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  1. just to update you, the vista release is out now and fully supporting 64 bit Enjoy
  2. thanks a lot i was always looking for a solution for this
  3. yeah one should should know what is secure before disabling cause Vista is not XP, one small mistake and u have to reinstall it goes nuts lol...
  4. thanx for ur help however it was a motherboard issue, got it solved
  5. i think it's great i'm sure u will like the sidebar which i though would not be nice initially
  6. i have installed vista initially from an XP sp2 already on my system, however i formated the pc, and now i'm trying to boot from the same cd which i used initially it's a 32bit version of Vista, it's giving me an error in the 1st phase itself when copying files that it cannot continue as some files r missing or can't be updated. Can someone help in this situation or just guide me on how to install vista from a clean formated hard disk. also when i try to use a boot disk and try to access it wiht cdrom support, it's saying device not found with regards to the MSCDEX driver for loading a cdrom while booting, i'm using a windows Me bootable disk as both boot disks created by XP and vista don't provide that feature any longer. Any suggestion. thanx a lot
  7. nothing like that is there trust me
  8. the private folder was actually for Vista though i was disappointed not to see it in the final release, i guess we have to wait to c an update for it.
  9. Wow Amd then had done a greater job than Intel, my intel 1.86 duo core 2 with 4GB's of ram and 512 memory of ATi radeon only gave me a 4.1 compared to the 4.6 that "ButchN's" PC got. interesting to c
  10. i need the same kind of utility.
  11. i am having a lot of issues relating to programs who r meant for XP so definately expect this for a 16 bit software
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