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  1. I.P. Notifier?

    Nooooice! Cheers mate, thanks for fast reply. I'll google 1st next time duhhh
  2. I.P. Notifier?

    Hi, I run an FTP server on my home pc for my work apps, and sometimes my ip changes and them im stuck 0_o Was just wondering is there any way i can be sent an email when my ip changes or something like that? Cheers.
  3. xp networking problem

    Check that your LSP Components are not damaged using LSPFix and HijackThis.
  4. XP locks up when using network

    Driver update? Driver Genius
  5. multi desktops + dual display

    You can do this with any nvidia graphics card, go to control panel and play round with the settings.
  6. image

    Hold control and scroll down on mouse wheel *Edit* Scroll up not down, UP. Oops.
  7. MS Word Issue

    You could use the lmhosts.sam file to completely block hotmail's I.P. you should be able to find some info on google. This way they wont be able to access hotmail by any method.
  8. Strange User accounts

    I was once a victim to this, exact same usernames. I got it by going on a site in someone on this forum's sig and on a page about remote desktop connection, well I think thats where it came from anyways. *Edit* Found it, the user is gamehead200, his site is www.astromike.com. if you go to the remote desktop page it asks you to install an active x control, if you do those usernames appear.
  9. How to install winXp from HDD(not CD) ?

    If you just moved the files across it would have nothing to boot from....maybe if you had the boot files of an xp cd it would work.
  10. SP2 WPA

    Reinstall with a valid key
  11. Internet Explorer not showing some sites

    Is there any content filters running? (Net Nanny etc) If so you can use my proxy to bypass most of them, if not it could be a problem with your lmhost file and you will find there are a range of ip addresses that shouldn't be there because if an ip is in there you cant connect to it so the site is blocked. Also do you have a java virtual machine installed? Sometimes this causes problems displaying some pages. Good luck.
  12. Athlon xp 2200+

    lol try flashing the bios, either move the jumpers near the bios battery over 1 and then back after 3 seconds or so or better yet, take the bios battery out then put it back in.
  13. How to reinstall Notepad due to virus removal

    No probs
  14. How to reinstall Notepad due to virus removal

    I think you would have to uncab it if you took it from the xp cd, so I've attached it to the message. NOTEPAD.EXE
  15. Athlon xp 2200+

    check your bios, you might need to change fsb from auto to manual and set it to 266.