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  1. wow thanks for the fast repy my german friend. Unfortunately it did not solve the isssue I'm going to make another nlite disk later today and I'll be sure not to be so over zeleous when it comes to the tweaking part Does anyone know any good nlite guides focused on minimal/tiny XP disks?
  2. just googled for this problem and this thread came at top. I'm having this exact same problem. It is something I tweaked in nlite. Is there any way to reverse/fix this as I can't cope without my shortcuts pinned to the right-pane of my start menu!
  3. sweet! i just opened my office 2007 ISO and saw the updates foldr inside the Enterprise folder. OK now where do i download updates from???
  4. I just downloaded Karen's WHOIS lookup and how cool it but i was horrified to see my name and address come up when I looked up my domain name. I have looked up the domain name of some sites and what is returned is something along the lines of "this person has opted-out of the WHOIS lookup" or something to that effect. Does anyone know how to hide your indentity/address from WHOIS lookup???
  5. guys I've been trying to lasoo this spanner out of it's image but I can never ever get it just right. Please could someone try to cut it out so it has nice clean edges and send me the PSD file.
  6. can anyone tell me or link me to information regarding all the differences/advantages/disadvantages/limitations of the different intel 775 chipet like the new P35, 975x, nForce, ect, ect... thanks.
  7. i've used diskeeper and O&O side by side for a year and half now and I can confirm O&O is better in every way imaginable as far as defragging goes. O&O wipes the competetion.
  8. why do so many softwares say to close all applications before installtion? I can understand about closing certain applications when installing certain softwares but what about installing huge sofwares that take ages to complete, like games? I like to browse the web or listen to radio when installing games becuase they take so long. is there anything wrong with it?
  9. what do u guys think of conopus pro coder? i've been using that for ages and it's really really good. why hasn't it been mentioned?
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