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  1. KernelEx 4.5.2

    Hi Tihiy After 1/2 ream of paper and an ink cartridge I am still struggling to define the cause of my problems 1. the result is constant......print box appears....you click print.....system locks 2. 3 fingered salute gives programme not responding...click end task and desk top comes back with no task bar.....but is dead.....power off is only way to recover 3. using all upgrades in this forum 4. printer CX3100 driver EPIJNL60.drv 5.no kernelex all ok but obviously no firefox 3.6.12 6. kernelex 4.5 rc4 firefox but no print straight to lockup after printbox 7. kernelex 4.5 rc5 firefox prints normaly ...close firefox.....print from elsewhere ok...restart firefox lockup..power off...restart...print from firefox lockup 8. firefox would not print directly to printer...needed to be spooled 9. problem seems to be in spool/firefox/epson areas 10. this is an improvement...earlier kernelex either printed nothing or black bands although no lockup 11. have tried all tricks in this forum 12. am I expecting to much? but browser that doesn't print is of limited use HTH
  2. KernelEx 4.5.2

    will get details over the weekend
  3. KernelEx 4.5.2

    It appears to affect my printer too ....Epson CX3100
  4. Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

    um Bristols.....Avast lists latest update as 1356 which is probably why you can't download 1358
  5. Firefox 3.0.x doesn't print

    After my plunder the other day tried FF3.51 When I tried printing or even opening the Print Dialogue box, FF and Explorer froze 3 fingered salute ended FF but system still frozen Only recovery was the OFF switch Reverted to FF3.12 and can now print text OK, graphics come out as black blob, but no lock up Using SP3 982ME RP9 & Kernlex on Epson printer For some unknown reason FF3.51 ONCE printed a perfect jpg but was unable to do it again Correct me if I am wrong but does not 9X use spool32.exe and NT use spoolsv.dll Anyway hope someone can fix this problem
  6. Firefox 3.0.x doesn't print

    Ooops Seems I was a bit hasty Prints text files both using "open file" , and "print version" on BBC sites Prints the outlines on the boxes for this page For jpg's prints black mess Does not want to print anything with graphics Also seems I am on FF3.0.11...thought I had updated Sorry about error but was excited as I had got nothing to print before Was sure this was an improvement
  7. Firefox 3.0.x doesn't print

    Yippe! FF3.51 is printing again with RC4 Final Thank you
  8. Firefox 3.0.x doesn't print

    Any solution to this problem on the horizon? I am forced back to IE on 98 boxes Being able to just browse is too limiting
  9. Firefox 3.0.x doesn't print

    fault confirmed on Epson cx3100. Everything appears to work but nothing comes out of printer. This is a major problem that needs fixing...anyone up to it? Either as patch or firefox extension
  10. What's the most sensible way to defragment?

    You can spend all day stopping programs but I have found the only way to reliably defrag is to do it from safe mode
  11. Need Advice re: Startup Problems 98se

    @mikeyhunt Suggest you try my solution outlined in the "windows protection" topic in this forum. Manually playing with IRQs rarely works
  12. Windows Protection Error

    In my experience NTKERN errors are usually driver related especially if there has been a hardware change.Many drivers are loaded even though the hardware is no longer present. My solution is to enter in SAFE MODE and go to Device Manager. Even on a system that is working OK you will often find it lists hardware you no longer have. Remove all these ghost driver as a minimum. I remove all drivers except K/B, mouse and display and let Windoze do its thing on reboot. OS usually boots quicker and is more stable afterwards.
  13. Latest Explorer98 installs OK but Control Panel is slow to render then freezes or is extremely slow after a few clicks, have had to revert back to -1700 version of Explorer.exe Using 982ME option 2 What are the differences between -1700 and -1710 versions?