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  1. Did anyone notice that via's 1'st and 4'th driver are the same? I dunno if it has been discussed here before.
  2. Tried that.It doesn't work with every .inf file. Thanks anyway. Edit: I found the problem. Not every .inf file has default section most of the device drivers i've seen has different sections for different hwids so i just had to change the word DefaultSection to the section name.
  3. How can i make windows install driver .inf file as if i had the hardware fo it (thru a batch file)? (it supposed to be "forcing" on the topic) fixed title ~ Alanoll
  4. Anyone know of a program that can make list of files that exist on \windows \windows system32 \windows\inf and later tell me what new files have been added to those folders? thanks
  5. if there isn't a registry tweak to do that maybe you should use resource hacker.
  6. I managed to succesfully copy the installation files from net and installing but wherever i put $oem$ it doesn't copy the files. Where should i put it if i run setup from local harddisk in win32 eviroment?
  7. exit just exit the current batch doesn't it? and where is this "startnet.cmd" i couldn't find it. my install script it standalone script that exist on another computer.
  8. Stupid me... yea it works i just had to restart. Thank you. I have one more question though, how can i restart using batch file in bartspe with xpe?
  9. Same s***. It goes on as usuall for few minutes then the setup just disapears leaving two folders at c:\. Is there a log file or something else i could do to find out whats wrong?
  10. thanks. I have bartspe and tried to run xp's install from it and it just exit the setup after few minutes without any notice. The copy\diskpart works file i tried to run it manually (no unattend script) too it i have the same problem. Any ideas? Should i try winpe?
  11. can you post your diskpart's configuration script?
  12. Me again. i can't find Pnpids.exe. Where exactly is it? Thank you.
  13. Thank you. so as far as you know there is no tool to automate it what means i have to write a program that searches for hwid's in all my inf's, compare them to the hwid's of drivers and install them if necessary?
  14. what i want is to install from xp's cd only lan drivers. on the first boot i want to copy all the drivers form lan to local hdd and i want to automaically install all the "unknown devices". Is it possible?
  15. you misunderstood me. I have few driver packs on lan and i want windows to search there for drivers for all the devices that has no drivers. i can copy them to c: and put all the links to inf folders in the registry so it will search there automatically but how do i make it rescan?
  16. try to automatically find drivers for all those yellow question marks in control panel? Thank You
  17. I just packed it with winrar sfx. configured winrar to create a shortcut and to run a .cmd file that copy wincmd.ini to %windir%.
  18. Im tired of updating the cd everytime there is a new driver. Is there a way to cause windows to search for better drivers for devices?
  19. I updated some of the hotfixes few days ago, Since then i get a message box at t-13 stage that says "Install DA Hotfix?" and has the title "xpcreate da repack". I have to click yes and ok later for setup to continue? What can i do to automatically intall it? Thank you.
  20. 330994 hotfix change the gui language of oe so i need to be able to remove it. Is there any easy way to do it? thank you
  21. Is there a reason why it isn't possible? I think it just need to delete the unnecessary files. Will anyone do a list of files that exist on the slimmed down xp setup? Just do a "dir /b> list.txt" at i386 folder on the command line. please post the list.txt here and i'll try to make the batch file. thank you Edit: I just found http://jdeboeck.msfnhosting.com/
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