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  1. I'm trying to push Office 2007 via GPSI. I added a few machines to a test OU and this is what happens when it reboots... ------------------- Event Type: Error Event Source: Application Management Event Category: None Event ID: 102 Date: 4/10/2008 Time: 2:08:44 AM User: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Computer: computer1 Description: The install of application Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 from policy Office 2007 Software Push failed. The error was : The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and that you can access it. For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp. Event Type: Information Event Source: Application Management Event Category: None Event ID: 303 Date: 4/10/2008 Time: 2:08:45 AM User: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Computer: computer1 Description: The removal of the assignment of application Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 from policy Office 2007 Software Push succeeded. For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp. Event Type: Error Event Source: Application Management Event Category: None Event ID: 108 Date: 4/10/2008 Time: 2:08:45 AM User: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Computer: computer1 Description: Failed to apply changes to software installation settings. Software changes could not be applied. A previous log entry with details should exist. The error was : The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and that you can access it. For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp. Event Type: Error Event Source: Userenv Event Category: None Event ID: 1085 Date: 4/10/2008 Time: 2:08:45 AM User: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Computer: computer1 Description: The Group Policy client-side extension Software Installation failed to execute. Please look for any errors reported earlier by that extension. For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp. -------------------- The office 2007 installation is located on a software server. In group policy, I put it in under Computer Config>Software Installation and directed it to the path to: \\SoftwareServer\Install\Office 2007\Enterprise.WW\EnterpriseWW.msi The folder I gave authenticated users, domain computers, almost full control (except ownership). I don't know what to do anymore... is there something i am missing?! Please help.. I am relatively new in this area.
  2. paper


    <!--- and ---> basically just signify comments. You want to remove ALL of these. whitespaces don't matter ... but basically you want it readable.
  3. telnet's not gonna work. I need to deploy this to some 400 clients.. I figured part of it out.. it had to do with the quotes but now it's saying the install is invalid. Weird bc if you manually click on setup.exe it runs fine, but running from the script it doesnt... i'm thinking it may be the quotes again.. still troubleshooting.. psexec \\computer -u domain/Admin -p Password "\\Software\Installation Software\Office\Office 2007 Enterprise\setup.exe /adminfile" "\\Software\Installation Software\Office\Office 2007 Enterprise\o2kdisplaybasic.MSP"
  4. gah. help! this why doesn't this work?! The computer returns a 1, stating it's not installed and attempts to run setup.exe but fails. It's throwing errors at the "setup.exe /adminfile blah.msp" part If i use either it says that both either /config and /adminfile is an invalid switch?! Invalid switch - /adminfile setlocal REM ********************************************************************* REM Environment customization begins here. Modify variables below. REM ********************************************************************* REM Get ProductName from the Office product's core Setup.xml file. set ProductName=Enterprise REM Set DeployServer to a network-accessible location containing the Office source files. set DeployServer="\\Software\Installation Software\Office\Office 2007 Enterprise\Enterprise.WW" REM Set ConfigFile to the configuration file to be used for deployment REM (required) set ConfigFile="\\Software\Installation Software\Office\Office 2007 Enterprise\Enterprise.WW\config.xml" REM Set LogLocation to a central directory to collect log files. set LogLocation="\\Software\Installation Software\Office\Office 2007 Enterprise\O2k7Log" REM ********************************************************************* REM Deployment code begins here. Do not modify anything below this line. REM ********************************************************************* IF NOT "%ProgramFiles(x86)%"=="" SET WOW6432NODE=WOW6432NODE\ reg query HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\%WOW6432NODE%Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\%ProductName% if %errorlevel%==1 (goto DeployOffice) else (goto End) REM If 1 returned, the product was not found. Run setup here. :DeployOffice REM start /wait %DeployServer%\setup.exe /config %ConfigFile% start /wait %DeployServer%\setup.exe /adminfile %DeployServer%\ok27displaybasic.MSP" echo %date% %time% Setup ended with error code %errorlevel%. >> %LogLocation%\%computername%.txt REM If 1 returned - Product not found. Attempted to run setup. REM If 0 or other returned - Product was found or another error occurred. Do nothing. :End Endlocal and possibly dumb question.. how come i can't use PsExec to push this out as it doesn't seem to work? even tried throwing the setup.exe command in a BAT and tried to run it with PsExec but it just seemed to hang on the computer. psexec \\computer -u domain/Admin -p Password "\\Software\Installation Software\Office\Office 2007 Enterprise\setup.exe" /adminfile "\\Software\Installation Software\Office\Office 2007 Enterprise\o2kdisplaybasic.MSP"
  5. paper


    you need to uncomment anything you want used (remove the <!-- and --> ) read the big sticky topic on O2k7. very useful. below is an example of a real basic config file... <Configuration Product="SHAREPOINTDESIGNER"> <Display Level="basic" CompletionNotice="yes" SuppressModal="yes" AcceptEula="yes" /> <PIDKEY Value="xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxx /> <USERNAME Value="Customer" /> <COMPANYNAME Value="MyCompany" /> </Configuration>
  6. have you tried to launch the setup with setup.exe /adminfile yourfile.msp? im using this way and is working great. i have now deploy it to about 5 machines and all went fine. thanks for the post guys.. i'm confused.. how did you push it remotely to other machines? I've had problems with PsExec and setup.exe files.. MSIs work great but setup.exe's.. not so much.. psexec \\computer -u domain/Adminacct -p Password "\\Software\Installation Software\Office\Office 2007 Enterprise\setup.exe" /adminfile "\\Software\Installation Software\Office\Office 2007 Enterprise\o2kdisplaybasic.MSP" basically says "The system cannot find the file specified"
  7. ok! i used zorphnog's suggestion and used boot.wim instead to see if I could at least get the boot to work. that seemed to do the trick as it finally boots and goes to that WinPE command prompt. So good deal! Now my problem is the computer's not recognizing any drives.. but that's another matter. The one thing I was hoping to do was to be able to somehow put a GUI over the Winpe command prompt so you wouldn't have to type in the commands. Ahs wells.. one step at a time huh? Thanks guys for the help. I'll keep on trying and let ya know how far I get.
  8. oh ok. huh. So instead of winpe, you edited boot instead.. hmmm.. i redid the winpe.. and now it won't even boot at all. funny. my 2nd try it at least booted and loaded and then it got an error. but this time (my 3rd try) it didn't even go there.. it stayed stuck after BIOS was installed succesfully.. Well.. ok.. trying to redo it again this time using boot.wim. btw.. when you copy the image.wim to the ISO folder.. do you need to rename it anything special (like install.wim)? or does that not matter..
  9. oh and 1 thing i'm still confused about.. probably a dumb question .. but whats the difference from boot.wim and winpe.wim? From my limited experience, it looked like winpe.wim handles the image capture while boot.wim handles the image install? If this is right, then why am I putting winpe.wim in the iso instead of the original boot.wim?
  10. i'm in the process of redoing the winpe right now.. so I'll let you guys know how it turns out. Iceman, I was looking at your paper, and while it's great.. it looks like when this loads, I'll need to type in commands to diskpart and all that. I was hoping to somehow "use" the GUI of the Capture WinPE with this to make it easier for the user to step thru (instead of having to type the commands out to format, etc.). The reason being is I'm creating this DVD for the service desks folks at another site who'd know NOTHING about typing in commands. They just want to pop in a DVD and click "next". If I sound confusing I mean.. In the WDS Server, you click start>all programs>Admin Tools>Windows Deployment Services It should list the WDS Server and expanding the tree, you should see a Boot Image folder. Expand that, and my WinPE.wim (which does the capture) is loaded there as well as Boot.wim (which does the apply image) Now when I right click WinPE.wim and select "create Capture Image" it creates a 2nd winpe.wim. So now I have 3 WIMs sitting in the boot folder. The 2nd Winpe.wim is different in this case, if I select this option upon network boot, it pulls up a nice "wizard" type view that lets you capture image and partition/format the drives by just clicking a few options (instead of typing them), put the image in the right folder and all that good stuff. Have you guys done something like this before.. incorporating the "wizard" view of it on a dvd? After I'm done with buring the DVD i'm making now per Iceman's instructions.. I was going to try to see if I could export the "capture winpe.wim" and replace boot.wim with that (instead of using the original winpe.wim) and see if it would work.. Would this be possible?
  11. i think Iceman mentioned it on his paper.. (the removing of that prompt.. not the increase timer) http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=101383 ok found it.. he had it on page 18 (thanks iceman ) remove bootfix.bin frim winpe\iso\boot before the oscdimg
  12. wow sweet, that looks super useful! i always wondered why MS didn't think of a guide for XP for WDS as well as the Vista one. I think I sort of have the general idea.. but now I think I'm stuck again. Here's what I did. c:\winxp c:\winxp\ISO xcopy c:\winpe\winpe.wim c:\winpe\iso\sources\boot.wim /y Copy WINXP.WIM to c:\winpe\iso oscdimg -n -m -h -bc:\winpe\etfsboot.com c:\winpe\iso c:\winpe\winpe.iso burned to dvd.. I tried to boot it.. it got to the black screen and loading progress bar After that it threw an error on WINLOAD.EXE - saying: windows\system32\boot\winload.exe 0xc000000f The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt. Is this just an issue of me including a bad image or am I just doing this plain wrong or am I missing a step? If this is generally right.. then I guess I need to go back and format the WINPE correctly? Weird thing is, everything works perfectly on the network. For the WINPE.WIM.. I just extracted the image from the existing one we had on the server.. so I thought it would be ok. I also extracted WINXP.WIM from an existing install image we had on the server as well...
  13. Ok.. thanks for the replies guys. Let me get this straight.. I need to include winpe in there somewhere so how do I make the connection from WINPE to the Windows XP Image itself? In these folders: c:\winxp c:\winxp\ISO where the ISO folders contain all those boot files: ETFSBoot.com, etc.. Replace boot.wim with WINPE.wim (instead?) at c:\winxp\ISO\sources But then.. what do I do with WinXP.wim? This WIM is the actual captured image of a computer that has XP. So it's not an OS only install but includes drivers, additional apps, etc as well. Do I just drop the WIM in the ISO folder? Or is there more to it? Do I need to do an imagex /append or mount it and do something with it? Thanks for the help so far.. all the tutorials I saw for oscdimg involved burning WINPE to a CD and I wasn't sure how that related to the creating a dvd for the actual install image itself. I'm slow, I know.
  14. Ok.. should be simple but for some reason I'm not getting the right results. Am I doing this right? I have a winxp.wim that I created that is working image (i've tested by applying it across the network). Now I just want to make it into a bootable DVD so I can just use the DVD to image a computer. What I did was create folders like so: c:\winxp c:\winxp\ISO where the ISO folders contain all those boot files: ETFSBoot.com, etc.. I renamed winxp.wim to boot.wim and replaced the one in c:\winxp\ISO\sources then ran: oscdimg -n -h -bc:\winxp\etfsboot.com c:\winxp\iso c:\winxp\winxp.iso Is this right? Becauuse it tries to load the files but then gives a boot error saying required device is not accessible..
  15. i'm in the same situation. My WIM is over 5GB and I need it burned on 2 DVDS. Able to split.. but how to convert to ISO and span it across 2 DVDs?! I've scoured all over the place and have yet to find an answer.. I posted this link in another post.. which looked promising, but I was unable to do the last part.. as it just wouldn't work for me. http://wmug.co.uk/blogs/larus/archive/2007/04/26/198.aspx
  16. huh interesting. i was looking for info in burning split images on a DVD and couldn't find much. i was trying to create a bootable dvd of a captured image and my WIM file was a bit over 5 GB.. only info I was able to find was how to put a WinPE onto a CD. The only possibly related info I could find was http://wmug.co.uk/blogs/larus/default.aspx But I got stuck on the last part. I followed everything but it ended up creating 1 big ISO that was over 5.7 GB instead of 2 separate ISOs. I wasn't sure what to do afterwards since I assume splitting up an ISO is not the way to go. Has anyone had any luck with createspannedshares.cmd?
  17. This is still an issue. I have no idea what to do anymore. Keyboard/mouse or certain keys on the keyboard stops responding during WDS image install. And consequently if I plug in a USB keyboard, it works and I can continue. HOWEVER , it looks like the keyboard problem migrates to the imaged computer. With regular PCs the keyboard and mouse fail during the WinPE keyboard menu. With laptops, certain keys stop responding during the keyboard menu. So there's some common issue somewhere.. I just can't figure it out where After I imaged one, I was trying to log on to it, and certain keys on the keyboard failed to respond.. so I couldn't log on. Then I rebooted and it worked. But then later again when the acct was locked, I tried to log on and it did the same thing. For the Dell Latitude D620 laptop, the keys 4,5 r,t, f,g and v,b do not work. And it's ALWAYS these keys that fail. For regular Dell PC workstations like GX670 and 620s the entire keyboard and mouse fail. Unplugging and replugging does nothing. ANY help is appreciated!!!
  18. huh.. here's an interesting thing.. The mouse and keyboard are ps/2.. i went and grabbed a usb keyboard and plugged it in and the keyboard worked. however teh mouse and other keyboard still didn't work.. Anyone had issues with ps/2 keyboard and mouses with WDS?
  19. hmm.. i'm beginning to think it may be a bad boot image... as this only happens at 2 specific parts of the image process.. I'll see if a new boot image will help. Weird thing is, it happens during both the winpe and the longhorn image. Do you know if the longhorn uses winpe before the install? When I do an install, the first screen is the keyboard setup. AFter that I click ok and it pops up a username/pw prompt to access the domain. This is where it freezes up. It never freezes during the first screen. So I think it's freezing up at specific parts. Plus it only freezes when I hit the keyboard. If I move the mouse around during the screen before ever clicking the keyboard, it's ok. But once I push any key it then freezes up.
  20. unattend.xml is only for vista images. For XP, we still have to use the ol' sysprep.inf to automate the install and do the join. You can use WDS to capture an image for a multiprocessor, which should work on most machines.. and change the HAL for the image computer and do another capture for any additional HALs w/out having to recreate the image over and over again. also.. upgrading RIS to WDS will not mess up your old RIS set up. You will need to add a boot image though (winpe.wim). Installing SP2 on top of your RIS server should automatically set it up in Mixed Mode, which allows you to run either WDS or RIS.
  21. Has anyone else had this issue before? It freezes in 2 instances on the WDS menu areas: when I do a PxE boot, select the winpe option and it loads the command prompt to capture the image (like the picture here: http://www.minasi.com/newsletters/nws0702.htm) or when I select the other option to install an image, and it asks for username/pw to access the images. It doesn't happen all the time.. sometimes it goes thru with no problems. And if I somehow was able to get thru that part, it works with no problems. But a majority of the time it freezes and I can't do anything else but reboot the machine and hope it doesn't freeze again. I've been trying to create an image using sysprep and Imagex to capture the image and push it to the WDS Server. Am I doing it wrong? First set up the computer with everything I want. Copy Deploy.cab file over to c:\sysprep folder. Create sysprep.inf and save in sysprep folder. Then run sysprep. Select PnP and MiniSetup and shutdown. Next time I turn the computer on I boot to PxE menu and do a capture thru the command line it will freeze. Am I supposed to add drivers for the keyboard or mouse or something? Or is something wrong with the way I am setting it up? Would a switchbox influence how this was acting up? The computer I grabbed the image off of had a switchbox hooked to it, so the keyboard, monitor, and mouse could be used on 2 terminals. I was able to grab an image off the computer and put it on the server. But then also this same problem happens whenever I try to PUSH the image out. Do I need to set up an computer w/out a switchbox and redo the image and try to grab an image off a comptuer w/out a switchbox hooked up to it? If anyone has any ideas, please help!
  22. How are you capturing it? I've been using the imagex method, which looks like the screen in the link. http://www.minasi.com/newsletters/nws0702.htm This worked successfully for me, although I had to log on the server and manually locate the new WIM and add it to the install images group.
  23. Really? Interesting. I have WDS set up and have been adding images thru WDS. My problem with BDD was that I could add WIMS and full source files for an OS, but anything I added using BDD wouldn't show up when I went to image a computer. Only the images I created using WDS showed up. So I kind of quit trying to figure out why.. although it would be nice if I could figure how to work it, since the drivers install could easily be done this way.
  24. have you tried mounting/unmounting the image and adding drivers offline? http://technet2.microsoft.com/WindowsVista...3.mspx?mfr=true peimg /inf=<path> c:\winpe_x86\mount\Windows I've been adding the drivers to the images this way, but not sure it exactly works.. I'm still testing this out as well.
  25. Anyone encounter this problem? I am trying to capture XP images with ImageX/WinPE. After sysprep, it reboots, I hit F12 and it gives me selection to load WinPE, I load it, it comes to the command prompt screens x:\windows\system32\wpeinit x\windows\system32\ And then it's waiting for my commands.. Now it seems at various times, the keyboard and mouse will freeze up, which basically stops me from continuing. So far, whenever it happens, I just reboot and attempt it again, and with any luck, it goes thru with no problem. I have been able to capture the image and do installs of an image.. but it seems like at random times of the menu, the mouse/keyboard freezes up. This is becoming a huge issue, as it's not just happening to 1 pc, but several different pcs (dell sx270, clearcubes, dell 670) at several different times. And it seems to be happening once I try to type something on the keyboard, it immediatly freezes up (mouse would be moving ok until I hit the keyboard). Outside of the WinPE issue, there is NO PROBLEM with the keyboard and mouse at all. The only thing I can think is that the keyboard and mouse are plugged in a switchbox (cybex switchview) and the box is hooked up to several pcs and maybe it's not recognizing the keyboard/mice at a certain point? Do I need to install drivers to the winpe.wim image? The different PCs are all located in different areas (using different mice/keyboard) - but they all use switchboxes for the mice/keyboard/monitor.. Is there something I'm totally overlooking?

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