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  1. i seem to have 1 problem with my nLited/vLited Systems. it seems that all seem to have an error when using Partition Magic to resize partition(Boot CD), the errors: Partition Improperly Dismounted Upcase Table Incorrect it seems i have a scan <something> .dat file in C: drive once and it have a line of garbage and then some line about NTLDR compressed and NTLDR something else... can seem to get the scan file... ... dunno if its nLite/vLite prob but anyone to help?
  2. How do i backup my HP computer activation, like i do with my XP? and can a Home Premium activation work with Ultimate?
  3. so Avast AV & Comodo Firewall? good protection? when Zone Alarm comes out for vista i will prob use ZA instead. what do u all think?
  4. Mmm ... ok ... still abit blur, but i will follow the looks of the templates.
  5. Mmm... what u mean... a bit blur sorry. You mean the "Start" page? where the content is little so navigation takes up a big space.. or the normal pages where there is like a banner to me above the nav. isn't that ok? no offense meant. but i will just try to do a layout and post here if possible... for reviews. busy though, with other projects & exams
  6. I will take note on what u said... so like my lecturers say more white spaces? as for pics, ok maybe i shouldn't add too many pics, but should i spice up the navigation, content with some colors? i seem to like the sites in: Template Monster Templates Box And in my category, i think industrial Template Monster - Industrial Templates Box - Industrial But the navigation in those templates are "Big" Navigation, unlike what u said? and fixed centered tables i feel are better? easier. Of course, i will not be buying, i need to do my own, school project, but was thinking of getting some inspirations & ideas
  7. I have a school project to improve this NatSteel Site. i feel kind of weird cos i am not really into steel stuff.. .its like the lecturers any how gave a funny site for us to improve. anyways, any suggestions? My opinions on the site are too many words too littile pictures for too many words i am thinking of making headers with a short summary thing for too little pics, i am lost... finding steel pics in google gave me stuff i dont really think fits... some do of course any advice? sites, for example/inspiration? resources? should i use flash(which i am just beginning) or regular HTML with scripts(also not so pro either)
  8. Nero reported Unable to register C:\Windows\system32\ole32.dll. Error code -21470248 Access is denied. Error = 5 Facility = 7
  9. I saw Nero 7 versions Lite & Micro here how do i "Shrink" the setup to something similar? can this be applied to other setups as well? like Office 2007
  10. I have the error, Unable to register C:\Windows\system32\ole32.dll. Error code -21470248 Access is denied. Error = 5 Facility = 7 but every thing seem to run well. i have used vLite to remove a few things. just for ur info
  11. how do i make a GUI to launch programs/installers like from DVD. i thought it will be nice if i can run stuff all from 1 interface. i saw nice ones that look like its made in flash. but i heard that isn't possible?? i know flash, VB etc so any of them can be used?
  12. How do i disable all junk vista gives so i can install/run apps easily? i am getting irritated by running a installer for few minutes only to know that it had failed becos i nv turn on or off UAC or "run as admin".
  13. That means i should disable "SuperFetch"? for a performance boost... By the way i am using hibernating, so does it make any difference?? To Turn hibernate on i used Run CMD then powercfg -H on and also can i have hibernate in the start menu?? how do i do it? for now i have assigned Hibernate to the on/off button in my laptop
  14. i have kept the WMP & WM codecs intact but now i still can't play DVD .VOB files... did i remove something wrong? also nero showtime or WinDVD reported missing .dll s in the System32 folder. the i also can't install Adobe Reader because of the Temp folder is not accessible???
  15. Thanks all.... Just a request, dunno if there is such thing in this forum but... Since most ppl using nLite want to know how should/what is needed for this and that would it be good if there is a guide? like what service is important? what can or shold be removed. i know this can be searched but looks like many site out there's guide can cause problems here and there like my Acquiring Network Address Problem And thanks all again. Any more suggestions? Anyone
  16. Hi, i am looking for ppl with Stable/Fast builds of their XP. What did you ppl remove? Services to Disable? For speed not fancy looks. Edit: Security also important...
  17. Ya... the descriptions says all. how can i enable sharing in nLite. nLite did the Workgroup thing but not the sharing. Thanks
  18. But in msconfig, i see DHCP Client & DNS Client as "running"! but i sometimes is able to fix the problem by using ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew and/or "restarting"(untick the service then apply, then tick the service then apply) the DHCP client & DNS Client in msconfig
  19. iceangel89

    IE7 cant work

    I am not sure if i removed Internet explorer in nLite but i know that my IE (not ver 7), opened b4 i updated to IE7, successfully. How can i fix this? The window open for a second then closes.
  20. I have disable a few services in nLite and now internet always get stuck at acquiring network address. What have i done wrong? anyone knows? but my internet still works!! did i do anything wrong? or is it just some bug of windows? i noticed under "Network Connection Details", that the lease obtained and expire is the same.
  21. Currently, the icons are TINY "Detailed" icons in my vista (didnt change anything) how can i make ALL folders Tiled by default? can i?
  22. I am looking for hopefully a more complete list on what is what, what affects what, stability etc. I know some descriptions are very good in vLite already, but as you know, sometimes removing OS stuff can cause instability etc. Also hopefully some1 and the later versions of nLite/vLite can tell us what can be removed for more performance. I want my vista to be fast, no need to be fancy etc... like aero's transparency is like not noticed often. i strunk my vista ultimate to abt 1 GB+ already. but i am worried that it may be unstable etc. havent installed the shrunk version. Also for the Drivers, if i remove them, would it mean i have to install every single driver? INF, Display, USB devices etc? Thank for the fantastic nLite and vLite Looking forward to the final versions, hopefully where i can integrate stuff & make a unattended install like nLite
  23. Hi, I just got vista and is looking on how to squeeze the 2.5GB+ DVD to a CD. I thought of deleting Media Center(600MB+) & Drivers. As for drivers i thought of Integrating the latest with vLite. So that means that i can delete the Drivers dir(from vLite) right? If not, can someone tell me what can or cannot be deleted. I am using a Toshiba M50 laptop: Intel Cetrino 1.73GHz 1GB DDR RAM ATI Mobility Radeon X600 256MB Realtek Sound Marvel Yukon LAN(if i am not wrong)
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