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  1. PLEASE HELP ANYONE!!! Somehow, don't ask how, i downloaded something (in chinese no less) and this cute something (called sohu.com) replaced it's search engine for msn.com now i get chinese answers for my searches, it has the same nastiness as lop.com, except that because it's in chinese i can't find the remove file. I've done HD and registry searches, to no avail. Does anyone have an ideas, short of reformating, (there's a reset internet search site, under search/preferences - again no result) please anyone
  2. Who said anything 'bout wawa am just trying to install the patch and it won't work for the life of me oh well, if everyone is so thin skinned, might as well reformat and go for my free and trusted mandrake 8.2 and pay up 70 bucks for star office, if i feel like getting the latest version and cream it winex for linux and have my cake and eat it too. sorry guys by the way have any of you seen the latest sweet talking letter from msoft to registered owner telling us to pay up now for future updates or have to buy full programs 'cuz there won't be upgrades, well i have and it ain't pretty at all. mostly when a whole bunch of moola is involved and you get less than 6 weeks to pay up or else, makes you think three times 'bout wawa think again DREW
  3. no candu this is the step that integrates the patch onto the main install file too simple an answer, try again
  4. Them I followed, and the error ALWAYS pops rite after step 4 - #4 I also found: URL DISABLED..-Mod[/color:6931a6cfbc] which has almost verbatim the same set of instructions. any other clues Thanks
  5. I've tried slipstreaming, i've tried installing, i've tried witchcraft I've even lit up a candle to the great Hobbit - Result - zilch, nada, FAILURE, why do I feel like having a big L stamped on my forehead. Am talking about installing sp1 on office xp pro. All I get is the following message upgrade patch cannot be installed by the windows installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program yada yada yada which is hocus pocus, 'cuz i got the rite files stuck in the same directory Help anyone Uruguay
  6. oops, read the last line of my answer, and I quote no other drive will unless it's a burner you're mentioning a writer not a dvd
  7. uruguay

    explorer error

    continuation from previous. if repairing IE is what you have in mind, I don't believe there is any option under windows, the only real one is the ugliest one (yup, fdisk, yikes) I don't even believe that sfc is up to this job, sfc will look into windows own files not IE. and even repairing with the install disk will not do the trick (being there done that, reformatted rite after)
  8. uruguay

    explorer error

    That it resets, yup, but if you look carefully, the homepage is the least of the resets, that's why it asks if you want to reset it you can chose no. but that doesn't stop resetting IE. That's why it's under program/reset and not under the main page for the home page selection. What would be the use to have a program reset that only resets a url address?
  9. Can you read that cd in the burner, or not even there. Is this on a single type of burning or on ALL burning? Does your session complete successfully with the save or not? describe your entries prior to burning (what selections and also your setup under files/preferences Also are you by chance try to overburn? Let's start here
  10. Have you tried closing the session? if you chose multisession, only your cd burner will read the cd. no other drive will unless it's a burner,
  11. uruguay

    explorer error

    Oh yes there is open the browser Tool/InternetOptions/Programs - Reset Browser (look out for home page)
  12. try looking at the top of the box, and with the arrow down find where that My documents is tucked, you may have more than one My documents folder. if you are using xp . you do, there's another one in document&settings/user or your own user. g'luck also try under windowsexplorer/tools/view/folder/mark show hidden files
  13. I've got Creative Platinum 5.1 (with the connectors on the front of the computer), Am trying to connect it to my Harman Kardon receiver, but get no voice. From the SPDIF digital out of the computer, I plugged it into either the coax or rca (digital cable) My receiver keeps telling me "no data" from either connections. I've enabled the Digital out in sound control/advanced - nothing doing. from the back of the soundcard there's an analog digital mini-stereo out, connected it via a ministereo/rca to the regular input of the receiver - again no sound from the same out connected a ministereo/rca digital to the digital in of the receiver, again failure Creative says i may have an irq conflict and to replace the card in another slot, because sometimes the sound loops. Before using the screwdriver I checked the irq and lo and behold the sound card is alone on irq 17 Any creative ideas out there?
  14. Dear Reverend I will try it first thing sunday morning (yup here our weekend is one day shifter, sigh! gotta work on sunday) and i do have faith it'll work, which in this case will earn you a hats off and please do take a bow ps: how did you come about that article? Thanks, truly
  15. Tried and failed, there is no such thing in the WHOLE drive except a lost icon that windows plus installs as part of themes. Windows does not contain any exe files or links or dll's Got you all stumped! Hey let's all say Thanks Bill for making an impossible task out of nothing
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