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  1. I have been getting these popups titled Only The Best for a while now, they started off normal 'need cash come here' popups, then started getting worse o_O Porn worse...I really want to get rid of them but I cant seem to...I have two unknown processes, whether they have anything to do with it: WinKA.exe and WinUpdt.exe, I removed WinUpdt.exe with Hijack this but WinKa wasn't there...Please help!
  2. No Spyware/Virus found, Areko dosent seem to make any sense in google, I spelt it as it was heard so it might not be correct, wav and mp3 search didn't find anything either, and no, no popups..
  3. I'm pretty sure its 'Areko'..but it would make more sense if it was..and no, it dosen't happen when I do certain things..
  4. I'm not mad, honestly xD Right.. I keep hearing a voice from my speakers, I just heard it fully and now know what it is saying: 'Your Friends are with you Areko' It sounded foreign and it was a mans voice, I am getting pretty freaked out as I thought it was mobile phone signals, then noticed it was the same thing each time, I havn't downloaded/installed anything, does anyone know what it is?
  5. Rach

    Voice thing..

    Ok, this is gonna sound as if I am mad XD but you gotta believe me.. I heard some sorta voice through my speakers, it scared the hell out of me and i dont know what it was, it sounded like it was very windy, like artic, and a muffled mans voice saying something, i dont know what, sounded very slightly robotic but im not sure if it was microsoft voice thing, i only had a forum open, photobucket, aim and psp..no popups, speaker test or anything..just suddenly a voice..i do not know what it was..virus..bug..i dont know..does anyone know or suggest what it was?
  6. I get this problem quite alot and its annoying me a bit now, I try to go to some sites [at this occasion, www.supersonicsquirrel.net/qbee] and I am not able to get there: The page cannot be displayed The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please try the following: Click the Refresh button, or try again later. If you typed the page address in the Address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly. To check your connection settings, click the Tools menu, and then click Internet Options. On the Connections tab, click Settings. The settings should match those provided by your local area network (LAN) administrator or Internet service provider (ISP). If your Network Administrator has enabled it, Microsoft Windows can examine your network and automatically discover network connection settings. If you would like Windows to try and discover them, click Detect Network Settings Some sites require 128-bit connection security. Click the Help menu and then click About Internet Explorer to determine what strength security you have installed. If you are trying to reach a secure site, make sure your Security settings can support it. Click the Tools menu, and then click Internet Options. On the Advanced tab, scroll to the Security section and check settings for SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0, PCT 1.0. Click the Back button to try another link. Cannot find server or DNS Error Internet Explorer I ask people on MSN and AIM if they can reach the site and they can fine, I refreshed, did what it said and nothing worked..Does anyone know whats wrong?
  7. Righty, C-Girl sends this topic, as she cant post herself..she is having problems with her computer: I went onto google looking for D12's lyrics to my band and clicked the 3rd/4th Link, it was yellow and loads of popups came up, then Zone Alarm popped up saying: Do you want WMplayer to access the internet? I didn't even open Windows Media Player!! And then MAY17_adloader.exe, 'This program has previously accessed the internet before' and they wouldnt close. Then a naked person came up and wouldn't close either then it said explorer has caused and error in user.exe, and my startbar wouldnt work, I couldn't open control panel and virus scanners kept asking for updates, I can't open IE without getting a window full of popups, no programs are working properly, Icons missing, Folders missing... Sorry if that sounded a bit weird, I think shes a bit scared o.o Anyways, Help would be loved, before the computer dies completely
  8. Rach

    Urgent Help..

    I have got Lavasoft Adware, the Trojan i had was a sort of Spyware from LOP.COM, I once had it and got rid of it using Adware. When I scanned yesterday the Spyware I had was just Tracking cookies..I deleted them all but still no good. My virus scan finished, and even though AVG said I had a virus and to scan, nothing came up...AVG Is [as far as I know] up to date as I only re-downloaded it..Friday, I shall do an online virus scan now..=)
  9. Rach

    Urgent Help..

    I really need some help, My computer is trashed, seriously. Ok it started on...Friday when I came on my computer as usual and Internet Explorer wouldn't open, I also had a blue toolbar, which isn't the first time... I found out i had 21 viruses/trojans. Well my computer was semi-ok, but IE is still not fully working. When I did my scan on Friday it healed all the viruses but one 'Could be infected Startpage', it couldn't delete it and put it in the Virus Vault. I trashed the Virus Vault yesterday hoping that would cure IE but unfortunatly [big suprise] it didn't. Well, today I scanned earlier [iE Still not working] and no virus found, I went down for my tea about an hour ago to come back up with an error message from AVG: VIRUS FOUND! C:\WINDOWS\something or other\something.tmp Name: trojan.something.exe [or something..] I had recently changed my computer theme from XP to classical [this may be the cause of something small] I recieved 2 e-mails through outlook express, my default e-mail program, I went to go to the Inbox and Outlook Express Crashed, I don't know how many times I've tried it, also changing my theme back to XP default, but still it keeps crashed, now I have 6 e-mails and I can't read them [argh..how bad I wanna see them]. As I said before I have apparently got a Trojan hidden somewhere, I have been doing the virus scan for the last..around an hour, and still nothing..The virus scan is nearly finished and no trojan or virus. I really need help, it is urgent..Oh, and a note..I have done System Restore and I have a new version of XP which needs no disc, no nothing, the restore dosen't delete hardly any of you'r files and I was suprised to see the Trojan's I had got before were in my old owner.RACH file, from my first System Restore [which more or less meens I have had this trojan for a long time] So doing a System Restore won't help... I would really like some help here guys...thanks =)

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