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  1. Hi, I'd like to know if it's possible to access a tape drive from My computer with a Windows 2000 server...if so, how? I know it's sequential access but I'd like to run the backups with robocopy and ntbackup. Thanks!
  2. GPO/registry questions

    Hi, I'm looking forward to deploy via GPO a setting for the default keyboard layout, which by default is Canadian french in the actual standard Windows XP machine of our network. I want it to become Multilingual canadian french. I know the language id for Canadian french is 00000c0c but what for the multilingual one...? d0000c0c? not sure... and what would be the correct registry key for that? for both at winlogon and during an user session, as much for future new users as for actual users. Also, if I want to manage XP computers from a 2k DC, how am I supposed to do that? add template XP adm files to a GPO? would this affecxt the win2k computers that are in the same GPO? Thanks!
  3. Yeah I thought about trying the UPD...but then I found out it was just this lil' printer..not all of 'em I guess you tried installing/upgrading the drivers with XP's? That's what I did and it work'd
  4. thanks for the suggestion, but uh..I'm not convinced about them being free of malware...and anyway it's not really professionnal hehe Did you ever see computer problems due to the fact of not having the ctrl-alt-del thingy activated at Windows prompt? I'm telling my boss we can't do this so..that'd be what they want...at their own risk
  5. well she still has to consult her piece of paper to know where are ctrl, alt and del...so it takes around 8-10seconds I stopped looking...I'll just tell them there is no official way. The only way I MIGHT get an answer is from the scripting guy. Thanks anyway hehe
  6. Why? Some [extremely] noob user requested us to remove it cuz it's an annoyance, it causes time loss, etc... and since it's a member of the direction...we have to check out. She said the same thing about the 15min screensaver thingy and because of this, it's now a delay of 1 hour...no comments I don't think we can do it since I believe the screensaver password auth calls winlogon,which is used by the primary windows login...and the GPO is applied on winlogon
  7. haha, how did you guess? HP LJ 1320tn
  8. Hi, I certainly don't want to automate login. This is for security reasons. For user productivity reasons, I got this request... I believe nmX.Memnoch understood what I want but still, I'll give more details In one of our GPOs, we require the users to press alt-ctrl-del before the main Windows login and then they can type their login/password The problem is that there is another GPO that activates the screensaver after x minutes and we also set it to require this screensaver to be password protected. We do want it to require a password to come back to the session... but we don't want it to require an alt-ctrl-del to unlock the workstation. If I disable the first GPO, I'm getting the expected behavior from the screensaver...but it doesn't require me to alt-ctrl-del at the main logon. I begin to believe this might be a technet/scripting guy question... Or there is some possible tweak in the registry since I identified 2-3 keys related to the logon lock...but nothing related to a screensaver lock. Hope this is easier to understand
  9. Hi, My boss just made a weird request...and I can't find a way to set it, so I'm asking y'all is it's even possible : in XP (SP2 Pro), he wants the workstations to be password protected when the screensaver activates, but without locking the session (in fact, he wants the users to avoid the alt-ctrl-delete thing...just a password) In other words, if the user moves his mouse when the screensaver is on, it asks for a password, not for alt-ctrl-del Thanks
  10. Naw, wasn't working but thanks, found out I had to update the drivers on the server...that fixed it and it was only for a specific kind of printer.
  11. Well it isn't deployed yet, I'm still at the stage to work on the images! So it should be something like running sysprep on the actual image computer and then I can image it I'll check out that sysprep thing, thanks
  12. Yeah, you're assuming right..no idea what is sysprep for.. I think I found out, either it's removing the setup that says "put this computer in this group" in gpedit.msc or it's changing the SID that did effect... I will see when trying to deploy another computer
  13. OK finally it doesn't work... here is how I'm adding a printer via GPO with a vbs file : strComputer = "." Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:\\" & strComputer & "\root\cimv2") Set colPrinters = objWMIService.ExecQuery _ ("Select * From Win32_Printer Where Local = TRUE") If colPrinters.Count = 0 Then Set objNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network") objNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection "\\SERVER\PRINTER" objNetwork.SetDefaultPrinter "\\SERVER\PRINTER" End If The problem now is that I can't even use the printer (it adds it, no problem). It doesn't print a single page (but no error message) but when I want to access the configuration/properties of the printer, I'm getting this : A guess is that the printer is on the W2k PDC and the client computer is on XP and then it can't get XP drivers so it use 2k's, which causes this error. Is there a way to get the W2k PDC to be able to push WXP drivers? Thanks again
  14. Isn't this something avaliable only from W2k3 R2? Because it's not on my 2k PDC or the XP clients
  15. It's on XPSP2 Pro I've been told that scheduling the updates with a GPO disables the possibility of a manual update...dunno if it's true