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  1. Hi, Idontwant spam. I seem to have been hit by Zlob & Securepccleaner which opened 9 grizillion pages of IE7, all trying to get me to buy this bogus PC Cleaner. In short a good old protection racket for the IT age, pay us the money or well make surfing hell!! I am running a Home Built Dual Channel AMD Athlon 64 3500+ (1GB RAM per channel) with Vista on my 400GB drive (F), SuSE Linux 10.0 on my second 250GB drive & XP Home on © (the drive in question) another 250GB, (I'm still getting used to Vista & some of my favourite applications don't work with it & I'm having internet connection problems with Linux), Gigabyte C51-MCP51 Mainboard, nVidia GeForce 6100 Chipset As for what they're after, it seems to affect IE7 & Active Desktop, I can't right click on it or anything!! I'm running Windows XP & using Firefox! (That's cos I don't want trojans 'jacking my browser)!!! Cheers Slithy PS - I take it that BSOD is the good old "Blue Screen Of Death"?
  2. Hi-all. I'm hoping some-one can help me. I've just been hit by a couple of rather nasty Trojans, I've managed to get rid of them with Prevx 2.0 but although I get my wallpaper (Wind, the one with the nice sand-dunes) on initial log in, it goes a lovely shade of white after completion of start-up & Active desktop is more sedentary than the average couch-potato. At the same time I get this error message:- "Cannot find 'file:///C:WINDOWS/privacy_danger.htm. make sure the path or internet address is correct" Any advice please? Cheers Slithy

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