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  1. %systemroot% %windir% and few others work, but anything got to do with userprofile paths, don't work. Is this normal? Or should I just use absolute paths? And yes, I've created a profile using 7customiser, and skip user creation.
  2. This batch script is awesome, been using it for a while. Just recently it stopped working. Keeps saying connection timed out. Anyone know of a updated server? EDIT: note that I've been using the updated script in post #17 by Killgore.
  3. Picasa 3 is simply incredible. So good, that it's replacing XnView as my default image viewer. Does anyone know silent install instructions to get file types registered as well? Where are all the settings stored for the program?
  4. Thanks for this! Worked really well for me.
  5. Hey, great guide! Your instructions worked really well for me. Is it possible to integrate the latest virus database into the extracted install folder?
  6. BUG: When I delete the startmenu group of itunes7. Everytime I start up itunes the windows installer runs, and reinstalls all shortcuts. This does not happen when I delete the desktop and quicklaunch icons created by the install. Just the startmenu group seems to have a problem.
  7. Wow, this is a really handy reg file. Would be nice if it was updated for the new XPSP2 services, and pre-sp3 ones.
  8. Hey, I'm having the exact same problem. For now I'm just not going to touch driver removal on my nlite cd.
  9. Does anyone know the registry location for the Folder icons (open/closed) are? For example, the search icon is located at the reg key {2559a1f0-21d7-11d4-bdaf-00c04f60b9f0} I remeber a thread listing all the reg key values to there icons, but cant seem to locate it. (the search on this forum is tinny)
  10. Great, thanks for the update. Now to find a chagelog for the latest version of nero, to see if it's actually adding anything new.
  11. Just like to say that I'm having the same problem as Dumpy Dooby.
  12. http://www.stardock.com/products/objectdock/ Anyone know the silent switch for this?
  13. I think I already replied saying how much I loved this piece of software you've created, but I'll say again - awesome work! I wish there was something like this for winamp, and other software.
  14. I like 10 better, because it has a much better compact mode than 9. But I still think WMP is complete and utter crap. MPC all the way!

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