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  1. So what software can i use. Coz i want a software that has both the Image and Bootabale Files in 1 DVD
  2. Thanks for fast reply guys...i thot i could compress my HD to one DVD....has anyone done it before?? I remember back in the day it was possible with Windows 98
  3. Hello, This is my situation: I have one 40 GB HD. I just reinstalled Xp. Since i love my XP the way it is now. I want a Disk Imaging software that can make a image of the HArd drive. I would love this image to fit on a CD or 1 DVD. So that when i get a prob i just restore to my image from the dvd. Any suggestions. I dont mind if it is shareware.
  4. Well my friend had put for me some new videos after they got deleted. Will i be still able to recover them since the aboce softwares cant find a file!
  5. Thanks alot guys..Will test an letya know... But is it ok if i have searched for trhe deleted file before??
  6. They were deleted by shift+Del Its a data partition and NTFS NB: app should recover .dat and .mpg files pls reply jaclaz
  7. Heloo guys.... i had around 60GB of music videos in .dat format. my friend deleted them by mistake. jus deleted...is there any way to recover these deleted .dat files?
  8. Hello This is my setup: ===> 40GB- Windows XP ( I am fine with this) ===> 120GB- Has three partitions. I want to merge these three partitions into one WITHOUT LOSS OF DATA...since it is my BACKUP.. So how do i do this.. NB: If there is any fast method pls lettme know...Thank You in Advance.
  9. Hey nuhi thnx...alot..i reinstalled and it has worked..thanx
  10. i installed that .net framework..but still it aint working....nuhi...wat do i do????
  11. i used the one that is 22mb and has no service pack. i'll let you know if it works. Thanks alot nuhi.
  12. No version of vLite working. installed .net 2.0 Same error for all. how to solve..pls
  13. Hello Friends, How do i customize the vista setup and login screen... I want to change background of login screen Search for -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Windows Vista Ultimate UA Lite Build 1 - 32 Bit - English Language i google..see its login and setup screens..thats what i want to do.... Pls people reply.
  14. Activation is not a prob. All i need it to do is install..ANy ideas?
  15. Hello Friends! i recently purchased a ASUS G1 Gaming Laptop with Vista Home Premium when i went for school trip. I gave it my cousin in U.S.A. I stay in africa now. My question is the laptop came with recovery DVD. I have the recovery DVD with me but laptop gone. Now i got a custom PC made. It got messed. Is there any chance i can use recovery DVD on this PC coz each time i try using it, it says THIS IS NOT A ASUS PC. Then reboots. Any help?

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