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  1. AFAIK, there're no XP drivers for Iris Pro Graphics 5200, much less for any other Intel graphic solution relaesed after HD Graphics 4000. However, if anyone has actually found any solution for that, the place to ask about it is win-raid, where successful experiments with hardware beyond Ivy Bridge / Cougar Point are still being performed, and many solutions found. But I guess this isn't any news to you, right?

  2. 2 hours ago, roytam1 said:

    I'm fine for unpinning them, but leaving redirection links in XP forum for each pinned topic make whole action noneffective.
    and, if pinned topic(s) is/are still active, moving them into sub-forum may not be a good move to users.

    Nobody´s ever happy, ain't it? :D

    2 hours ago, i430VX said:

    I beleive the redirection is only temporary to alert users of the move, but I agree with your second point, RT1.

    Yes it is. :yes:  But for those who never take the trouble to read posts of more than 140 characters, the relevant part of my previous post is quoted below:  :whistle:

    11 hours ago, dencorso said:

    I'll let the redirects created on moving the Pinned Topics stand up to this weekend, then remove them. This is an experiment, and its full effect will only be possible to evaluate once the redirects are removed [...]. I want everybody [...] fully cognizant it has happened, before removing the redirects.


  3. @LoneCrusader actually is the 9x/ME (and subforum) Forum Leader, in fact.
    I have nominated myself acting XP (and subforums) Forum Leader, for the time being XP SP3 really still is my main OS.
    I don't think any other forums (except by the ones led by Developers) does have any Forum Leader anymore.
    I sure won't do it for the other Older NT-OSes because it makes no sense to lead forums on OSes I've never used at all (namely 2k & Vista).
    That said, I decided to give the idea of a Pinned Topics subforum a try. I'll let the redirects created on moving the Pinned Topics stand up to this weekend, then remove them. This is an experiment, and its full effect will only be possible to evaluate once the redirects are removed, so let's wait at least for a fortnight, before posting any assessments on this change. I want everybody and their cousins fully cognizant it has happened, before removing the redirects. I still doubt it's a necessary change, but I'm not averse to giving it a try, since it may prove to be beneficial.

  4. In my understanding all the pinned & locked posts here in this forum must be kept as they are, else they'll drop to the bottom forever, since nobody can reply to them and cause them to go up again. This, BTW, includes those 3 threads by cluberti, which do remain as relevant today as they were when originally posted. I've just reviewed the other pinned posts here and did unpin one which obviously has become utterly irrelevant, but I do favor keeping all the others in place. In what regards the Win 7 forum and the hardware forum & subforum, my opinion is the same. Elsewhere, I prefer not to weigh in, because I'm not a user of those systems, so those of the staff who actually do use them should be the ones to decide.  

  5. 15 hours ago, Rod Steel said:

    There is no obsession. Dixel is right. By many people words like "obsession" considered as rude.

    Enough! Obsession is not rude when it reflects reality. However, this isn't a case of obsession, but instead of the common garden variety of paranoia.
    Those in need should get a Velostat hat post haste. Besides that, enough off-topic babble. Remember also Rule # 2.b before further derailing this thread.

  6. 9 hours ago, ArcticFoxie said:

    I highly prefer my blacklists and my whitelists to be "local" and not sent who-knows-where and analyzed by who-knows-who

    So do I. I use Pi-hole for that, and my intranet is cable-only (no Wi-Fi by design). But I do use Privacy Badger, too.

    9 hours ago, ArcticFoxie said:

    360Chrome -> Chrome -> User Data -> skin

    Hrm... no. Got no such directory. 

    9 hours ago, ArcticFoxie said:

    360Chrome -> Chrome -> Application -> 13.0.2206.0 -> skin -> skin.srx

    This file exists, but it's the one that came with the repacked v. 13.

    I'm sure I never actually knowingly installed any skin, AFAICR.

  7. 8 hours ago, ArcticFoxie said:

    Or the "protect you and your device from dangerous sites" 'feature'?


    8 hours ago, ArcticFoxie said:

    Are you using the "anti-tracking privacy protection" 'feature'?

    Yes! OK, I just turned it off. Let's see what happens. 
    Thanks a lot for your swift reply! :thumbup

    8 hours ago, ArcticFoxie said:

    What skin are you using?

    Not sure. I think I've customized that when I installed  v.11 and it's remained the same ever since...
    The pic below is a sample of what I see:


  8. Here's another one: where does the "connection not private" page (see attached pic) hide? 
    I have added English translations beside, above or below the Chinese text, as the space permitted. But I'd have translated it already and posted the method to do it, had I figured out where it is. In any case, my bilingual pic below may be of help for those who encounter this annoyance (which is to often, at least en my experience). BTW, the DeepL Translator runs circles around Google and Bing Translators and is way more accurate.

    connection not private.gif

  9. Let me understand clearly what you're reporting:

    You 1st tried to reformat (using the WD formatter and having selected XP mode) a WD My Book 14TB  and failed.
    Then, you bought a 14TB WD Easystore (or a WD Elements?).
    Then you tried to reformat your newly bought WD Easystore (or Elements?) 14TB, and had success, because the FW inside those models isn't encripted, as oposed to the novel My Books, which have it encrypted.
    Is that right?

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