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  1. Where is the file? I cant find the 7background replacer? I tried the link in youre sig, but get only to this same thread? The mediafire links dont work either on top of youre sig?
  2. stefanRTR's Win Integrator

    This is the **** hotfix that has given me such a headache!!! Its KB973751. This is what the MS support page says: Two identical Portuguese language options appear on the language selection screen during Windows 7 installation. When you are installing Windows 7, two identical Portuguese language options appear on the language selection screen. Therefore, you cannot identify which language option is for Iberian Portuguese and which language option is for Brazilian Portuguese. But finally I have found the **** problem, its nice, but also annoying that ONE hotfix can screw you so much, and it wasnt even a hotfix that I needed AT ALL, useless hotfix for portugese? So beware, if you want to integrate hotfixes in youre images, do not use the KB973751 hotfix, it will ruin everything. I dont know how many times I tried to get this to work, so thx to MagicAndre1981 for giving me the idea that it could/should be a hotfix that is causing this, and right he was! You dont know how happy im now...
  3. stefanRTR's Win Integrator

    I think you are right MagicAndre, it is one of the hotfixes that I have that is defective? I tried to integrate only a few hotfixes, and then it worked. So now I need to find out which one is the one that is causing my problems. I will post my results here so others get the info and dont have to go through all this again!?
  4. stefanRTR's Win Integrator

    Hi can you post the log file? I will give it to you as soon as I try it again, or if I find the old one? But thx for youre reply, either way I will get it for you!
  5. stefanRTR's Win Integrator

    I think I have narrowed it down, when the boot.wim gets corrupted I try to integrate Swedish LP and all my HOTFIX updates that I have downloaded from WU and Hotfixshare. I have not tried if it gets corrupted if I only integrate hotfixes and no LP, that is my next step. Hopefully stefan will look in to this, as I am no codebreaker my self. Thx. HOpefully this helped some.
  6. stefanRTR's Win Integrator

    I am pretty sure my problem I mentioned in my previous post 2-3 posts up, is caused by something not building the boot.wim correctly? As that would explain why the boot installer is corrupt, and that is also propably why the boot.wim is un-deleteable from the source folder after using win integrator. Also in the temp folder, the boot.wim is still mounted most of the times? Please fix this, as this app will be perfect when you do! EDIT: YES, im right. It is the boot.wim that gets corrupted. And I have not yet found a way around it? I tried to copy a fresh boot.wim over the edited one, but that obviously didnt work?! So please Stefan, take a peek in to this problem. You would make me a even happier guy!
  7. stefanRTR's Win Integrator

    Thanks stefan for a great app, but I get a HUGE problem when I integrate hotfixes in the my win7 image. When I boot install, it tries to search for drivers like it doesnt find the correct drivers? It happens with every version? I have not removed any drivers or so, and integrating my own drivers does not help? Please do you know of this "bug" and is there a way to go round it? I love youre app, its great, but as it is now, not being able to integrate hotfixes really downgrades the usage of the software for me? Or am i doing something wrong? It only works if I install from windows, not from dos/boot? Thx in advance.
  8. Win Integrator Alpha

    Cmon guys? Anyone? It doesnt take long to upload it, or if you are lazy give me youre msn account and you can send it to me? Please!? I want a easy way to integrate swedish LP to my win7, it doesnt work with vlite so I need this to do it? Im no pro with batch files... So I would really appreciate if someone could take 5minutes of their time to help me out?
  9. Win Integrator Alpha

    The link in OP, does not work?? Please could someone upload it or give me a fresh link that works?? I really want to test this one! Thx in advance!
  10. Windows 7 build 6956 Lite install error

    Yes, and to OP, dont waste DVD disc in vain, just use Virtual PC or VMWare to test youre image´s before you burn them. Perfect for the occasion!
  11. SP1 Slipstream problem

    Those hotfixes/files are included in the SP1 installer, so no you dont need them seperately.
  12. Disable Driver Signature Permanetly

    Personally I never had any such problems, that is, that im aware of.
  13. Disable Driver Signature Permanetly

    Just download Vista Boot PRO 3.0-3.2, and disable driver checks through there?? Has worked fine for me so far??
  14. Error 0x8007007e installing SP1 BETA 1

    I have a new one, I followed the instructions on this thread. Did not remove anything that was mentioned with vlite. Still I got a 0x80070002 error??? Anyone know what this one is?? Vista Ultimate x64 with Sp1Beta1 Build.6001.16659