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  1. WinPE 4.0 Windows 8 Developer Preview

    The ADK has tools to make WinPE as x86 or x64.. and my .net4 apps are running from 32-bit WinPE woohoo
  2. Diskpart does not see hard disk!?

    It's a fairly standard intel855 chipset based motherboard.. changing the disk makes no difference in PCI - you always get: but between the 2 different disks (both samsung laptop IDE disks) you can't see the disk with the 80GB: so it seems the WinPE2 version of the IDE driver is failing to see certain disks that work fine in earlier versions of WinPE!!!??? Any ideas?
  3. Diskpart does not see hard disk!?

    exact same coonection - and MSD must be working as an older 40GB drive works just fine on the same setup
  4. i'm having no end of grief with WinPE at the moment (through RIS/WDS), on some new computers I just cannot get the intel Pro1000 ethernet to work, so I though i'd give WinPE 2.0 a go.. WinPE2 works fine, the network driver is built in - and now the hard drive has gone!! in diskpart, if you "list disk" it returns that it can find no disks Other disks on the same system work ok, but i need these samsung 80GB drives to work - any ideas? (there is absolutely nothing wrong with the drives - they work fine in all other situations, and diskpart in earlier versions of WinPE show the disk as present without any issue...)
  5. most windows settings can be easily tweaked in the registry, but occasionally i run across things where i'd like to be able to automate opening a certain control panel applet, ticking a box and pressing apply (for example) Is there any way user input can be automated in this way?