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  1. MASTER TUTORIAL: Make Your Windows Super Fast

    I tried this and must say not good well, the registry tweaks. Because I don't have a really fast internet connection, but prior to the reg. tweaks I was at about 3800kb/s after the reg. tweaks you provided it knocked me down to about 823kb/s. The visual tweaks worked very well though. Wondering if anyone else had that problem?
  2. Wireless-G card freezing xp

    Oh ok misunderstood you, but yes all other USb devices are working or work well everything just freezes with this particular PCMCIA card.
  3. Wireless-G card freezing xp

    No haven't tried it on another laptop and yes only with this card. Just will try a usb card hopefully will do the trick. Thanks for your eyeball
  4. Hope I am posing in the right spot. Ok here it I was given on older panasonic toughbook model CF-27EB, I have Xp Pro. on it since it didn't have a nic, I bought a Linksys Wireless-G PCMCIA card Model WPC54G ver.7.1 But now when I try to install the driver that came with it, it freezes my PC. So went to Lynksys downloaded the newest driver from there and does the same thing, it freezes when I remove the card it usually unfreezes. Getting fed up with this, has anyone else here had this problem and could there be a work-around or anything to fix this?
  5. Internet Explorer 7

    with flaws.... ? Are you sure thats what you meant? LOL..ok meant without flaws just noticed that...
  6. CanI boot from an external

    Yes helps alot, thanks I heard it would be very slow. Guess will go with a new one thanks for the quick reply....
  7. CanI boot from an external

    I have a DELL Inspiron 5100, that the hard drive is about to die. Someone gave me a nice external harddrive. Was wondering would it be possible to boot from the external and remove my internal. Or should I just buy me a new internal. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Internet Explorer 7

    Thanks alot viinno, for the link to RYan site, I been trying myself to figure out how to intergrate IE7, with flaws..
  9. [Desktops] 2007

    vERY cOOL dESKtOP "Echolomax" LOOKS AWESOME...
  10. [Desktops] 2007

    I have kept it simple since I really do not have much resources on this PC, but till I get something more powerful this is it...lol P.S. I have to thanks the Board and evryone one here I have gotten alot of help and it is greatly appreciated even though I mite not have posted it.