und the windows theme are set for all users to 'classic style'. HTH Have a nice weekend Matthias
  3. This will not work because he needs one connection to a domain and another to a workgroup. As far as I know there's no built-in possibility to handle this, but there are third-party tools available for this purpose. (MultiNetwork Manager) HTH JBlond
  4. Good morning... here's the missing data: CRC: F3FA5CA9 SHA-1: AC8D3101744FF56F74A4DE941DC04A7E567C8BA7
  5. For all of the germans here, who want to know if their file is the original german SP2... Filename: WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-DEU.exe Filesize: 265 MB (277.936.872 Bytes) md5sum: 2fa1439dd7425848ba187213f9b9949f Digital Signature: Wednesday, 4 August 2004 12:32:31
  6. No, there are many more things which can be configured for an unattended installation. Just download the updated 'ref.chm'-file on the same page... Regards from Berlin... Matthias
  7. Good morning MS released a cumulative update for Internet Explorer last night. http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/...n/ms04-025.mspx This is the updated german hotfix file for XP Pro... Have a nice weekend... Matthias XPCTHLST.TXT
  8. I know that. That's why I created the file which includes the five new updates. Have a nice weekend. Regards from Berlin, Germany JBlond
  9. Probably I'm blind, but I haven't found a hotfix file for the german XP which includes all available updates. Therefore I extended the existing one. The file is for the german XP Professional. Hope this helps someone. I tested it and it worked. JBlond XPCTHLST.TXT

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