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  1. Full: 1. Download http://download.microsoft.com/download/winme/patch/22527/winme/en-us/311561usam.exe 2. Extract with 7z winboot.ebd from 311561usam.exe 3. Apply Real DOS-Mode Patch for Windows Millennium v1.3 By Reines 8075098D==>>80EB098D 4. Decompress winboot.ebd as IO.SYS 5. Disable the built-in XMS driver 9A9D02CE1E==>>EB0D909090 Done! My config.sys device=xmgr.sys ;device=himemx.exe device=emm386.exe My autoexec.bat @echo off emm386 Result Windows Expanded Memory Driver Version 4.95 Copyright 1988-1995 Microsoft Corp. Available expanded memory . . . . . . . . 32,76KB LIM/EMS version . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.0 Total expanded memory pages . . . . . . . 2,07 Available expanded memory pages . . . . . 2,04 Total handles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 Active handles . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Page frame segment . . . . . . . . . . . D000 H EMM386 Active.
  2. Bootmgr parse not more than three strings from [operating systems] section in file boot.ini It can boot: ntldr, windiag, setupldr.bin, partition boot sector or master boot record boot.ini [boot loader] default=c:\setupldr.bin [operating systems] c:\setupldr.bin="Windows XP Recovery Console" /cmdcons c:\boot\mbr2.bin="2nd partition" c:\boot\windiag="Old Windows Memory Diagnostic" c:\boot\grldr.mbr="GRUB for DOS" No work without bcd Dual boot Windows 7 & Windows XP [boot loader] timeout=0 default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS [operating systems] multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect c:\ntldr="Microsoft Windows XP Professional"
  3. DOS Widgets page by Dave Dunfield DOS Lives! Rumors of the death of DOS are greatly exaggerated.
  4. "To start Windows 3.x onto DOS 7, you have to patch the IO.SYS" by Henrik Haftmann w95oem_p.bat rem IO.SYS-Patch, damit auch Windows 3.x l„uft: fpatch -s81ff00047306be0400e9e7fd5032c086065c0f0ac05874ee -r81ff00 00 7306be0400e9e7fd5032c086065c0f0ac0589090 io.sys fpatch.com universal DOS patcher like GSAR - General Search And Replace by Tormod Tjaberg W3xStart.bat rem Enables running Windows 3.x under DOS 7.1 by Ralf Buschmann, January 1999 fpatch -s81ff00047306be0400e9e7fd5032c086065c0f0ac05874ee -r81ff00 03 7306be0400e9e7fd5032c086065c0f0ac0589090 io.sys W3xStart.bat unlike W3xStart.exe dos-version independent
  5. I tried to reduce decompressed and restored real-mode functionality IO.SYS by intuitively cut, because too many functions in IO.SYS version 8.0 extracted from diskcopy.dll disabled by Microsoft. It work for me. Reduced IO.SYS version 8.0 Size 130 832 Original IO.SYS version 8.0 Size 116 736
  6. Sorry, I'm not a programmer/hacker, it is possible to manually remove other unnecessary blocks like as?
  7. How to remove uncompressed blocks from compressed IO.SYS(start-end offset)?
  8. Thanks for driver, it's best replacement setver.exe. Now i use deversioned ms-dos 8.0 files by replacing byte sequence 3D 08 00 74 ->90 90 90 EB. Interesting thing from Boot-Land thread by Wendy: "The inclusion of himem.sys may have been a failsafe device. It is indeed possible to deactivate various things in io.sys, and it may be possible to deactivate the internal one"...
  9. An unmodified original IO.SYS in boot image placed on Windows Me OEM CD no need any patch,directly support real MS-DOS mode, COMMAND.COM can be modified by replacing in this file at hex offset 00006510 byte 75 by byte EB (Comparison of x86 DOS operating systems - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). First 2048 bytes from original Windows Me OEM CD IO.SYS to restore the "Real-mode functionality" in IO.SYS extracted from diskcopy.dll Windows XP, Vista, 7 OEM.zip
  10. I tried to restore functionality of IO.SYS extracted from Windows XP SP3 diskcopy.dll by replacing "the initial 2K block uncompressed" from an unmodified IO.SYS in boot image placed on Windows Me OEM CD. It's work and can be uncompressed.
  11. Not quite. By doing this you'll be stripping the bitmap, but also another module that follows it, which starts at file offset 0x44006. The bitmap starts at 'BM' but ends at 0x44005, since the file size (the dword that follows "BM") is 0x1F836... Thanks, I've corrected my IO.SYS. How to remove DOS configuration manager from uncompressed MS-DOS 8.0 IO.SYS?
  12. Uncompressed with The Decompressor for IO.SYS Version 8 by Rudolph R. Loew, IO.SYS file size is 280064 bytes can be reduced to 149456 bytes with any hex-editor, only cut from BM6 identifier to end of file
  13. The best solution : Password Renew •create a new local user with administrator rights •Must use it under WinPE/BartPE If you have dual boot XP & Windows 7 run it from XP!
  14. Universal Multiboot Disk launch botch families of Windows NT5x: 2000, XP, 2003 server and Windows 9x: 95, OSR2, 98, 98SE, ME. 2 in 1 single floppy . Bootable floppy disk for an NTFS or FAT partition in Windows XP & MS-DOS Startup Disk version 8.0 from Windows XP . C:\bootsect.dos="WINDOWS 98SE/ME" for floppy just indicate DOS bootsector root directory. Installable File System (ifshlp.sys) driver added for launch Windows 9x Windows ME's FDISK is limited to creating partitions with a maximum size of 512 GB
  15. _Smoker

    DOS 8

    Some features of MS-DOS 8.0 Microsoft MS-DOS 8.0 subset is included with 32-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista as MS-DOS startup disk To remove the functionality restrictions of sys.com 8.0 by using sys.com version 7.10 is included in Windows 98SE and put it to the table version setver.exe(In DOS prompt setver.exe sys.com 7.10) Extract setver.exe from Windows ME cabs, add line in config.sys device = setver.exe Patched FORMAT.COM: Option /Q (QuickFormat) now can be used to format floppies and hard disks quickly even if they're never been formatted before MS-DOS version check has been removed Fdisk.exe Unable to Partition Drives Larger Than 512 Gigabytes
  16. 4th file is no fake! For purpose of booting from C: drive, an unmodified IO.SYS from simulated A: boot diskette image placed on Windows ME OEM CD from which that CD boots can be used, and English COMMAND.COM can be modified by replacing in this file at hex offset 00006510 byte 75 by byte EB. Io.sys file size is 116736 bytes. Startup message: Now preparing to start your new computer. . . In additional: Microsoft Windows Millenium Startup Menu from this floppy image Windows ME OEM CD has no differences with the Startup Menu Windows 98 SE & DBLBUFF.SYS and IFSHLP.SYS load automatically from IO.SYS. Microsoft updated ms-dos kernel files both version 7.10 & 8.0 MS-DOS Does Not Properly Process Hard Disk Hardware Errors In Windows Millennium Edition Q311561 Update package 2 files Date Time Size File name ----------------------------------------- 29-Nov-2001 09:30 116,736 winboot.ebd ----------------------------------------- 29-Nov-2001 12:29 110,080 winboot.sys Last "cosmetic" update: With Windows Vista the files on the startup disk are dated 18th April 2005 but are otherwise unchanged, Io.sys file size is 116736 bytes
  17. No need hex-editing SETUPLDR.BIN. Only by using O&O BlueCon 2000 CD-ROM boot sector by Alexander Platonow boot.bin. Working fine.

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